Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday results

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

South Hobart 3 (A Brennan 2, J Lo) b Olympia Warriors 1 (L Mason)

Clarence United 3 (L Cripps 71, 91, J Stevens 85) lost to Tilford Zebras 5 (B Crosswell 11, J Walsh 30, 34, J Welch 56, J Ladic 87)


South Hobart 5-1 Olympia Warriors

Clarence United 2 (D Hoppitt, D Kunwar) beat Tilford Zebras 0


South Hobart 3-1 Olympia Warriors

Clarence United 2-3 Tilford Zebras

Southern Division One

Beachside 4 (Pennicott, McGuire, Dunne, Atkin) b Metro 2 (Dawes 2)

Southern FC 5-3 DOSA (R Stern 2, M Langshaw)

Nelson 1-5 University (Besley 2, Barnard, Blundell, Nichols)


Beachside 2-1 Metro

Southern FC 0-5 DOSA (K Dermody 4, T Coad)


Clarence 10-1 Metro


DOSA 5-6 Huonville

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Somerset 1-3 Riverside Olympic

Burnie United 5-6 Ulverstone

Devonport City 2-2 Northern Rangers

Launceston City 3-4 Prospect Knights


Anonymous said...

shocking ref at the Metro Vs Beachside game today. Jason Dawes was clean through in the second half on a run when he was assualted by a Beachside players tackle (if you could even call it that). Broke his rib pretty bad and an ambulance had to be called. They Ref did'nt even give a yellow card or a freekick, Beachside proceed to go straight up the other end and score that tackle effectively runined the game for Metro. Beachside should have been down to ten men. Ref also made many shocking calls throughout the game total poor...

archie said...

Olympia brave today in a pretty scrappy affair but South had too much class.

Not impressed with South's so-called 'brilliant' Korean centre back. High Ludford must be filthy not getting a run ahead of him in the middle of the South defence once Matt Brown went off injured.

Anonymous said...

Olympia unlucky again? When are the sob stories starting?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07
Its funny you say dawes was clean through when he was actually hit front on? If you are going to run straight at someone the size of Robinson, you are always going to come off second best, Dawes did, there was no malice in it.

Metro jumped Beachside but were totally outplayed for the remaining 80 minutes and sent back to chigwell facing another year in Div 1.

Metro showed lack of class again in defeat.

Anonymous said...

Beachside debuted a decent player today, ex Zebra Adam Macguire. Looks like they are getting a couple of really good young players in the squad to compliment the experience.

Metro passed off the park today.

Anonymous said...

Gday walter,

Uni beat Nelson 5-1

Uni scorers 2 Besley, 1 Barnard, Blundell, Nichols

Anonymous said...

what happened to nelson today? nothing like their first encounter with uni. Rush and lenck were missed for their strength on the ball. Scrappy effort in poor conditions. Hope for nelsons sake those two boys are back next week

Chaffey said...

Beachside v Metro
Whomever the Metro Player / Supporter is that is having a lah lah about the game. Give it a rest.
If you're a player, you've been told on numerous occassions not to vent any rubbish on the blog. If you're a supporter, please refrain from any further negative comments. All this does is put the club down.

Yes Dawes was taken out and maybe it affected the overall result who know's. But having played against Robbo for around a decade I have never seen him deliberately take out a player at any time, I believe there was no malice intended. Yes the referee made a bad call, or maybe a non call, but overall generally he is one of the better referees in Div 1.

So in short, Metro players and supporters. "move on, we are going with the youth it's a rebuilding stage"

Pull your heads in and start acting like the club we want to be!!!

Cheers Chaffey

I'm Back said...

Anon 10.03. I'm not going to suggest on here for one minute that Metro lost the game because of Robbo's foul on Dawes.

However there are a couple of things that need to be brought up here about the foul and the fact that the referee or linesman who must have been the only two people at the game that didn't see the incident chose to do nothing about it.

Comment from Ben Davis as the players were walking off the gound." Come on it was a proffesional foul". With that comment I'm sure every person that was at the ground would agree . Comment from Robbo after the game when he was told by Metro people that he did what every other player would have done being the last man " I had to do something he was too quick for me, I should have got a card". Doesn't seem to tally up with your comments.

And don't ever talk about Metro again showing lack of class in defeat without having a good look in your own backyard first.

While Dawes was laying on the on wet ground on the sidelines waiting for an ambulance morons from Beachside were having a good old laugh and argument and did absolutely nothing until the Team Manager from Metro ripped into them and told them that instead of having a laugh, someone might go and get a stretcher for him if they had one. Tacky. At least one of the players had the good grace to go and get a stretcher and at least Robbo and Shep as you would expect came over to see how Dawes was when the game finished.

You won and you deserved to win, you were too good. But, please don't talk about class in defeat mate.

