Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clarence down TIS

Photos (Top to Bottom): Officials (L-R) Greg Balmer, referee Sean Collins, Jason Priest; The teams prepare for the kick-off; The TIS back-four and the lights at Tattersall Park in the background; The Clarence 4-42 formation; Clarence defending; Clarence win a throw-in; The teams stream off after the final whistle; TIS players doing their warm-down [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Premier League Reserves (KGV Park, Wednesday, 26 May 2010)


Tasmanian Institute of Sport 0

Clarence United 2 (A Barron 45, D Kunwar 75)

HT: 0-1 Att: 30 Ref: S Collins

Tasmanian Institute of Sport: Prendergast - Luttmer, Hill, Abbott, Mearns (Kenyi 33) - D Foley, de Smit, Hamilton - Green (Devine 55), Curran (Ince 55), H Foley [Coach: D May]

Clarence United: Sweetten: - A McIntyre, N Mayne, Ling, Lush - Toghill, Rees, Hardwick, Kunwar (Darby 85) - Tsakiris (Randall 89), Barron (Reibel 79) [Substitute not used: Maxwell] [Coach: A Jablonski]


The TIS might have taken an early lead against Clarence United when, after 6 minutes, Jamie de Smit had a kind run of the ball in beating an opponent and raced to the edge of the box, where he brought Sam Hamilton into play with a clever ball.

Hamilton cut inside from the left and managed a shot, but Clarence keeper Sam Sweetten saved with his legs. The ball rebounded to Nicholas Green on the right, but he shot wide.

A superb low drive by Emmanuel Tsakiris in the 14th minute brought a wonderful save from TIS goalkeeper Tristan Prendergast, who dived and turned the ball wide for a corner.

The TIS hit back three minutes later when fullback Eli Luttmer rattled the Clarence crossbar with a magnificent shot from 35 metres.

Clarence’s Andy Barron was shown the only yellow card of the match in the 26th minute after a robust tackle on de Smit.

Clarence almost hit the front in the 32nd minute when Dipendra Kunwar squeezed into the box on the right and sent over a dangerous cross, but Luttmer conceded a corner by heading over his own bar.

A minute later, TIS were forced to substitute Nicholas Mearns, who jarred his leg in a tackle. He was replaced by Francis Kenyi, who was also limping by the end of the match after being given a ‘hospital’ pass by a team-mate and enduring a fair but crunching tackle.

In the 34th minute, the skilful Nathan Rees came close to breaking the deadlock for Clarence. A corner that he took from the left was headed back to him and, after creating a better angle for himself, he powered a great shot across the face of goal and just beyond the angle of crossbar and far post.

Prendergast was at his best again in the 35th minute when he just managed to reach a Barron shot and concede a corner. The corner, taken from the left, was directed at the near post and was met by Toby Ling, but his close-range and powerful header flew wide.

Clarence took the lead on the stroke of half-time. Mattias Toghill, playing in midfield rather than in his more customary right-fullback role in the senior side, crashed a stupendous shot against the crossbar and, when the ball rebounded to Barron, the youngster kept his composure and smashed it into the net.

The TIS brought on Maxim Devine and James Ince in place of Green and Jesse Curran in the 55th minute, but the side was unable to gain the upper hand.

Barron had a good chance in the 74th minute, but Prendergast saved with his feet.

A minute later and it was 2-0 as Kunwar netted from the edge of the box.

With 6 minutes remaining, a powerful shot from de Smit had Sam Sweetten reeling, but he managed to block the ball, which rebounded to Kenyi, who struck it wide.

Clarence made two late substitutions in order to bring on some fresh legs against a resolute TIS side that is very fit and which fought to the end but was unable to find even a consolation goal.



Shots 11

Shots on Target 4

Corners 2

Fouls 5

Off-Sides 2

Yellow cards 0

Red Cards 0


Shots 20

Shots on Target 11

Corners 7

Fouls 6

Off-Sides 3

Yellow Cards 1

Red Cards 0


Anonymous said...

Good depth at clarence these days!

looks like Brownies 3 year plan turned out to be a 9 year plan but atleast its finally coming together.

Still losing alot of good talent. Nandan latest casualty

Anonymous said...

