Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Olympia Warriors equal their worst run in their history with draw against Taroona

Photos (Top to Bottom): Hugo Luttmer ends up in the net rather than the ball; Taroona's Lucas Wyatt gets in a header while under pressure; There was tension near the end between the Olympia bench and the assistant referee; Referee Brenton Kopra has a word with Olympia coach, Chris Hey; Taroona build up through the midfield; Olympia president George Mamacas is happy with the equaliser; Olympia keeper Dmitri Nester gets to the ball ahead of Taroona's David Abbott; Nester palms the ball away at a corner; The sponsors will be happy with this photo of Taroona attacking from midfield; Olympia's Lee Mason poses a threat to the Taroona goal at a corner; Mark Wakefield comes to Olympia's rescue; Olympia's Adam Hedge plays himself our of trouble; Perfect defending by Taroona; Taroona's Cian Carey heads clear [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (South Hobart, Sunday, 2 May 2010)


Olympia Warriors 2 (K Grillas 10, L Mason 72)

Taroona 2 (T Dove 36, 47)

HT: 1-1 Att: 101 Ref: B Kopra

Olympia Warriors: Nester - MacCallum (Hey 53), Richardson, A Hedge, Percy (Wakefield 71) - Wadawu, Mason, Phillips, Meredith (Howell 46) - Cronk, Grillas [Substitute not used: Kay] [Coach: Chris Hey]

Taroona: Nettlefold - Wyatt, Schaap (C Carey 60), Johnson, Elliott - Dove (Duncan Carey 70), Tubb, Atkinson, Abbott - Hamilton, Luttmer (Macgregor 83) [Substitute not used: Hortle] [Coach: Ben Horgan]


Early on in this match, Taroona looked very shaky at the back and squandered some glorious chances up front, so it was no surprise that Olympia took the lead.

But, the visitors gradually got on top and it was they who led by the early stages of the second half.

An excellent strike by Lee Mason midway through the second half made it 2-2 and both teams held on for a share of the points. They would both, of course, have wanted three points, but when you are last and second-last on the ladder, respectively, even a point is a relief.

Excluding the Summer Cup, and including the last game of last season, Olympia have now gone nine games without a win, which equals Olympia’s record in this regard set in the early 1990s. Should they lose next week, it will be their worst ever run of matches in the club’s history.

Olympia nearly took the lead in the 7th minute following a corner. Jack Elliott almost put the ball into his own net, but goalkeeper Richard Nettlefold scooped the ball off the line and clutched it to his chest. The referee waved play on despite a couple of half-hearted Olympia appeals that the ball had crossed the line.

Within seconds of this, down at the other end, David Abbott, Taroona’s new signing from South Hobart, marked his arrival by being cautioned for a clumsy charge on Olympia’s goalkeeper, Dimitri Nester. Nester lay on the ground and needed treatment but was able to continue.

A terrible error by Nettlefold, who failed to hold a cross and lost possession, enabled Kosta Grillas to turn sharply and fire Olympia into the lead in the 10th minute.

Grillas almost had a second in the 17th minute from Brady Cronk’s right-wing cross, but he headed wide.

Taroona were gradually gaining confidence, however, and a neat build-up seconds later involving Toby Dove and Marcus Atkinson resulted in Abbott shooting wide.

They should have been level in the 18th minute when Abbott attacked down the left and played a perfect ball across the box and to the far post, but Dove, with the goal at his mercy, contrived to miscue his shot and send the ball high and wide of the target. It was the stuff of nightmares for any attacker.

Taroona were creating chances by the minute now as Olympia showed their defensive frailties and, in the 19th minute, Garry Hamilton shot straight at the goalkeeper when the ball was deflected to his feet by Olympia defender Adam Hedge, after a neat chip into the box from the right by Hugo Luttmer.

Nettlefold redeemed himself for his earlier lapses when, in the 34th minute, he produced a brilliant save to deny Grillas, who got onto the end of Nick Meredith’s left-wing cross and fired fiercely at goal.

Taroona grabbed the equaliser in the 36th minute when Luttmer released Abbott on the left and his low cross was turned in by a relieved Dove.

Two minutes into the second half, Abbott and Dove repeated their party trick and it was 2-1 for Taroona.

It was almost a third goal for Dove in the 50th minute, but Nester managed to grab the loose ball after he had parried Dove’s first strike.

Both sides exchanged blows as the half progressed, Luttmer shooting straight at Nester in the 54th minute and Nettlefold blocking an effort from Cronk two minutes later.

Cian Carey replaced the injured Ben Schaap for Taroona on the hour and the loss of this key central defender may have proved critical later on.

In the 63rd minute, Dove again went close, forcing a corner from Abbott’s left-wing cross.

Olympia made it 2-2 in the 72nd minute. Taroona failed to deal with a long throw-in into the box from the left by Owyn Howell and, when the ball fell at the edge of the box, Mason hammered it home past a helpless Nettlefold.

Warren Wadawu had a great chance to score Olympia’s winner two minutes later, but he lifted his effort over the bar.


· Olympia Warriors coach, Chris Hey, said:

“I thought, once again, we started off well. We played 25 or 30 minutes, and then we got into a hole again.

“Look, I think the guys showed good character today. They fought back well.

“A bit of a scrappy game towards the end there and really good chances for both sides.

· Taroona coach, Ben Horgan, said:

“We didn’t take our chances really and we conceded a couple of sloppy goals.

“We created plenty but just didn’t finish off.

“David Abbott fitted in well and made both goals. It was two great balls from him to make both goals.”


Anonymous said...

