Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Latest transfer news

Photos (Top to Bottom): Jonathon Ladic...leaving South Hobart for Tilford Zebras; David Abbott...on the move from South Hobart to Taroona; Olympia's Matthew Hedge is transferring to Taroona [PlessPix]

Jonathon Ladic has signed for Tilford Zebras and will play for them against his former club South Hobart on Saturday.

Ladic, a midfielder, began his senior career with Zebras before transferring to Glenorchy Knights.

He had a brief spell in Melbourne last season before returning to Tasmania and South Hobart.

Matthew Hedge has moved from Olympia Warriors to Taroona.

Hedge, a utility player, has been unable to get a regular game at Olympia and this has prompted the move.

David Abbott has transferred from South Hobart to Taroona.

Abbott, a left-sided striker or midfielder, has mostly been used from the bench by South Hobart this season.


Bayern Munich qualified for the European Champions League final after beating Olympique Lyonnaise 3-0 in France this morning (Tasmanian time) in the second leg of their semi-final.

Bayern won 4-0 on aggregate and will be seeking their fifth European Champions League (or European Cup) title in the final at the Bernabeu in Madrid.

Croatian Ivica Olic, 30, netted a hat-trick in this morning’s match.

Lyonnaise’s cause was not helped by the dismissal of their captain, Cris.

The other semi-final, between Barcelona and Inter Milan will be played tomorrow morning (Tasmanian time) at the Nou Camp in Barcelona.

Inter lead 3-1 from the first leg at the San Siro.


Anonymous said...

david abbott why taroona?

ginger said...

It was bound to happen at south with kenny having so many 'senior' squad members, players were sure to become unhappy. Abbott was selected in rep sides but has rarely featured since tom and j lo have returned.
Good on him for looking elsewhere to prove himself at the best level in tassie.
in answer to anon 4:09 i would suggest its due to the fact he will get good game time and joins an exciting group of young players looking to build a side and stay up.
with abbott, ladic and upton (susp then world cup trip) gone it may give some of the good south 'reserves' a chance??

hedge and abbott massive pick ups for roona.
Hedge has been amongst olympia best so far.

ladic move certainly adds some spice to this weeks match...

Anonymous said...

annyǒnghi kaseyo Mr Ladic..
che irǔmǔn ? imnida Mr Morton

Anonymous said...

Wow, trasnfers happening left right and centre. Taroona pciking up 2, South losing 2 (expected, cant keep all happy. Not a bad pick up for Zebra's in Ladic

Anonymous said...

rumours that seth otte and alex nandan r planing a move 2

Anonymous said...

Ginger mate - wrong Hedge.

Anonymous said...

ginger, wrong hedge

Anonymous said...

Glad Dave Abbott has seen the light - a real worker on the field. I assume he has gone to Taroona because he has friends there. Just hope they have enough quality to be able to bring out his best.

Anonymous said...

More player losses for Olympia. They are definitely doing a great job down there. Keep up the good work. It wouldn't be the President trying to get rid of the relegation would it? Now with Taroona picking up 2 decent players, even more likely that Olympia will finish bottom.

ginger said...

sorry anon.

too many 6foot plus hedges to think about!

Brian Roberts said...

what was the outcome of the recent President's Meeting .

Have the Board taken any note of their musts and wants? .

Anonymous said...

some rubbish written on here, what about though the new malaysian signing for knights, if he gets his transfer certificate through quick enough he and big oliver may be the chalk and cheese combination or you could call them big and small

Anonymous said...

Disappointing that David Abbot has had to leave South Hobart. Surely he is worth a game in the seniors?

He would've played at the club and come through the junior system. Pity that he gets away when he should be playing his best football.

Possibily won't be the last one with so many imports / international signings being made by South.

Anonymous said...

Someone suggested in an earlier thread that Mr Smith wont play if Kim is refereeing his games. Is this true???

Anonymous said...

percy youssef
bp mason warren kumpa
adam hedge meredith

there is a start for the olympia coaching staff, i will let them fill in the blank, obviously fletch and kosta would come into the side when fit, this side could actually get some points

Anonymous said...

