Monday, May 3, 2010

Knights' winning streak ended by Clarence

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights prepare to take a free-kick; Knights get ready for the second half; Half-time kick-about at Wentworth Park and the score in the real game is 1-1 [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Wentworth Park, Saturday, 1 May 2010)


Clarence United 2 (S McIntyre 45+3, B Hamlett 54)

Glenorchy Knights 2 (M Toghill 20 og, J Clay 83)

HT: 1-1 Att: 100 Ref: K Barker

Clarence United: Sweeney - Toghill, Parker, Lewis, McMahon (Cannamela 74) - S McIntyre (Kunwar 80), L Huigsloot, Stevens, Malcolm - Cripps (Barron 78), Hamlett [Substitute not used: Sweetten]

Glenorchy Knights: Peter - J Huigsloot, Grundy, Holmes, Dzelalija (Mrzyk 63) - Clay, Kamba (Paite 82), Fielding, Smith (Roberts 46) - Barabara, Koroma


Clarence United needed a win to get their season back on track, but they were probably satisfied with a point against Glenorchy Knights, who are second on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder.

The point keeps Clarence in third-last place, a point adrift of fifth-ranked New Town Eagles and two ahead of second-last Taroona.

It was a dour game overall, enlivened five minutes from the end by a streaker. As far as is known, this is the first time such an incident has occurred in a top-flight game in Tasmania.

The identity of the streaker remains a mystery. It’s a pity that Mr Video, Stafano Lufi, was not filming this match as it would have made for an interesting snippet on the FFT TV Football Show.

The game began with an air of expectancy because Kim Barker was the referee and Corey Smith was playing for the Knights.

Smith headed over the bar after just two minutes and seemed quite lively, but on the quarter-hour a controversial incident occurred when Smith put in a rather vigorous tackle on Ben Parker.

Parker reacted, which is quite something as he usually knows how to take physical challenges as well as dishing them out. Mr Barker awarded a free-kick to Clarence and that was that.

In the 20th minute, Jade Clay fired wide for the Knights from Juma Barabara’s cross as the visitors seemed to be having the better of the match. The cross had fallen to Amadu Koroma, who couldn’t control the ball and shoot.

Seconds later, the Knights hit the front through an own-goal by Mattias Toghill, who was under pressure from Koroma and toe-poked the ball into his own net.

Josh Fielding headed narrowly wide for the Knights in the 22nd minute as the visitors searched for a second goal to confirm their dominance.

Clarence gradually settled down, however, and Parker was just wide of the target on the half-hour from a Luke Cripps pass.

Three minutes before the break, Clay’s cross from the left was headed just wide by Jacob Huigsloot.

A flurry of attacks in the closing minutes of the half proved fruitful for the home side. In the 45th minute, Knights goalkeeper Ben Peter produced a fine save from Luke Huigsloot, while three minutes into stoppage time, Joseph Stevens fed Sam McIntyre down the inside-right channel and the youngster squeezed his shot past Peter for the equaliser.

Smith must have had something to say at this point as Mr Barker brandished the yellow card at the Knights player.

As the half-time whistle blew, Knights coach Eamonn Kelly came onto the pitch and made for Mr Barker, bumping into Parker on the way, before he was ushered away by some of his players.

The second half began without Smith, who had been replaced by Will Roberts.

Fielding shot wide in the 51st minute, but four minutes later, Clarence took the lead when Ben Hamlett cut inside from the left and beat Peter with a low drive from inside the box.

Clarence had the ball in the net again in the 66th minute after Toghill had attacked through midfield and Peter had parried his shot, only to see Cripps tap the loose ball home. But, the off-side flag was up and the effort was disallowed. It was reminiscent of the disallowed goal against South Hobart at this venue earlier in the season.

In the 70th minute, Kelly was sent from the coach’s bench by Mr Barker and ordered to retire behind the rope cordon which separates spectators from the playing area. This is hardly a satisfactory arrangement, but given the open nature of Wentworth Park, a solution to the problem of where to send someone who has been sent off is difficult.