Maybe those with perfect attitude and great technical skills aren't what TIS need. Take a close look at Andy Barron anyone. You good Barron? Yep.

Anonymous said...

clarence a good side, de smit and abbott of tis will be stars of the future

Anonymous said...

the question is y are these talented youngsters going other places??

This year alone.

j.undy, j barabara, j huigsloot, b phillips, b granger, a nandan, b garth

at my count. there are probably more. i doubt any other club has had this much defection

Stats said...

clarence have only conceded 1 goal in the last 6 games in the reserves and have dominated almost every single game, will be pushing south for the first place till the very end!

Anonymous said...

Clarence reserves aren't better than previous years because of a plan involving players. Clarence reserves are doing well because of Jabba being in charge this year. the last time clarence reserves had a good season was when jabba was a key leader playing for them

Anonymous said...


Em Hobart não tem um Estadio de Futebol? Por que?

Hernane Caires - Brasil

Anonymous said...

A cracking game played at a furious pace. I have been to all bar 1 TIS game this season and it was the first one ref'd treating both teams as Men's Premier Reserves. Well done Mr Collins!!!!

Anonymous said...

zebras will beat clarence reserves thos weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hernane -

A resposta é AFL e Cricket

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:02. The list you have named is not exactly that talented. Huigsloot obviously is an exception, supported by the the fantasic year he has had with Knights thus far, maybe B Phillips and Nandan arent to bad players either, but the rest are no names?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clarence just need to pay their players a bit more. Buy them some boots and pay their rego.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45

A Barron a good player but too old for inclusion into tis. Coach must pick from under 14s for next intake as directed by FFA

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.03 - Barron was overlooked at 14 because he supposedly wasn't physical enough, which probably goes some way to explaining why he loves playing against the tis and canes them every time he does so. There are plenty of good young players outside the "system" who are as good if not better than tis boys. Just look at the emergence of Andy Brennan, who is a Sth Hobart/Ken Morton product - hasn't player "full" rep footbal since U12.

Anonymous said...

Interesting game. Clarence negated the TIS's offensive game plan. The offensive movement and defensive full pressing wasn't as effective as for the TIS's previous game against Olympia.

Clarence's older players went in hard for the ball and usually prevailed in the one on one duels. They negated the aesthetically pleasing game the TIS usually plays. As a spectator I was disappointed.

A notable phenomenon was who actually played for Clarence. There seemed to be at least four regular senior players in the reserves team. A bit overzealous for a midweek game? The senior Clarence coach was at the match, looking very animated in the stands. At times the same fellow dashed down to the Clarence reserves coach to proffer some sage advice. He seemed very interested in the result.

Now this differs from the same coach's philosophy when welcoming new members to the Clarence club. He is at pains to stress enjoyment and participation as being paramount in a player's development. I would have thought it would be more prudent to play young 16 and 17 year olds for the reserves, rather than send them on the pitch with a few minutes remaining in the game? Not many minutes for development! I suggest the same coach should record his own speeches and listen to them, assimilate his own advice and act on it .

What did it prove for the Clarence senior players playing a reserves match? That they can mix it with, and outplay some 13 -15 year olds in the TIS.

I can't imagine too much satisfaction as a player in one's twenties to compete against 13-15 year olds....! Not really a feather in one's cap.

I hope other clubs don't follow suit when playing the TIS. Olympia deserve credit for their approach.

Having said that, the Clarence reserves side played better football that I've ever seen their senior side play. I liked the look of Andy Barron, Matthias Toghill, Dipper and Emmanual Tsekiris. Did all these players come through Clarence's development system?

I also noted last year that Clarence played many senior players in the under 19s final. I feel sorry for all the regular under 19 Clarence players who got them to the final.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

The only Clarence player to have played regular senior time this year was Toghill and he is off to Queensland this weekend so he is unavailable.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:27 PM if i were a senior player from a premier league club it would be a pleasure to play the tis as they actually play football which in turn gives you the chance to play football which doesn't always happen in the EPL! i do also believe that there is points at stake in these matches.
it seems to me your a parent that takes there childs career to seriously and cant handle that they lost! it is in the best interest for these kids to play against good players every club should be even more of their better players against them.

