Monday, May 10, 2010

Depleted Eagles hold out for draw against visiting Knights

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Alex Leszczynski and Knights' Josh Fielding dancing a duet in midfield; Eagles' Andrew Clark (left) and Josh Fielding vie for possession; Knights' Alex Holmes gets in a slide tackle on Eagles' Adam McKeown; Adam McKeown closely shadowed by Knights' Alex Holmes; Eagles' Simon Strang (left) shields the ball from Knights' Corey Smith [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Clare Street, Saturday, 8 May 2010)


New Town Eagles 0

Glenorchy Knights 0

Att: 70 Ref: C Phillips

New Town Eagles: Pitchford - Anderson, Louden, Vernon, Clark - Whitehall, Kent, Strang (Quan 82), Shackcloth (Fennell 70) - Leszczynski, McKeown [Substitutes not used: Pope, Minty] [Coach: George Krambousanos]

Glenorchy Knights: Peter - Mrzyk, Holmes, Grundy, J Huigsloot - Clay, Fielding, Kamba (Nowicki 80), Barabara (Roberts 70) - Smith, Koroma (Hope 87) [Substitute not used: Grainger] [Coach: Nick Harrison]


Glenorchy Knights missed a great opportunity to close the gap between themselves and leaders South Hobart as a result of this goalless draw.

Eagles were missing three regulars and were probably glad of a point. It was their second scoreless draw at home and they drop to sixth on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder.

The first half was even with only a chance or two falling to both sides.

Amadu Koroma probably had the best chance for the Knights when he ran onto a ball flicked on by Alex Holmes, but he was unable to score.

Eagles’ Adam McKeown was also off target for the home side, which defended resolutely. Jamie Vernon, playing in the unusual position of central defender, where he was marking Koroma, played like a veteran and did a mountain of work for his side.

Jade Clay was his usual busy self for the Knights and his speed and ability to send over telling crosses was a bonus for the visitors.

The first half was just about to end when a melee erupted in the Knights’ goalmouth, following a somewhat over-vigorous lunge for the ball by the Knights’ Koroma as Eagles’ keeper Nathan Pitchford fielded the ball.

Koroma ended up sliding through Pitchford’s legs and Pitchford retaliated by making physical contact with the Knights player and appearing to hold him down. Players from both sides milled about and shaped up to each other before referee Craig Phillips restored order.

Phillips then consulted his assistant and issued yellow cards to Koroma and Pitchford.

In the second half, Knights’ keeper Ben Peter produced a couple of fine saves to keep out McKeown, while at the other end, Knights seemed to be way off target with their shooting.

Knights’ Corey Smith was shown the yellow card when he and Pitchford went for a high ball and Smith got under the airborne keeper and caused him to come to earth awkwardly. Pitchford appeared injured as he seemed to fall on his back, but he was able to continue.

The Eagles’ goal then led a charmed life as Mynonge Kamba and Koroma both headed against the crossbar within seconds of each other, but the ball was cleared.

A minute into stoppage time, Smith was shown a second yellow card, followed by a red, when he committed a professional foul on substitute Josh Quan, who was racing through midfield and on his way to goal.

It was Smith’s second dismissal of the league season and made for a dismal day for the Knights, whose coach, Eamonn Kelly, had resigned on the morning of the match.

Smith came into the referee’s rooms after the game and there was a brief and cordial conversation between him and Mr Phillips and they agreed to disagree about the second yellow card.


· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“They could have won the game. They had their chances when they hit the crossbar twice in one movement there.

“We had a couple of new players playing in new positions, but I think the man-of-the-match was actually Jamie Vernon. I thought Ben [Whitehall] did very well, too.

“The boys did very well. We changed a few positions, but we didn’t change our formation. We just played a couple of players where the usual players were missing and I take my hat off to them. They did very, very well.

“I’d just like to say congratulations to the Knights. They did well, too, and I hope they get on with it now.”

· Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison, said:

“Over the 90 minutes, a draw was a fair result. Neither team deserved to snatch it.

“But again, we’re leaving here talking about the official’s book again. I’d better be quiet about that subject.

“A bit disappointed. We needed to bounce back after last week’s draw against Clarence to put pressure on South Hobart, but I think a draw was a fair result overall.”


Anonymous said...

Is anybody at the Knights prepared to look in a mirror?

jerrie kruijver said...

have spectatornumbers gone from a miserable few to paltry walter?

Anonymous said...

A good and fair result for both teams i believe. Agree with Krambo that Vernon would have been man of the match, playing out of normal position but looked strong, was first to every ball and played the ball out well. Nathan and Pitchford also had good games as well as Huigsloot and Holmes for the Knights. Do agree that some of Smiths cards have been soft so far this year in the games i have seen but believe that in this game a red was fair and was lucky not recieve a red for the clash with Pitchford. On the other hand i do believe Pitchford was lucky not to recieve a red for retaliation with the Koroma incident. I think we may see Knights start to struggle until they work out things away from the pitch, where as Eagles will start to improve and this game should be a boost for them and their players.

