Thursday, April 8, 2010

South Hobart should continue to set the pace in Premier League

Photos (Top to Bottom): Olympia coaches Chris Hey (left) and George Kalis have much to talk about; Ben Crosswell will be back for Tilford Zebras against Glenorchy Knights; Eagles coach George Krambousanos says his side is on a high; Much will be expected of Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford; Ben Whitehall is in excellent form for Eagles; Warren Wadawu may get a start for Olympia; Brady Cronk will lead the Olympia attack [PlessPix]

South Hobart should retain top spot on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder by beating fifth-placed Taroona at home at South Hobart on Sunday.

South Hobart have the best defence in the competition statistically, but they rank only equal fifth in the number of goals scored.

Scoring is their problem. Indeed, Taroona have scored one goal more than South Hobart, so the visitors don’t have much to learn from their hosts in that regard.

Jim Pennicott is carrying a knee injury, but it would not surprise to see him included in the squad.

“He trained quite freely tonight, so we’ll see if there’s any stiffness after that,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“Liam Scott is good now with his arm, and Shae Hickey is coming back to full fitness after his ankle injury.

“Hugh Ludford is available, and one of our Koreans has been cleared and he’ll get a game in the reserves.

“We might also play Andy King and David Abbott in the reserves, too, just to get 90 minutes in.

“David Abbott was up for selection last week, but he did his knee and he’s been a bit stiff in training, but again, he was all right tonight.

“He’ll probably get a start in the reserves with Clarence in mind the following week.

“He’s been looking quite sharp, has David.”

Taroona coach Ben Horgan admitted this will be a very tough game.

“But, we’re looking forward to the challenge,” Horgan said. “We’ve got a similar squad to last week, although Lucas Wyatt is a late withdrawal due to work commitments.

“Darragh Carey will come in to the side at left-back.

“Midfielder Andy Douglas has also been included in the squad for the first time after coming to us this season from Beachside.”

Third-placed Tilford Zebras will have Ben Crosswell back from the UK for their clash with second-ranked Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park on Friday night.

Daniel Lapolla will be missing for Zebras because of a hamstring injury.

“Jayden Welch is fifty-fifty at the moment and we’ll see how he goes when we test him out on Friday,” said Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani.

“I’m looking forward to the game, and I think the boys are, too, and think it will be a test for us.

“It could be a completely different game to the practice game which we had with them before the Summer Cup started [0-0 draw].”

Knights will be without Corey Smith, who is suspended after being sent off last weekend against Kingborough Lions United.

The striking partnership between Amadu Koroma and Juma Barabara is starting to work well and the Zebras defence will have to be on their toes to cope with the speed and technical skills of this pair.

Sixth-placed Kingborough Lions United entertain bottom-side Olympia Warriors at Lightwood Park on Saturday and this is a vital match for the visitors, who have yet to win this season.

The remaining match of the round is at Clare Street on Saturday, where fourth-placed New Town Eagles welcome second-last Clarence United.

Simon Strang is unlikely to start for Eagles because of a groin injury.

“We had our boys down from Launceston for training because it was Easter and everyone was fit and ready to go,” said Eagles coach, George Krambousanos.

“The boys are enjoying their training sessions and the vibes are good. Everything seems to be pretty good at the moment.

“We hope we can beat them. Last year, we beat them on our home ground and they beat us on their home ground, so maybe it’ll be a replay of 2009.

“At the moment, we’re on a high.”

Zlatko Belanic, the former Eagles keeper who lives in Adelaide now, is currently conducting coaching clinics in Hobart and he took a session with Eagles on Thursday night, working not only with the goalkeepers but with some of the outfield players as well.

Eagles are the second highest scoring side in the competition and have the leading scorer in Adam McKeown, while Clarence have conceded the third highest number of goals.

This could be a recipe for a goal feast.


melikesfootball said...

So FFT are getting tough, finally. UNI and Beachside have been fined for their recent statewide cup forfeits, ordered to pay costs to the respective home sides and banned from playing in the competition until 2012. Finally, well done FFT

Anonymous said...

juma didn't play as a striker last week? so they have played one game together in a 4-0 loss to south as strikers and they are forming a "good striking relationship".... LOL

Anonymous said...

on another note Cliva Palmer has pulled the pin on Gold Coast Aleague and they are out of the comp for next season most likely

Anonymous said...

Olympia should register there first win of the year against kingborough (who are absolute rubbish). olympia showed some better signs against south so hopefully can bring these to this weeks game.

Olympia 2 - king 0
knights 2 - zebras 3
eagles 2 - clarence 4
south 4 - taroona 0

Anonymous said...

if kingborough are rubbish olympia must be below them. only good sign for olympia is that their keeper is in good form. cant say much about the rest of the team

Anonymous said...

who will be replaceing corey smith in middle???? tony d maybe????

Anonymous said...

Well Done FFT aT last something is being done to stop this crap from happening

Anonymous said...

melikesfootball - the costs ordered to be payed? what? like $50for the gate? lol

fft are a joke, and so is nayone else who thinks this sends a strong positive message.

Anonymous said...

We have been informed that the club has been fined $300.

Isnt that enough?

Anonymous said...

So what would you say needed to happen? Fine them 10,000 and deduct 20 points. Your the joke.

melikesfootball said...

anon 1.13, it sounds like you have issues. May i suggest you pursue some psychological therapy.

What FFT have done here can only be seen as positive. The fact remains that uni and beachside are unable to register for statwide comp next year, full stop!

Anonymous said...

olympia will beat kingborough...

if they dont they will go through complete first round without a win. this is their last chance of a win this round with the squad they now find themselves with. only knights and zebras to come before that point.

Richard Bennett said...

the clubs have rightly been penalised for breaching competition rules. the fine and overall penalty needs to firstly fit the crime and be seen to be a deterent to other clubs.
I think the FFT have sent the correct message by taking this action.
I also have sympathy for both the clubs as I am sure they did not intend to be in this position but they have learnt that a lack of proper administration has consequences.

Anonymous said...

Big game tonight.

Anonymous said...

anybody want to expand on dippa and e.tsakiris' moves from olymia?

Anonymous said...

olympia look good for a result tomorrow...2-1 win i am a pyschic or pyscho.....we will know tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

dippa n emanuel will not affect results of olympia....they can only get better

Anonymous said...

Dipper, ye of little loyalty. One minute you are bombarding Walter's blog with heartfelt support for your mighty team and your teammates, and the next you have moved on for a misely slice of bread and some cheese. I think Olympia will be lucky to have 5 players left by the end of the season. But hey what does that matter as long as they are seen as being professional!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the one's that stay (and the good quality youngsters that are arriving) that will get them through - hopefully at least 7!!!!

Anonymous said...

Olympia may well win today. The Coach will be pleased with player availability this week. However, with 7 changes to the team sheet they will be hard pressed to repeat the sort of teamwork that Kelly's Knights displayed last night.

Olympia's real improvement should come in round 2 when the team gels.

Unknown said...

annon 8.52, notice my heart felt comments were about the people thet left the club!!! i'm not sure when i bombarded walters blog with heart flet comments, i believe it was just one comment.
ps. next time you want to have a go at someone at least have enough balls to put down your name.

Anonymous said...

kingborough 2 - olympia 1