Well done Olympia. Its great when you can celebrate great milestones such as the Clubs 50th anniversary with your longest streak without a win. Any players leaving this week?

Anonymous said...

I hear on the grapevine that all of the soft gutless players have left already. Club is better of without those in the long run anyway. So the answer to your question is NO.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Olympia fan but be realistic - they've lost pretty much the core of their side in the last year and a half, so many names have left. Their coach is in his first year and he has a bunch of kids and guys who are yet to reach their potential, bar a few. Have a look at their positions each week in the match reports, constantly changing. At least the coach is having a crack at trying to find a balance.

Anonymous said...

Keep playing lee mason and keep grillas fit and better results might continue. warren would have been better suited to middle of the park working with lee though. needs to be involved in the game more.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Anonymous 12.56pm.
Bit different from the other 50yr club, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I noticed, Lebski didnt play. there's your point for a draw at least. Now get rid of Wakefield and there's another 2. 2 + 1 = 3 points. ( WIN )

Anonymous said...

Walter, do you know anything about the incident between the the Olympia coach and the assistant referee? Apparently the assistant ref made some inappropriate comments to the coaching staff. Thought you may have discussed this with the coach after the game?

Anonymous said...

refereeing didn't help olympia in the slightest

djalbacore said...

Players leaving a club always dissapointed one in particular is a fantastic guy and was apparently promised a senior place with another club who play Olympia this week..i dont believe he has started from the beggining of the game...some people just amaze you to build up expectations to get a player to the club..in saying this i would say he will be played in some capacity against Olympia this week not for his benefit but to dangle as a prize in front of his former club...this type of behaviour just amazes me...If the players leving are so good why dont they go and challenge for a place at South,Knights,Zebras..maybe its all about them and there egos

Anonymous said...

Injuries have been the biggest problem for Olympia.

Lee Mason has hung in there. He showed the crowd his badge when he scored, topping off a good performance by him. That's the spirit/leadership the younger players need to see.

I take my hat off to him.

With Hugh, Kosta, Jayden Hey and maybe Fletch all available now, the team will improve - only Kumpa and Nick injured.

Olympia will be the big improvers in the second half of the year and will have a great young squad to move forward with.

Anonymous said...

how long is the club going to keep hey without a win? has players to get results but still likes playing his favourites. good to see he has bought his son straight in after he was injured for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Any reports from the eagles and lions game, other than goals scorers?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:44pm

Yes good point I mean the club has been travelling so well thus far especially in the defence where young J Hey plays. It is amazing I agree that he is playing considering the results why would the coach want to change anything? Very good point. Clearly you Anon 7:44pm are smarter than most!

Anonymous said...

Pity young Hey didn't play from the start rather than coming off the bench at 1-2. The defence looked more solid with him in it.

Gutless people hanging on the fringes of Olympia.

Couldn't agree more with Djalbacore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.56pm

Being one of the more experienced in the Olympia line up at the moment, Wakefield is one of few players there with such an intelligent football head on his shoulders. Not having a pre season beacuse of injury hasn't helped his fitness, but past games have demonstrated his often superior ball skills, along with the respect he shows for his team and coach.

Get rid of useless people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about commenting, such as yourself = WIN.

Anonymous said...

here! here!

Wiggo is another silent leader and a great person to have around the Club.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I hear on the grapevine that all of the soft gutless players have left already. Club is better of without those in the long run anyway. So the answer to your question is NO.

May 4, 2010 1:08 PM

who are these gutless players you talk about? tsakiris'? they had been with the club through so much and they are gutless? wiggins? dippa? which gutless ones are you talking about?
about time mason played a full game in the seniors, class player as is kosta

Anonymous said...

Djalbacore,maybe if the players got treated as they should maybe they wouldnt have left.Hey has come in and set his rules and standards,but they only apply to certain people.What happened to the rule you have to train twice a week to play seinor football?Oh and so you know the boy you r talking about has been promised nothing he has to prove himself before he gets a start.

Anonymous said...

gk Nester
strikers-grillas & A.Hedge
Meridith,Fletcher,Kumpalinen and others injured. Its about time the coach gets some blame for where the team is. no more excuses you play with what you have.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.50PM
Mason and Kosta - good players - resilient enough to see out the tough times. Good role models for the future.

Not sure I agree with ALL the softies you've named. I think you may have missed a few.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.09PM
Seriously mate where did you get that from? Backline is slow, slow, slow - wouldn't last against likes of Hamlett and Barron. Are you just picking faves?

Anonymous said...

no more danny white maybe no more knights ? done a runner back to homeland

djalbacore said...

The rule is train twice a week or this may be looked upon unfavourably at selection time...

Anonymous said...

Too easy to jump ship midseason. Players want to dictate terms but usually the grass is no greener ...

Anon 9.50PM talks about treating players as they should be - the problem is 15/11 > 1 (at any club).

Anonymous said...

so the rule has changed again.Like i said certain rules for certain players.How many players are going to leave before the club wakes up. Very upsetting to see the club last.

Anonymous said...

"The rule is train twice a week or this may be looked upon unfavourably"
at selection time... this rule is standard at most clubs. Not sure what the Christo Tsakiris is on about....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"The rule is train twice a week or this may be looked upon unfavourably"
at selection time... this rule is standard at most clubs. Not sure what the Christo Tsakiris is on about....

May 7, 2010 11:50 PM

mate if i wanted to write something on this blog i would put my name to it, i have nothing to hide, just remember that. i dont know about you but i dont bag out my team or team mates.

i have a life and it doesnt revolve around this blog, maybe its time you got on with yours.

Christo Tsakiris