Walter said...

Jerrie, I was very disappointed at the attendance. It was an appealing fixture and the only Premier League game that afternoon, which makes it even more disappointing.

The Targetted man said...

neither of Smith's challenges were deserved of a yellow card. the second was incidental contact made trying to avoid his opponent who cut directly in front of him, a fair free but nothing more as it could not have been avoided. The first showed good commitment by both players with eyes for the ball. Was minimal contact made. a free yes as Pitchford got the ball but the challenge was not malicious nor was it worthy of a card. i really do feel the need for more accountability for officials. not attacking but there needs to be more in place to keep the best quality possible in our matches. they are being paid after all

melikesfootball said...


I agree with you that refs need to be more accountable, what the heck let's just do away with them, then we will get no more apparent mistakes and everyone should be happier. Then we will abuse each other as all refs will be supplied by clubs. We will accuse each other of cheating.

Anonymous said...

walter, the conversation in the referee's room was very calm and very civil from what I heard from Sean after the game?

Anonymous said...

walter how did the ball get to juma (it was actually mk anyway) and amadu for them to head against the cross bar? do we only write about the negative corey incidents?

Anonymous said...

The Targetted Man

It is really interesting just how different eyes see things so differently.

The challenge on the keeper included a kick to the keeper's knee when the ball was in the keepers hands which is exactly why some thought it should have been a red card.

the second card was issued because the foul blatantly held up an attacking move - the referee certainly got this one correct - there is no requirement for there to be malice for the yellow card to be issued.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous (8:18) was a fair result for both teams. Also Agree Vernon was superb in defence, didnt look out of position at all, was strong and impressive. Ben Whitehall also had a good game for Eagles. Believe the pitchford/Smith incident deserved a free kick and a card to Smith as it was clear pitchford had the ball in hand. Knights maybe over estimated Eagles but also had to deal with all the drama off the field so hope this can be sorted to so Knights can return to playing well. Has Eammon resigned for good? Has this been confirmed?

Anonymous said...

walter i'd say knights were happy with a point, they didnt even look like scoring and eagles had alot of good chances...anon (8:18pm)... nathan and pitchford? lol yeah vernon did play very well considering he was out of his normal position... pitchy back to his best, ben peter was probably knights best player denying mckeown on several occasions who looked unstoppable and carved up the knights defence, he'd have to be probably the best striker in the league... smiths scond yellow was a definite yellow, it was a professional foul as it deliberately stopped an attacking move so therefore yellow must be given...

Anonymous said...

0-0 was a fair result both teams didn't play much football.

Smith's clash with Pitchford was a yellow and the 2nd was very harsh on him especially after Ben Whitewhall(already on a yellow) cleaned up Hugi off the ball and the ref did nothing.

Also Pitchford probably deserved a red for the incident with Armadu.

South 8 pts clear I can't see them dropping that lead.

Anonymous said...

Knights cant afford to be dropping these games. They seem to to be the only team who can compete with South Hobart. Knights have some fringe players who are costing them, the likes of Kamba and Barbara shouldn't be starting. Wonder how selections will change now Kelly has gone. I'd personally have


Tony D
Grundy (on his last legs)

Barbara (the only weakness for Knights)
Marsh (once fully fit)


telly tubby said...

Anon 1.59pm

Knights the only team able to compete with South? Maybe last year, but South have pulled their pants down twice this year (Summer Cup and first roster match) so I wouldnt subscribe to that view on the evidence so far.

Anonymous said...

Knights have more depth than most think..ressies went from wooden spoon to third last year and beat both us and Zebras, who finished first and second respectively. Personally I feel they give us the hardest matches due to their physical nature and heart. I like playing against them and with who i know, this is who they should play - in my opinion!

LB Huigsloot
CB Holmes
CB Grundy
RB Dzelalija

RM - Clay
CDM - Marsh
CAM - Fielding
LM - Roberts/Barbara

ST - Smith
ST - Koroma


Joe I think? don't know his last name (either wing or in defence, good player who has played seniors against us before and done well)

Chalky (not a pretty player but can do a job, played well against us last year. can play in different positions)

Robb/Garth (pace, young, potential)

James Hope (big target, good in air up front)

Good luck to all the other teams, up South!

Anonymous said...

Knights from the start of the year have lost:

J Sherman UK
T Sherman UK
D White UK
C Smith(hardly plays due to suspensions)
E Kelly QUIT

Tough times at Knights lets see how they regroup for the rest of the season.

telly tubby said...

Anon 3.36pm

boo hoo poor knights!

if I recall all those you listed were part of the knights set up when South beat them this year.

Point is South are a better outfit with genuine confidence compared to last year's champs.

As for Knights, Corey hardly played last year due to suspensions, the Shermans were fringe, White was interstate. The Knights are on the slide this year and it's got nothing to do with departures. It's what's between the ears.