Taroona reserves 1 TIS 1 on a windy Wentworth night.

surf's up said...

In fairness David's form had improved this year after a dreadful 2009, but it wasnt enough to justify a starting 11 spot.

Glad he's gone to a club who tries to play football.

Not sure about Jon Ladic's motivation for a move but he was lucky not to spend more time on the pine as he was really struggling.

Shame that Olympia keep bleeding players - I guess they dont have the stomache for the cultural change that's required at that club. Chris Hey must persevere though.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that most of south hobart's youth of recent years get to the reserves and realize they are never going to make seniors because they know that they are in the 'click' with Ken or not being given a good run or get the opportunities like Abbott.

Personally I think its great that Ladic and Abbott left. It may make things a bit closer at the top of the ladder.

gag said...

Anon 8.53pm So where are Otte and Nandan rumoured to be heading?

the sniper said...

the rumour is kenny told Ladic to stop wearing his socks like a girl or he was for the 'drop'. So he walked - lol!

the prophet said...

Predict young Pennicott will reclaim a starting 11 spot at right back with Josh Heerey pushed into midfield and David Cooper to return from South's Ressies to fill vacant bench possie.

Anonymous said...

Q.How many international signings for South this year.
A. None
Kaka is a local by the way he lives in Hobart with a passport. Look at the photos from the last two years for premiers, they are all the same players including the year away for Roach and J Lo then local Pennicott came in.
Ken is doing the right thing - good football requires a decent size squad so you can allow for all things including red cards, trips to world cups etc plus each player has to earn the right to play. Simple effective and with good management the right thing.

Anonymous said...

otte and nandan to the knights i hear ???

Anonymous said...


Percy Hedge Lebski Youssef

Merideth Fletch Kumpa

Warren Kosta Cronk

Anonymous said...

otte played U19's and a half in reserves last week. No surprise if he is contemplating a move

Anonymous said...

Trips to World Cups, lol they're not that good

Mr Anonymous said...

so south haven't given given ladic clearance to play this weekend...wise move? or worried?

Two new pick ups for zebras too with an italian midfielder from serie b and a german defender.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the club culture is important when players are making a decision about a move. South has its strong senior men's teams, 6 junior boys teams and little else. Teams like Clarence, Kingborough and Taroona have 7 youth teams a piece and a strong commitment to the womens game with what must be close to equal numbers of male and female club members judging by the number of teams fielded. Perhaps some players find that commitment to the game across the board attractive. Clubs like Olympia with only two youth teams and two womens teams and South Hobart with no female teams at all may be seen to be less than 'whole'. Clubs should be applauded for their commitment to development at all levels not just on winning the silver.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.18

im pretty sure south aren't too worried about having 6 rather than 7 youth teams.

i reckon they're very content gathering a treasure chest of silver wear.

Anonymous said...

hey hedgy tracy percy
cronky kumpa bp nick
woz kosta

Observer said...

Anon 6.02 ,why are players beginning to leave then ?Some of them have obviously had enough .It is Ok to have a large squad , however it is very difficult to keep all happy all of the time.Cracks are beginning to appear.

Anonymous said...

if nandan goes to nites he'll end up in the same team as garth - same as if they'd stayed where they were in the first place.

Anonymous said...

ok south has 6 junior teams.Are they truly kids that wanted to play with south or kids that pay to be part of kens school and then play in comp under souths name???? Is south still south or have they given ken to much rope and he is hanging them. Ask half the kids and i bet the first word out of their mouth is Morton Soccer School and not south Hobart!!

Observer said...

Anon 11.18 pm.I think you are 100% spot on. A new generation who have been spun a web and are caught. The smarter ones will see the light.It is just a matter of time and there will be a mass exodus.

Happy Parent said...

As a parent of children in the south system I enjoy being part of the club and its professional approach to the sport. Our family enjoy their successful club and all of us feel very included. What a load of nonsense is written by others regarding this club. We for one see the club as a 'whole' we have a great president, head coach with excellent coaches for all other teams included my two sons teams. There seems to be a future for our club and club rooms, we have a fantastic website that covers all teams and information about the entire club. South always seem to look further a field to give valuable experience such as the Merimbula trips etc.