Anonymous said...

.casual observer my ..... Obviously you are a parent anon 6.27 as no one else would have such a ridiculous view of events. TIS can't and surely don't want it both ways. They want to play against the big boys then they have to expect those men aren't going to roll over and let the TIS play to their game plan and their strengths. Grow up

Anonymous said...

Barron not the only one,a few of the discards are starting to come good as the bulk out at the end of their teens.Too bad that Tas Soccer looks for boys built like brick outhouses for these state teams.Important to remember that skills and a footballing brain are more important than sheer athleticism.

Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't a parent of any of the players in the TIS.

I turned up to the match to watch technical football, rarely seen in the SPL. Elite international coaches have identified that Australia is far too keen to emphasise the physical aspects of playing, body on body contact, getting stuck in, as opposed to developing technicians. I'd rather see the TIS play technical football than get outmuscled by bovines.

When one of the anonymous posters refers to the opponents of the TIS as 'big boys', I'm sorry, but in the Australian football milieu the SPL playing personnel are not recognised as 'big boys' yet.

There is time in the future for muscling up. I'd also venture to say the TIS would probably like to play technical football against similar quality technicians. It happens the better sides they can play against are far better in the physical side of the game than playing technical possession football. They are better at winning the ball back than maintaining possession.

After all, Han Berger desperately wants to develop better footballers with sound technique in Australia, not players who can easily transfer their muscular talents to the egg ball codes at any time in their future playing career.

One only has to record the passing sequences of many of the SPL sides. It is rare for teams to accrue more than 3 pass sequences. They have to work very hard to maintain the ball. This is because the technical qualities of the players to maintain possession, is decidedly inferior to their ability to win the ball back.

I'd rather watch the technical football of the TIS, with good off the ball movement when the team has possession of the ball. Clarence negated them on Wedneday night with an excess of decibels in the vocal chords and cavalry charges.

A common strategy in winning the ball back in the SPL, is almost exclusively with mad charges, analogous to the behaviour of stampeding buffaloes. Another strategy employed by the TIS opponents on Wenesday, was excessive shouting, like soldiers in battle trying to intimidate the enemy. I would like to see some full-pressing half-pressing and co-ordinated team strategies as well.

This was exemplified against Olympia the previous week. I prefer this mode of the beautiful game than watch burly bovines play a unique Tasmanian version of hybrid rugby/soccer, without the use of hands. Asian referees don't tolerate this in Asian international competitions. It has been hard for our players to adapt.

Each to his/her own I suppose.

Having said that, Clarence reserves played better football than a lot of SPL senior teams I've watched. Sadly the result of Wednesday night's game was a victory for the local physical, quasi-rugby type of football, as opposed to technical football.

Mr Berger thinks we have far too many buffaloes playing the game as it is. Many of them are superfluous to the needs of national coaches.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.55:

You are obviously not a coach. This game was for three points, not a practice game. If the TIS want a practice game against Clarence United, I guarantee Clarence United would play all their U/16 and U/17 players.

There is more to the "technical" side of football than stringing passes together. If my team has a physical advantage over the other team, why wouldn't I use it?

Next time Clarence play the TIS, maybe they can beef things up for you, and you can spend your time milking your whinge-bank for all the "my team lost, what can I sook about" responses.

Did you notice that when the TIS beat Clarence in round 1, there were no negative comments about the TIS?

So as I was taught as a child, if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


PS. For someone who likes to complain about opposition "cattle", you sure seem the one with the most beef.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.55:

Can you name the numerous senior players Clarence allegedly dropped back on Wednesday, other than Matthias Toghill who was in for David Hoppit and who is ALSO unavailable this weekend (and so given a run).

FYI, Clarence's starting 11 had five 16 year olds and only four players over 20.

I highly recommend you get your head out of your thesaurus and into the form guides before trying to utilise your intelligence to bypass Walter's BS filter.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again.

I have coached Moreover, I have done a coaching course under European jurisdiction. It would probably be a good idea for all Australian coaches to have pursued the same path.

