Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Governor hosts reception to mark South Hobart's centenary

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Governor of Tasmania, His Excellency the Honourable Peter Underwood (third from left) with (L-R) John Honeysett, Vicki Woods (South Hobart president), Ken Morton (South Hobart senior coach), Brian Roberts, Mr and Mrs Hyo Suk Jin, Brian Downes; The Governor of Tasmania with Mr and Mrs Hyo Suk Jin; Rod Hill, Tony Chaffey, Jill Clark and Noel Clark; Rod Cooper, former title-winning South Hobart coach Nathan Robinson with wife Rachel and new baby daughter; South Hobart senior coach Ken Morton with Ella Dudgeon, New Town Eagles coach George Krambousanos and TIS women's coach Michael Edwards; South Hobart life members (L-R) Alec Mackie, Jim Dolliver, John Honeysett, Geoff Jackson and Les Richardson; Up-and-coming South Hobart stars Andy Brennan (left) and Jim Pennicott; Some members of South Hobart's senior squad [PlessPix]

The Governor of Tasmania, His Excellency The Honourable Peter Underwood, and Mrs Underwood held a reception at Government House this evening to mark the centenary of the South Hobart Football Club.

Almost 200 guests attended the reception, including many life members of the club and the current senior and reserve team players.

The club played its first match on 21 May 1910 against the crew of a visiting freighter and South Hobart won 4-1.

South Hobart’s match against Glenorchy Knights next Sunday will be part of a huge gala day for the club and it will also involve the local community and all football supporters.

“The reception has been absolutely fabulous,” said Vicki Woods, the president of South Hobart FC. “There’s been a great turnout of football supporters from all clubs and it’s nice to see presidents of other clubs and coaches here.

“I was able to invite 280 and I’d estimate there are 200 here.

“It’s good to see politicians and members of the public and lovers of football.

“I really hope we have a good day on Sunday.

“It’ll be a day for all football followers and we really hope a lot of people will attend.

“The committee talked about it and we wanted tonight and Sunday to be about football and not just our club.

“We want to get a really big crowd there and for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time.”

South Hobart’s senior squad will be presented with special edition centenary shirts after training on Thursday night.

On Friday, the players will be presented to the media with their centenary shirts at Mawson Place.

In Sunday’s game against Glenorchy Knights, the South Hobart team will wear the special centenary shirts.

Coincidentally, today is also the 45th anniversary of the tragic death of one of South Hobart’s brightest young stars, Steve Watson.

Watson and four of his South Hobart team-mates - Ron Manson, John Barker, Roy Scott and Colin West - were driving home from training when they were involved in a collision with a petrol tanker. Watson was killed and his team-mates seriously injured.


Barnum said...

Today's local tabloid said this reception was held 'last night', which means Tuesday. This blog says it was held tonight (Wednesday). What's going on? Were there two receptions?

Ringmaster said...

The local tabloid got it wrong again, through no fault of the writer, Julius Ross. He explained things to people at the reception and said his copy clearly stated the event was to be held tonight (Wednesday). The local tabloid's subs stuffed up again by the look of things. The story should have been published on Thursday.

Sharpshooter said...

Sounds like a Barnum and Bailey Circus to me. The clowns are running riot.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see George Krambosanos and Michael Edwards there. Are they Tassie's version of Mr and Mrs Football? Like the Les Murray/John Warren combo.

Richard Bennett said...

where's the photo of Dogga Walter. He looked like he was on her majesty's service. shaken but not stirred!

Anonymous said...

Lol C. Paske looks like Allan from the Hangover! He is a one man Wolf pack

djalbacore said...

Walter i wanted to do a little research on say the last 25 years premier league state league...where would i find the tables ie who has won the most and least premierships etc? Cheers ps if you could point me in the right direction

Brian Roberts said...


Contact my brother Keith the statistician in residence

Anonymous said...

Parabéns a South Hobart pelos seus 100 anos de conquistas...

Hernane Caires - Brasil

Keith Roberts said...

djalbacore. Just go to the FFT site, Competitions, then Statistics. You will see major league tables and other cup finals back to 1920.

djalbacore said...

Cheers thanks for the direction

Greg Ludford said...

Any points Roy?