Some of the comments seem very small minded. Every club is doing the best that it can with the resources that they have at the time - South is no different. Note also that South Hobart (unlike bigger clubs)has a very small population base so to have 6 junior teams is a credit to the club and its partnership with the school.

Anonymous said...

What happened to South Hobart's Womens Teams?

Looking at the WPL ladder, what an amazing turnaround for Clarence, who used to be perennial strugglers that never scored a goal, and are now in the top 2 with the ever dominant Nelson/Olympia team!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.18pm
you must have fallen down with the last shower. or maybe been living in a cave for 20 years....really some people on here think history is about the last 2 seasons obviously.
club culture is not created in 12 months.....sunshine.

Anonymous said...

I can see a mass of developing players seeking a game of good quality football leaving south too but only to play outside tassie.

I think most of the players have met the alternate system and "club culture" on offer elsewhere here and really don't want to waste their potential. some may want to play seniors and aren't prepared to earn it yet but that is not the attitude I suspect of the majority.

the tall poppy syndrome at it's best. south you are doing things right when you are obviously getting up the noses of the "we are more concerned with dragging you down to our level" attitude.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.53

like most womens and some social teams they are just that, teams within a club and some clubs are happy to do that in the short term. especially the desperate and unorganised as number of teams looks good on paper to some. but to talk about club culture in this amatuer environment........your dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Fully fit squad

Lebski Richardson Yousef Percy
BP Warren Fletch Cronk
Kosta Adam H

Nick Meredith

need to keep bp in for development but need real quality in the middle to turn season around. players with presence and that can tackle. players on bench are versatile particularly meredith and kumpa. lee mason a very very good midfielder to push fletch for a spot. Richardsons skills too poor for midfield but can man mark very well as he runs hard and tackles well.

Brian Roberts said...

I am taken aback .

Positive comments about my club .

Don't tell me the worms are turning.

None of the "johnny come latelys "
remember the hard times , 1960,70,80,90 during which we lost every game for two years but still stuck tour long term plans..

What turned things around , obtaining a Clubroom as opposed to buying premierships , always having junior sides .

Junior sides breed committee persons .

I could go on but you appear to know it all.

Just let me enjoy our success in peace .

Interested said...

Anon 10.53 30 April, what a load of rubbish. Players leaving South Hobart to play elsewhere other than Tassie.Like who ??????
Heerey ? He is back. Ladic ? He is back. To quote you , "I think most of the players have met the alternative system and "club culture' elsewhere and dont like it." Who are you referring to ? Ladic ? He has left your club culture and gone back to where he had been previously. David Abbott ? Why have these players left ?? South Hobart display an arrogance towards other clubs and supporters.It is not Ken who displays such arrogance .Unfortunately it is many of the parents and supporters who have no respect for other clubs and their culture. The reason that many seem to attack South on this site is that there are many bloggers who comment regularly about South and how good they are ,which attracts comments and criticism. Apart from the Knights players/supporters who comment here ,there does not appear to be anyone from any other club that CONSISTENTLY brags about their own club or is arrogant in their comments about others.
Stick your head out or up and it will get targeted.

Anonymous said...

Jayden wiggins has been named on metros senior team for this weekends game, so much for rhode's youth policy.

djalbacore said...

I do remember those tough South days Brian, loss after loss after loss and then someone had a vision junior development!..Remember Eagles of old in the late 80,s early 90,s unbeatable..and then the lack of leadership and vision have seen the club be also rans, Olympia have been hurt in the last 10 or so years due to this, and hence the journey begins, you dont build a house without a solid foundation..yes there will be pain in the short term, however the rewards in the longer term will be plentiful, honestly " The narrow minded people in the narrow minded street!

Anonymous said...

strange comment brian .as opposed to buying premierships.what do you think your club has been doing.

Anonymous said...

lest when garth left clarence he wasnt under any false ilusions but at least he has played some senr soccer there at nites

Anonymous said...