With seven minutes remaining, Clay grabbed the Knights’ equaliser when he scored off the inside of the far post direct from a corner-kick.

There was a bit of a melee near the end and Andy Barron and Clay were both cautioned.

A yellow card was earlier also issued to Clarence’s Hamlett, while the Knights’ Roberts was also cautioned, making it two yellows to the home side and three to the visitors.

The streaker couldn’t be caught and he would probably have received a red.


· Clarence United technical director, Franco Previdi, said:

“It was a very fiery game.

“I thought probably we should have got a bit more out of it, but, unfortunately, we can’t put the ball in the net.

“There were quite a few fouls. Kim didn’t do a bad job. I thought, personally, Corey [Smith] was lucky to be on the field.

“Overall, I thought it was a good game of football.”

· Glenorchy Knights captain, Josh Fielding, said:

“I thought the score was probably fair.

“A draw was a fair result for both teams in the end.

“Neither took their chances in the end so it was probably a fair result as Wentworth Park is a hard place to come and take three points from.”

[Note: FFT and the referee have recorded the result of the reserves match as a 2-2 draw, while Clarence were convinced they had won 2-1, a view that Knights also held. How can the two teams get it wrong? Or, did the referee err? I trust that someone can shed light on this matter.]


Anonymous said...

In regards to Clarence supporters.

A Clarence player that i was talking to at the game couldnt have summed it up better.

its not the passion and support thats the problem. its the abuse and the fact that half of them simply dont know what they are talking about. appealing for offsides and freekicks that aren't there and losing there credibilty in the process.

Anonymous said...

Really it is in the spirit of speactatorship to make appeals and comments on a passionate basis...but to say that Clarence supported are offensive is plain ridiculous, perhaps knights supported need to develop a harder skin like Corey.

Anonymous said...

A few notes:
1. I watched the reserves game (as well as the seniors) and thought the score was 2-1. The FFT site also has the score as 2-1. Not sure what the ref was doing, perhaps he marked a yellow card down as a goal...?
2. I heard rumours that because of the Kelly incident at half-time Kim was thinking about hanging up the whistle for good. If so, this would be a disaster for the game, as he is by far the best ref we have going around.
3. I believed that both Eammon and Corey's behaviour on the bench was atrocious and they should have a good look at themselves.
4. I agree with the first couple of comments - it is frustrating when hearing supporters calling for everything, but I guess that happens in all sports.


Anonymous said...

here is some light on the subject walter regarding the reserves game. The score was 2-1 to Clarence, I think the referee has given a player a yellow card and written it down as a goal (somehow) BTW, the referee who did the div 3 game on friday night on ground 2 was excellent, i havnt seen him before but needs to be elevated QUICKLY to a higher level.

Anonymous said...

so clarence supporters dont know what they are talking about, eagles fans are bogans, olympia and taroona fans are abusive and south fans are arrogant.....?

sounds like we have a vibrant football community happening down here.

Walter said...

Anonymous (6.02pm), the FFT website has the score as 2-2.

Anonymous said...

something is very very wrong if one of the state's best referees is thinking of giving it away due to game -related incidents. There are a few people around who need to take a bloody good look at themselves

melikesfootball said...

If Kim goes, he wouldn't be the first referee to quit because of the Knights behaviour.

We are fast heading to the hockey model, where clubs needs to provide referees for all games.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6.07pm,

That referee was Damien Bradburn, I've also been impressed by him, and it's great to see a good ref coming up through the ranks, as there needs to be some change up the top!

Hopefully he's not lost to the game due to the poor pay/appointment system like many others, and the lack of respect shown to refs by some players/clubs as evidenced by comments about the Knights above.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Walter, not sure where you are looking at for the result (the seniors was 2-2, but the reserves has 2-1 and the ladder reflects that.

Walter said...