I also have no interest in the TIS, other than being a keen spectator wanting to watch quality football. It has been disseminated that a local team is playing football of a high enough standard to attract spectators to some aesthetically pleasing football. The team playing it has been the TIS.

I'm making comments about the quality of teams who take themselves too seriously when they play social football. If you watched Heidelberg play the Tasmanian youth/men's team a few years ago, the chasm in standard was depressing.

The Tasmanian team was outplayed in every department by the proverbial kilometre. The only department Tasmania won was the number of decibels and expletives shouted by the coach when he was giving instructions to the players. Unfortunately, this doesn't influence the final result.

I have seen Toby Ling play for Clarence seniors on many occasions a few years ago. He must have felt awkward when he played on a 13 year old with a height differential of about a metre, and a weight differential of about 50 kg.

I think Andy Barron and the number 6, Rees, also play seniors, according to my sources. A player by the name of McIntryre has played seniors. Kunwar and Tsekiris have also played seniors for Olympia. If you add Toghill, that is a pretty experienced line up with senior experience, to take on the TIS.

When you talk about development, I think development of players is superordinate to results at reserves level in the Southern Tasmanian Premier League. The noise emanating from the Clarence change rooms after the game, seemed commensurate to the level of noise appropriate when a team wins the FA Cup.....! Some stakeholders were taking a game against the TIS far too seriously.

Use the physicality if you must, but I would prefer you to develop technical systems of play involving squeezing, half pressing and fake pressing, as defensive strategies. Also encourage players to utilise space and effective body shape in defence. The buffalo charges, shouting intimidation and muscle on muscle tactics being given precedence over the above for defensive tactics is disappointing.

For technical development, how many times do your players touch the ball in a training session?

How much training do you do with the ball?

What sort of instructions do you give to your players to create passing lanes offensively?

What sort of geometric formations do you attempt to inculcate in your teams when they have possession of the ball? If you do, what sort of training ground practice do you use to achieve this end?

What do you do for playing the offensive and defensive transitions?

Do you use four phase, incremental training modules?

How do you instill good technique incrementally in your players?

I would surmise the TIS do a lot of work in these areas. It is apparent when they play.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.28:

Well said.

TIS 0, CUFC 2.

Now, grab yourself a nice warm cocoa, sit down on your favourite chair, put your feet up on a nice soft cushion and take a deep breath.

Anonymous said...

Casual Observer
Not going to critisise the content of your comments, however I think it's a bit rich to attack the clarence team for playing with the desire to win against a formidable opponent. Ok, it's not the EPL and maybe they did take the game too seriously in your eyes. But in my eyes, maybe you take yourself too seriously as well!

Clarence President said...

Casual Observer, this is my first post on this blog and will probably be my last but I cannot let your comments go without response. Please do your homework in furure before engaging in a needless rant. The reason the TIS are playing premier reserves is because the FFA assessment on the Tassie boys was that they were technically proficient but lacked match hardness, so at the direct request of FFA and the TIS the clubs consented to them playing in this competition. From my perspective the challenge they were provided by my Premier Reserves and premier league coaching staff was exactly what FFA and the TIS have requested the southern clubs to provide.
Phil Randall - President CUFC

Emmanuel Tsakiris said...

Casual Observer

"Tsakiris" not "Tsekiris"

Anonymous said...

I speak from the perspective of a spectator who would like to see some higher quality football played in Tasmania. I don't take myself too seriously, but I think I've been criticised for asking some difficult questions and making comments about the empirical Tasmanian football milieu.

I parodied the approach of elements of the Clarence approach at the game against the TIS. I think Clarence , to an extent, can be depicted by other clubs as taking themselves too seriously in the past. Personally, I liked their academy system a few years ago. Nevertheless, I don't want to see a dichotomy created between elite players and more casual players.

Clarence deserve credit for their academy concept. There has been a diaspora of their academy graduates to other clubs, but Clarence deserve credit for attempting, possibly successfully, to raise the bar for all clubs. They may have inadvertently contributed to raising the standard of all clubs' playing stocks, certainly in women's football anyway.

There are some Tasmanian coaches/clubs driven to win premierships, and adopting an ephemeral perspective, as opposed to looking at macro issues which effect Tasmanian football in a national or global sense. If one looks at the Woden Valley club in the ACT, it is a working paradigm for all Tasmanian clubs to follow.

