Friday, May 28, 2010

One-horse race to continue in Southern Premier League

The Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League competition is already a one-horse race, with South Hobart leading the chasing pack by 11 points.

If results go South’s way this weekend, they could be 14 points in front and that would surely mean the title is wrapped up.

And, the results could well go South’s way.

They should play their part by disposing of cellar-dwellers Olympia Warriors without any problems. The tension of their centenary celebrations is over and they can relax and play their normal disciplined and effective game.

South have obtained clearances this week for three of their Koreans and one of these, a brilliant centre-back, is likely to play.

Josh Heerey is unavailable because he is in Melbourne.

Coach Ken Morton has the most powerful squad on the island and a win over a dysfunctional Olympia should be a mere formality.

Olympia may have been unlucky against New Town Eagles last weekend in the 1-1 draw, but this will be a different kettle of fish and South should romp home.

Second-placed Glenorchy Knights face a dangerous assignment at home at KGV Park on Friday night against fifth-placed Kingborough Lions United.

The Lions have a good record at KGV Park and, given the fact that Knights suffered a humbling 7-1 defeat to South Hobart last weekend, a victory for the visitors in not out of the question.

It is true that Knights could bounce back with a vengeance as they try to erase memories of last week’s thrashing, but they’ll have to experience a massive turnaround in form and apply appropriate tactics and utilise the right personnel. These are things they haven’t done in recent weeks.

Third-placed Tilford Zebras, level on points with second-placed Knights, are away to fourth-ranked Clarence United at Wentworth Park at 6.30pm on Saturday.

Clarence will miss Mattias Toghill, who will be in Brisbane, but they have adequate replacements and should be close to full strength.

Zebras are a hit-and-miss side this season and Saturday night could be a miss. If they lose, South Hobart will be the beneficiaries.

The final match of the round is at Clare Street on Sunday, when sixth-ranked New Town Eagles entertain second-last Taroona.

Eagles will again be without injured captain Chris Wass. They will have Simon Stang and Ethan Menzie back, while Mark Page is doubtful. He is taking a long time to recover from a leg injury.

Jamie Vernon and Shane Kent may be on the bench for what is an extremely important game for both sides.

A win for Taroona would move them up a place at the expense of Eagles, who would drop to second-last position.

Taroona will have Hugo Luttmer back after injury and Lucas Wyatt from Melbourne, but Rick Nettlefold is going to Canada and will be replaced in goal by Rob Hortle.

“Rob has been in pretty good form in reserves, so we’re well covered there,” said Taroona coach, Ben Horgan.

“We’ve struggled against the more physical sides like Eagles, so I’ve gone with a stronger, more defensive line-up because we can’t continue to concede three goals per week and expect to win many games.

“We need to start picking up some points against the teams around us to drag ourselves out of a relegation battle so this is an important game for us and the boys need to show a bit more determination than last week’s effort against Clarence.”


Outsider said...

There should be a good game at KGV tonight between Kingborough and Glenorchy. Both sides need a win. Knights have been weakened not only by losing their head coach but also by their senior players not training enough, or with enough intensity. Word along the grape vine is Jade Clay, Josh Fielding and a couple of other players rarely train and that many members of the bench and reserves are becoming disillusioned at them gaining preferential treatment.

Kingborough's defensive, counter attacking style could be effective against Knights with such a slow back 4. They have shown they play a disciplined style and are a solid unit. I believe Knights will just beat Kingborough 3-2 in an unconvincing fashion, with the woodwork getting a workout.


Anonymous said...

Zebras to smash Clarence in Ressies & Seniors this weekend!!!!

watch this space!!

ressies 2-1
seniors 3-0

Anonymous said...


I enjoy your site and your reports but calling Olympia "dysfunctional" is not accurate.

Their last 3 results have been 2-2, 1-3 at WWP and 1-1 (a game you said they should have won). That hardly rates as dysfunctional.

Have you given up on rational reporting in favour of the sensational?

Anonymous said...

they are on the bottom of the table aka dysfunctional. Cant put a win together, players fighting with each other.
walter has every right to call it that as he's just stating facts!

Anonymous said...

South hardly 'romped home' today
good effort for a dysfunctional team.