It looks like you blokes will be going up to PL and well done, well deserved with your on field performances, but I can tell you what, your off field professionalism has a long, long way to go.

Beardy79 said...

Yesterday's Launceston City v Prospect Knights match now on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Darrin Chaffey, its great to see a sensible head prevailing out of all of this. You are obvioulsy a loyal club man to a club who from the outside looking in hasnt always treated you well. So congratulations to you and Im sure all appreciate your views. If there were only a few more around like you.

I think its safe to say that metro and beachside dont get on, but they wouldnt be the first set of fans not to. It started yesterday with Brett Pullen being abused as he arrived for parking in front a metro supporters view and ended with Terry Kent trying to get into beachsides rooms to abuse someone.

Both sides on and off the field gave as good as they got, and the charge was lead by the metro supporter with the beard and wearing the shorts by the metro bench, he certainly loved a chirp (he did go quiet by the end though!), but you wouldnt expect anything less in competitive sport.

I dont think anyone realised the extent of the Dawes injury, so I dont think any player, supporter or match manager can be accountable for not acting in the right manner. There was certainly no concern when Jacko laid a beachside player out and then went on with it.

All in all, its was a good game, but I would think twice about getting Pullen angry before the game next time they play, he dominated all over the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Walter, ever since you left the mercury the standard of div 1 courage has gone down hill very quickly.

Im not letting you off scott free though as you arent getting your match previews up until Saturday morning, sometimes only a few hours before kickoff.

I know your not paid by the hour on here, but any chance of having both the SPL and div 1 previews up by friday night?

Anonymous said...

Beachside wont go to premier league unless they meet the criteria(ie reserves and U/19) and as far as im aware their current under 19 team came from clarence and are all 18 and there is no junior teams below them

Anonymous said...

Reading Sth Hobart's website shows how arrogant that Club has become. All the rubbish about the clash of socks last time but this time with South the away team (yes on "their" Sth Hobart ground) they were crying about having to change their shirts. It was the ref not Olympia that insisted on 2 teams not wearing blue shirts in the wet and mud and fair enough too. And the South player didn't get his fingers stomped on he dislocated his finger when he tried to pull an Olympia player to the ground - but surely a South player wouldn't do that ??? South do look good on the ground as they filter Ken Morton's business ventures through their senior team but I wouldn't be there for quids!

Anonymous said...

Yes and I also noted that the Olympia President all be it in a fiery manner extracted an apology from Mr. Noel regarding the change rooms. After the apology Mr. Noel was about to get his troops to move out and into the kiosk end change rooms. However the Olympia President calmly and graciously yielded to the childish games of South Hobart stating the clubs protest was merely a principled one. Bothering the players of both clubs was needless. So clubs stayed where they were. Kudos to Olympia for putting all the players first.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.33 tut tut you are sensitive, Richard's Rants are great fun and said in good humour. Get over yourself and enjoy the game or don't bother reading their website.

I for one vote with my time to read Richards funny views and sarcasm. May not always agree especially when my team in the mix but who cares it is good for the game and makes me laugh. The fact that you take humorous writing as a whole club's arrogance is a touch of irony.

Shakespeare would enjoy this Blog!

Walter said...

Anonymous (1.58pm), I plead guilty. It is unforgivable that the Division One preview is sometimes posted only a couple of hours before the matches. I'm serious, and I was waiting for complaints. My only excuse is that I've become lazy and find that one article a day (eg the Premier League preview) is my limit. I promise I'll try better in future. But be warned, I'm on holiday in a couple of weeks' time and this blog will be closed for five weeks. The local tabloid will probably be the only source of information then.

Anonymous said...

Ther is no humour in plain lying about what transpired. Perhaps Mr Bladel should reconsider and pen humour surrounding the truth rather than lying through stealth humorous writings.

Anonymous said...


There are many that do appreciate your tireless efforts.

Unfortunately, there are some morons that don't appreicta the time and efforts that you put in to our great game.

if only the administration had the same passion as you

but please be warned walter ....any more late reports, etc and the fines will br deducted from your income from the blog


Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Cheers Walter, like i said I'm aware you aren't paid to do this and everyone in both SPL and Div 1 appreciate your previews and reviews I'm sure.

As a player in the div 1 league its always good to have a look at whats happening the night before kickoff.

God help us for that next 5 weeks.

Anonymous said...

watched a good game until the dawes incident, being last man should have got red.referee pretty basic, to anonymous get facts rite did not try to get in bsc dressing room,also mr pullen was not abused he was asked to have consideration for the fans watching the game on which he then did by moving his vehicle.result is what it is and lets hope dawesy is playing again soon ,terry

Anonymous said...

Might have been interesting to fire the South lads up by making them move camp pre game, that would have stopped them from being "flat very flat".