Anonymous (11.54am), I'm sorry. You are correct. I was looking at the wrong place. I've got an appointment with my optometrist today. Cheers, and thanks for setting me straight.

red bull said...

It was the 1st southern game i have seen in a long time, the 1st 1/2 was all knights with good movement across the back and up the wings , and Clarence every man behind the ball and only 2 shots at goal in the 1/2 was lucky 2 be level at the 1/2 time. 1-1
Corey smith prob should been sent off 4 a two footed tackle early in the 1st 1/2 and didn't even get a card, but got a yellow at the end of the 1/2 for decent i think.
The Coach from the Knights stormed the pitch bumbed a Clarence player out of the way to get to the ref and his Knights players pulled him away . He should have been sent from the ground then and there , he later was sent from the dugout by the ref but continued to coach from behind the bench. Clarence was the way better in the 2nd 1/2 after smith being subbed at 1/2 time which to me was a really bad sub unless he was injured he was playing well . I was next to two young Clarence supporters maybe ressie's players and they was mouthing some young bloke who played for knights and think he may have played for Clarence and they were a disgrace some of the things they was saying, they though it was funny but it was embarrassing.
A good paced game overall and 2-2 a fair result good to get to a game.
P:S the streaker lightened things up

Clown said...

As a new Knights player I was disgusted by both sides at this game. Eamon Kelly, you are a complete hypocrite. You demand discipline and unity yet you act like a ten year old child. You suspended your players last year for on field antics yet you are too gutless to impose the same constraints on yourself. Acting like a fool and trying to get in the referee's face is a joke. The Glenorchy Knights Committee need to suspend him, just like they did to Corey Smith and Matthew Russell for on field and off field antics. The code of conduct in place represents everyone at the club including yourselves, do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Red Bull,
I presume you mean Jacob Huigsloot being paid out by the supporters on the far side. i wouldn't read into it too much, they are friends of jacobs and always pay him out, and he gives it back to them as well, its just they way they talk to each other. they were giving him crap yes, but they did not mean it i can assure you. if you were to have gone into the clubrooms you would have seen them talking to each other after the game. no need to try and be a stereotypical "I want to be important" supporter and say they were a disgrace, because you are wrong in thinking they were seriously paying him out. it was just friendly banter


Anonymous said...

Ben Peter should go back to his home at Clarence. He has grown up and matured as a man now and would be a leader of young men at that club. Knights didnt show loyalty to him when they dropped him for alex tatnell. The quicker he gets back the better. His father would also return to the delight of many a Clarence member....

Anonymous said...

Clown, Wake up to yourself!

This thread has become a joke as has the blog of late.

Red Bull, If Corey had tackled Parker with two feet than Parker would not have got up, Don't be so bloody ridiculous, do you know the difference of a two footed tackle and a mis-timed tackle? obviously you don't watch much international footy

The knights coaches outburst was not pretty but very justified in my opinion watching from the side, also I am appalled at the amount of criticism knights have received on this blog when clarence supporters and club were an absolute disgrace with their behaviour on saturday night.

I commend the knight club for their supporters restraint and general good behaviour saturday night when caught in a horrible wwp cross fire

Interested said...

Clown very interesting thoughts ?
You may be right though about the coaching. Maybe about time Knights did something about the situation.

the blogger formerly known as anonymous said...

anon 6.14, john peter was disgusted in clarence behaviour sat night and for that reason alone did not venture into the club rooms so why would he or ben think about going back to clarence? also why are people giving tips on knights as a club and coaching when their own backyard is a terrible mess in both those departments?

people in glass houses

Anonymous said...

Mattias Toghill was stunning....


Mr. Positivity said...

Walter i really feel you are starting to dwell on the negatives in each game, cards etc. Can you tell me who played well in this game? Can anybody for that matter? Sorry just my opinion.

Walter said...

Mr. Positivity, I'd be very interested in your view of the game. Who do you think played consistently well?

