Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Costly misses spell defeat for Eagles

Photos (Top to Bottom): The teams shake hands before the match; Eagles' Adam McKeown beats Zebras keeper Troy Kaden in the air to head his side's second goal; Zebras' Dwayne Walsh eludes Eagles' Steve Louden and Jamie Vernon; Zebras' Ricky Self (No.3) wins a header in midfield; Eagles' Steve Louden wins a header against Zebras' Jordan Muller; Eagles' Steve Louden clears the ball ahead of Zebras' Matt Hall; Zebras' Matt Hall gets a pass away before Andrew Clark can intervene; Eagles' Alex Leszczynski shields the ball from Zebras' Ryan Smith; Eagles' Michael Anderson heads clear before Ricky Self can pose a danger; Eagles' Andrew Clark sends the ball forward; Zebras' Ben Crosswell (No. 10) wheels away after scoring Zebras' opener; Eagles' Andrew Clark wrong-foots Ben Crosswell; Eagles' Ben Whitehall (left) vies for possession with Zebras' Paul Cairns; Eagles' Michael Anderson gets in a tackle on Zebras' Matt Hall [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Clare Street, Sunday, 18 April 2010)


New Town Eagles 2 (A Leszczynski 46, A McKeown 63)

Tilford Zebras 3 (B Crosswell 12, 90+4, D Walsh 55)

HT: 0-1 Att: 80 Ref: C Phillips

New Town Eagles: Pitchford - Page, Wass (Menzie 86), Louden, Clark - Whitehall, Anderson, Kent, Vernon - McKeown, Leszczynski [Substitutes not used: Clamp, Fennell, Minty] [Coach: George Krambousanos]

Tilford Zebras: Kaden - Muller, Telega, Smith, K Engels (P Cairns 65) - Hall, Welch, Self, L Engels - Crosswell, Walsh (Young 86) [Substitutes not used: Cox, Voss] [Coach: Romeo Frediani]


New Town Eagles threw this match away through poor finishing.

Much of the credit for Tilford Zebras’ victory must go to goalkeeper Troy Kaden, who saved four one-on-one situations.

And, another star of the match was Zebras’ Ben Crosswell, who scored twice and made the other goal for Dwayne Walsh.

Crosswell’s winner in the fourth minute of stoppage time at the end of the match was with his weaker right foot, which made it even more noteworthy.

Eagles’ first chance came in the 7th minute when a poor back-pass by Kurt Engels let Ben Whitehall in, but his shot was blocked by Kaden and the rebound was bundled out of play by Whitehall while under pressure from Kaden and Kurt Engels.

In the 11th minute, Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford produced a magnificent save to deny Ricky Self, tipping his goal-bound shot over the bar for a corner. Ironically, it was from this corner that Zebras took the lead. Matt Hall floated the corner in from the left and Crosswell scored to give the visitors the lead.

Eagles missed their second good chance in the 27th minute when Shane Kent played a neat one-two with Adam McKeown on the edge of the box, but again, Kaden was up to the task and produced a fine save when it really should have been a goal for the home side.

Walsh had a good chance for Zebras on the half-hour, following a cross from the right, and he should have done much better than merely direct a tame header straight at Pitchford.

Two minutes later, Kaden was at his best again as he denied McKeown in a one-on-one with the Eagles striker.

In the 34th minute, Crosswell lost the ball in midfield to Kent, who slipped it through to Alex Leszczynski for a clear run at goal, but he incredibly shot wide with the goal at his mercy.

Five minutes later, Kaden did well to save from Whitehall. The ball rebounded to Jamie Vernon, who shot wide when he might have scored.

The first half ended with Walsh firing wide after the ball had rebounded to him off the back of Eagles midfielder Michael Anderson.

Eagles coach George Krambousanos must have had some special words for his charges at half-time as they were level at 1-1 within 15 seconds of the resumption. A long ball forward straight from the kick-off went to Zebras captain Andrew Telega, who tried to head it back to Kaden.

The header was too soft, however, and Leszczynski nipped in and lobbed the ball over the keeper and it bounced once before crossing the line for the equaliser.

Zebras regained the lead in the 55th minute when Crosswell mesmerised a couple of defenders down the left before sending over a perfect cross which Walsh hammered into the net to make it 2-1.

Eagles refused to give in and they again drew level when, in the 63rd minute, McKeown beat Kaden to a cross and glanced the ball into the net from the edge of the box.

Ten minutes from the end, Hall shot wide for Zebras, while at the other end, seconds later, McKeown’s header put Leszczynski in the clear, but he also fired wide.

Four minutes into stoppage time, Crosswell gained possession in midfield and went on a diagonal run from left to right just outside the box before turning and planting a right-foot shot across Pitchford and inside the far left-hand post.

It was the last kick of the match and there was not even time to re-start the game. It doesn’t come much closer than that.


· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“I think we should have won the game by about 6-2, yet one player, and we spoke about that at half-time, one player destroyed us.

“What can you do? We had plenty of chances but didn’t put them away again.

“Good luck to the Zebras. I mean, that’s their strength. That’s their full strength.

“I’ll say it again, we should have won by about three or four goals.

“I can’t say anymore. Congratulations to Zebras.”

· Tilford Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani, said:

“I’m glad we got three points in the end.

“I thought in the first half there were patches where we did really well. We knocked the ball around and we hit each others' feet and there were some good passages of play there.

“But, those two goals in the second half really let them back in the game.

“After our second goal, we really should have finished them off with another couple.

“But, I’ll take the goal at the end.”


Roy said...

Social standings:

This week has shown some impressive play out on the scene by players of many clubs.

Tea is in the oven at the moment so i apologise if this is a little rushed tonight. Although mentioning that it may be rushed is probably more of a wasted of time... ok just confused myself.

This week is a monumental one for the social standings being the first week that points have been awarded for midweek outings.

Wednesday night showed a low number of athletes with big performances. 5 competitors were spotted. 3 Knights Div 3 players lead by club stallwart Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic were seen downing several (maybe too many) Beverages at the 'Office' (Observatory Bar). Also spotted were Eagles Winger Jamie 'Hair Straightner' Vernon in some extra close D-floor moments with Knights Womens Sweeper Lauren 'Pharmacophobia' Griffiths-Lee. As it was a wednesday knight i was thinking about only awarding half points but i now believe full points a deserved as this is quite a challenge to back up the next day with work commitments. Knights 4 points, eagles 1.
Wednesday wasn't as eventful for Myself (Roy), after a lot of early week hype the numbers dropped dramatically after wednesday nights fixture and i was left hanging... You people know who you are... You should be ashamed!

Dont worry tea is taking longer than expected so it may well be the most detailed write up yet.

Friday knight saw one of the quietest nights seen for the calendar so far... If anybody can spare any information on the appearances of anybody friday night then points can be awarded.

Saturday evening... The night of nights each weekend. This week was no exception, everything from weddings to Jackson 'Mobius' Marsh. Speaking of weddings im sure everybody is with me when i say Josh Thorp congratulations, your life is over! joke ;)

Points recieved by South Hobart: 7, Bart 'Why so serious?' Beecroft, Jono 'Ice' Ladic, Jonathon 'Nice Guy' Lo, Daniel Brown, Matthew Brown, Kosta 'Ladies man' Kanakaris and Tom 'Old Boy Bald Patch' Roach

Eagles: 0, Due thier Sunday fixture no members were spotted out. A Truely dedicated bunch of lads, Mr Krambousanos should be proud.

The same goes for Taroona and Kingborough. Clarence how ever disappointing also receiving 0.

Olympic once again not encrouching on the lead of their nearest competitors... who recieved zero points.

Zebras how ever had a few appearances. A few young lads making it out. Adam Young, Declan Smith and Oliver 'Shouldn't of shaved his head' Bird. Bonus point for Ryan 'The man with class' Smith Seen out in a suit.
Points: 5

Knights fighting hard for their lead gaining 10.5 points this week. Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic , Alex 'Go Big Man' Holmes, Jacob 'Better Brother' Huigsloot and Anthony 'Googs' Grundy where all seen lounging stylishly in the office with 4 other Knights members. These members cannot be named due to reasons i can not disclose to the average blog read. Codes names how ever can be released, 'Bruiserette', 'Self-serve', 'Cuppa tea' and 'Stamp arm'.
Bonus point for Googs for suiting it up. Jackson 'Mobius' Marsh also gains a bonus half point point for wooing women into the mobius line when he was the only person in it.

Once again Apologies to any missed, just let me know. Also Disappointing That Brendan 'The Left Footer' Garth is yet to feature, He is a good kid... He will go places!

Knights 42.5
South 28.5
Eagles 26
Zebras 15
Clarence 13
Kingborough 12
Taroona 11.5
Olympic 0

Anonymous said...

Congratulations roy, these social standings are a good light laugh for everyone in the soccer community. The table has opened up now, i believe due to some sunday matches. South Hobart making a quick sprint through the table. Not too sure what this says about the knights but i am quite impressed. Zebras i believe will be the quiet achievers, but was good to see some of the youngsters getting a mention. I believe Eagles should gain some extra points for being able to get close to a member of an opposing club. Impressive work Vernon. Things should start to get interesting now as its almost time for the first club functions.

Roy said...

I also Hope everybody likes the title "Costly misses spell defeat for Eagles" For this week any way ;)

Anonymous No. 32 said...

Roy - your table is proving what is well known around Hobart. That is the knights are and always will be the most committed club on your standings. Local Afl clubs are even to be known to clear a room when knights arrive. Put the challenge out - lift your game other clubs!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha love it Roy keep it up.

Anonymous said...

nice work roy! keep it up!