Interested (in what?) selective reading and an axe to grind by the look of your post. jeeeees bitter or what!

if you knew the people at south the last thing you would attribute to them is arrogance. you clearly don't.

and like all south people would naturally do I would wish John and David all the best.

Moreeta said...

Dear Anonymous 3.34 your reference to Brian "Just let me enjoy our success in peace " of South buying premierships is misinformed.

South pays no player and they in fact pay for the privledge to play the game.

Ken is a paid coach but his fee is so small it's embarrassing to pay him,then he gives it all back in sponsorship anyhow.

South aren't arrogant maybe we are just tired of all the criticism.
lets face it your wonderful club can't play the game without an opposition...

Cheers Moreeta
Treasurer SHFC

Anonymous said...

You don't see Robinson, Klasen, Gordon etc ... around at South anymore. The blokes who did the hard work to get the club up to where it is now.

These players got South their first State Premiership in years and then the club forgets about them.

This 100 year celebration should be a celebration of the people who stuck with the club during the hard times when South got flogged every week.

No invites, no nothing! The club has changed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the various suggested line ups - different players, different positions, different formations. Just goes to show that there is not 1 clear solution.

Moreeta said...

Dear Anonymous 5.03 as a South member of the committee organising the 100year birthday I apologise sincerely for any persons missed off the invitation list - by no means intended.

You are correct in saying that the club should be celebrating the tough times as well as the good times and in particular the people involved with the club during these times.

Please contact the club via Brian or myself and we will address any missed invites. No club is greater than the sum of all who are involved, but every person adds to the greater sum.

To miss anyone off the list is horrible and hopefully with yours and others assistance can be rectified.

I know for a fact Brian & others has worked had to avoid missing anyone on our invite lists but a hard task indeed. The first event is Government house reception on 19th May followed by 23rd May Gala day then the dinner to be held on 1st October, so not too late I hope!

Our aim for our 100th birthday is a celebration for all who have been involved in the club either as a player, supporter, helper, or past opposition. In fact a celebration for all who love the world game on a local level, and in particular involved in the South fo the state.

Hope to hear back from you and any others who can help with missed people.

Richard Bennett said...

moreeta I know a lot of Brians efforts to contact people are by word of mouth and those players quoted are fully aware of their "verbal"invitation.

I have been able to forward invitations to players now interstate and also overseas with some looking like they will make the trip.

I estimate that south will be racking up huge points on Roys social standings in the coming months and knowing some of the individuals they are currently racking up points.

hardly forgotten I would suggest.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:46am.
Yeah, so that's why Rhodes plays a team with an average age of under 21, including a sixteen year old centre mid. You need some experience in a team.

I'm Back said...

Anonymous 11.46 Reqarding Metro's youth policy. Mate, it sounds like either you don't know shit from clay or are just a negative idiot. Metro have played 3 players this year over the age of 25. I would repeat that again for your benefit but most subscribers to this blog site have a brain so I won't try and boor them for your benfit. Since the start of the year Metro have played 25 players under the age of 20 in the seniors. When we played Ulverstone in the Statewide League game we had 9 players under the age of 20 on the park. All fact !! You should be able to check this out pretty easily. How does the club your associated with line up compared to those figures? I am more than happy for you to respond with some facts although I suspect this will not happen. So don't give me your crap about youth policies when you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

As you seem to be so well adjusted add Jayden Wiggins age to the rest of the senior squad for today, divide by the number of players and, be buggered, you come up with an average age. Would you like to do us all a favour sone and put it on the blog site for all of us to see ! And yep, Matthew Gasparin is playing today so he may boost that average up by a couple of years. But, just for your benefit Metro can drop him and the average age will go down. Don't worry about having any experience in the side, don't worry about having anyone on the park to talk the 15, 16 and 17 year old kids through the game, let them fend for themselves. Anyway I look forward to your priceless response with the details of your club's youth policy.

Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Youth gets a go because the players are more committed - have less commitments. A blend of youth and older players is best. There is no future in having any more than one or two 30 year olds in a team and that is where Beachside will come seriously undone.