Anonymous said...

Knights should be thanking there lucky stars Ben has decided to stay, ever since he's been back knights look better in defense, and the 4 games i have seen him play since he's been back have been very solid with at least 1-2 outstanding saves in each game. Clarence and a lot of clubs should of hunted him earlier.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:31. so john peter was disgusted with clarence behaviour but condones his own coaches, players and supporters? Read some of your own advice. and anon 6:22. You must be smithers or his partner because he would be the only person alive that could think he could break Ben Parkers leg.

Anonymous said...

toghill is trash and learnt a lesson from kosta kanakarakis saturday night i hear?

best players on the night were alex holmes for knights along with ben peter and jade clay, while for clarence you would have to say that sam mcintyre was probably the best of a bad bunch, the game was poor and scrappy to be honest

Anonymous said...

Jade Clay and Jake Huigy combine beautifully down the left hand side, lots of bombing on and attacking.

Also Clown, some fair points in there a lot of that makes sense, take it to the committee, not the blog!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.29 AM. What sort of idiot are you insinuating that Corey would think he is able to break another's leg ? Are you sick ?I am not a fan of Corey's ,far from it, but these are the types of comments that incites trouble and confrontation. Grow up and think before you speak .Oh and you do sound like a Clarence supporter also.Not surprising.

melikesfootball said...

There seems to be a lot of passion amongst supporters at the moment, sometimes this blog is more interesting than the football, carry on...

Anonymous said...

anon 12:34, its interesting to see your recolection of who was good on saturday night. so according to you, there were three knights players who stood out above the rest and only one clarence player who was "the best of a bad bunch" Lets talk facts, knights scored one goal direct from a corner with a heavy breeze, the other goal was scored by a clarence player. the two goals clarence scored were good strikes by two good quality kids. Hamlett run rampant upfront and should of had another were it not for the skill of Mr Peter. Knights were EXTREMELY lucky to get a point in that game. stick to the facts buddy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.43pm:

"but these are the types of comments that incites trouble and confrontation."

Fair enough, but oh wait, there is more:

"Grow up and think before you speak .Oh and you do sound like a Clarence supporter also.Not surprising."

Sudden backflip in policy there Anon? Or do we just dish out advice without using it ourselves?

I love hypocrites. This blog is getting fiesty. Good stuff Tasmania.

Anonymous said...

browny needs to take a reality check before the culture he is trying to instill swallows the whole club and they lose lots of players .time for previdi to have a go but browny keeps him at arms length like a puppet /cant believe franco lets it happen .

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.22 pm.You miss my point completely. I was referring to comments directed at players or about players, inciting trouble and confrontation, on the field. I was not referring to confrontation on this blog. It is just that the comments you made fit the stereotype of the Clarence supporter to a tee.One who shouts abuse at opposition players and supporters without understanding what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:42, what club are you affiliated with? I'd like to know what "stereotype" i can give you seeing as you have put all clarence supporters under the one banner.. Next time your team (if you have one) is playing Clarence, ill be sure to bring a box of tissues to help with the tears. Have a lie down.

toyota1 said...

lets all tone down ,go and watch a div 3 game and go back to when whe just enjoyed playing the game and respected opposition players and didnt need to slag people off .would have hated to have a site in my day .garthy

Mr. Positivity said...

Walter i think Alex Holmes Was the only player to perform consistantly for the whole game. i believe he was the best. Jade clay and Jacob Huigsloot had very good movement in the first half Which looked like it was controlled by Holmes' Talk. knights in general buoilt there attacks well from the back but struggled to get in behind the clarence defence in to the wind. Clarence had moments of flare going forward. mostly individual efforts from Hamlett, Barron and one or two others in the second half highlighted by knights players diving in. Is that ok Walter? That's just what i saw from the far side though Walter i might be mistaken. Oh and i am a clarence fan :)

Walter said...

Mr. Positivity, thanks for your comments. They are appreciated. Cheers!