Moreover, the ACT have had successful clubs playing in the NSWPL. We are way off the mark for a team playing in the VPL, similar in standard to the NSWPL, if our performance against Heidelberg is a criterion for comparison.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

Clarence President,
I would like to see Clarence provide the TIS with more of a technical and tactical challenge, with their players providing more insight and game intelligence. This is antithetical to the physical challenge, featuring bull, bovine and buffalo charges, juxtaposed with the shouting attempts by quasi-paratroopers, presented by Clarence the other night to put the TIS off their game.

I'd take a bet that Han Berger would too.

Let's ask him shall we?

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

casual observer, my my, i would LOVE to know who you REALLY are. There is something you are missing in all this, and that is club spirit. SOME players in Clarences reserve side are playing the highest level they will get to in their careers. Some will go on to play higher levels...who knows, not me and certainly not you.

I love my club and I love my players, the TIS boys do not love their club (as its not one) and their sense of cameraderie is not as high as a player who plays for and is a member of a football club.

The boys who play for the TIS, including the coach, are only doing so to benefit themselves and move further with their own football careers. and fair enough too.

PLEASE dont come on here and degrade Clarence and their players for doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to win a football match for points.

again, read my text, IT WAS NOT A PRACTICE MATCH!!!!

Trust me i fully understand what you are saying as watching pretty football is a pleasure but when your job is to win games not just to play pretty football, well guess what, thats what clarence did.

move on bruv, please dont keep writing on here and embarrassing yourself any further.

Anonymous said...

I have actually praised elements of what Clarence do. A few years ago they attempted to produce a quality academy to provide high quality players for their club. I applaud this. It would be an ideal paradigm for all clubs to follow.

The antithesis of this concept is some clubs trying to poach players from other clubs, when they undertake little in the development of youth/junior players in their own clubs.

The points I'm making about Clarence may be applicable to many more clubs in Tasmania. The need to look at the bigger picture is paramount. The need to develop a more elite playing competition is urgent. I wonder what the level of instruction is in some of the training ground practices I've advocated above in club football in Tasmania?
I note that nobody has responded to date.

I'm going away tomorrow , so I won't be able to continue this discussion.

Casual Observer

Anonymous said...

I do not know who Casual Observer is but he appears very knowledgeable and I look forward to his comments. I do not agree that it is an issue that clubs are stacking their side to play the TIS we at SH do it because we want to win - it is a competition. I have spoken to some of the TIS boys and they want the strongest competition as possible. I was at the TIS v Clarence game and noted that Clarence were very physical as witnessed by the injuries picked up by TIS boys but if that is what is needed to win then so be it – it happens in the EPL when teams like Stoke play Arsenal so the TIS boys need to be exposed to it.

Anonymous said...

Casual Observer, im sure you will still get this. I tell you what, you pay me what Dean May gets paid and ill do what you want me to do on the training paddock. and South Hobart guy, Clarence didnt stack their side, Toghill came in for Hoppitt. You guys stacked up a storm. Please dont put Clarence in the same basket as South.


Old News said...

Old news perhaps but whoever the so-called South Hobart anon is, I suspect they dont actually play for them as SH havent 'stacked' its Reserves against the TIS.

Jim Pennicott was the only 'senior' inclusion in the 2 games played and he is the same age as the TIS's Abbott and Walker. Accordingly, he's a contemporary of some of the TIS players just like Cam Williams, Elliott Lovell, Nick Cuthbertson, Andy Brennan, Greg Downes, Nick Di Falco and Seth Otte who are all aged between 16 and 17 .I doubt this is not a problem for Dean May.

BTW I wasnt at the Clarence game but I doubt it was the same standard as the 2 SH vs TIS games to date, particularly the second one which was a cracker.

Anonymous said...

lets be fair maybe the tis boys should get used to playing at spl level because in reality these boys are going nowhere ,there are better boys coming through at the moment than them .these boys will succeed through hard work not because football fed dropped them because of financial constraints and be let slip through the cracks .yes its great to have these teams but we never see the best because some can some cant pay .hence the defections to AFL