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:17

Clearly you didn't see the game...
Yes there were some players out but Nelson were slow to switch on and conceded 2 scrappy goals in the first 5 minutes. After that, they looked the much better side for the next 70 minutes, where a goal was disallowed (wrongly) and they missed a plethora of good build up plays. After missing several more good chances and totally dominating play for the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half, an against the play long ball and goal to Uni took it's toll on spirits and Nelson conceded 2 more late soft goals (also against the run of general play).
Take nothing away from Uni, they converted 5 of their 8 chances and were stronger in the air but Nelson played much more attractive football for the majority of the match. Once again however, couldn't deliver the killer instinct in the front 3rd. Extremely disappointing to say the least when the score card does not reflect the contest itself nor the standard of each side.

Anonymous said...

all in all the game between beachside and metro was a good game, ref certainly didnt help the game with decisions going against both teams (certain red in my opinion). Beachside deserved the win but hopefully metro keep rhodes and the players on display because they can only improve and have through out the season.

Stick said...

Game between Beach and Metro was a classic old style game, Dawes great free kick but another ref and he would not have had a second crack!! Robo was simply late, no malice but a split second call by fore the ref.. Human nature says if you are yelled at all day by one team and it's supporters then maybe things won't go your way?? just a thought.. As for Metro supporter chirping all day it was just Biggen wishing he could still be out there.. Terry's actions what else do you expect just another passionate player/supporter, not a grate environment for kids at times but better then leaving them at Northgate.. Great first game for Adam , and good to see a bit of young quality coming to beach..

Anonymous said...

anon 10:09

were you at the game?

let's be serious mate nelson weren't the better side for 70 minutes of the game. your boys definitely had your patches and some nice build ups but they were never really converted into chances - there wouldn't have been more than one, or maybe two shots bothering the keeper. as far as i can remember it was pretty end to end sort of game in bad conditions with uni just having a bit more experience to be able to take their chances.

and the goals you conceded weren't scrappy from uni, they were a result of your defence being asleep and not marking their men - especially the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th, while blundell's strike was all class. maybe you were missing some key defenders...?

Anonymous said...

Michael Roach - you do a lot of work sticking up for your side but when you get pumped 5-1, just shutup.

jerrie kruijver said...

anonymus 320pm.why should beachside not go up if they win the premiership?that rule you are referring to is obviously not enforcable, otherwise it would mean that beachside should not even have been in div1.the only thing that rule is good for is to provide some inspiration for some comedian it certaily does not belong in a sport that wants to see progress both in quality and participation.only the best deserve to go up,not second best.

michael said...

anonymous 10.31 am, or may I call you chief, since you don't have an original name! I only ever go on this blog under my own name, and in fact have posted about 3 comments since it's conception, and only then to correct a matter of fact on each occasion, here we go again. I assume you are telling me to "shut up" because you think i posted some earlier comments on this thread, I did not. So, I thank the person who did for posting those supportive comments. Always nice to hear someone say supportive things about your club and players..and always amusing to have someone bag you out on the blog as well of course. On another note, Walter keep up the good work your blog will be missed when you are away and people will have to start telling me to shut up the old fashioned way, face to face! cheers, Michael Roach, Nelson.

Brian Roberts said...

reference the change room debate .

Last year O moved from the A/c to wherever they could go . The FFT were prevailed upon to use SH . Who ran the canteen SHSC as we were granted sole rights when I woz a young man .

This year the same . In exchange for O and SH sharing the canteen . SH retained use of the far end rooms .

You wouldn't have to be Hercule Poirot to solve that one .

Preferential Presidential amnesia .

Ref the shirts . The ref stated that the rearside view of both teams were to his eyes indistinct.

So the away side had to change .

jerrie kruijver said...

michel.anonymus is either a large family or itis the same person lol.

I'm Back said...


in response to anon at 3.20 he or she is nearly right. It doesn't matter a toss if Beachside's Under 19's are from Clarence. If they ahve an Under 19 side as it stands at the moment they meet part of the criteria for promotion. However you are also correct which does not help Beachside's cause. If Beachside do not have at least one other youth team they are ineligible for Div 1. Now this is not pick on Beachside because there are several teams in Div 1 who do not meet that criteria and possibly some in PL. So, the rule is enforceable jsut as the off side rule is enforceable, it's simply that FFY choose to do nothing about it. And if the second best don't deserve to go up, how many teams in get elevated and demoted to and from EPL each year ? I don't need comments about the difference in standard, it's all relative.

Anonymous said...

the ref got the dawes decision spot on. He pushed the ball past robinson who had set up shop, and then ran into into him, rather than robinson taking him out.

there's a distinct difference, and there was no challenge by robinson.

it's unfortunate for dawes it terms of the injury sustained, but robinson played the situation perfectly, and got it right.

if you're looking for the turning point in the match, well it was actually when dawes contrived to miss from all of 6 yards when metro were leading 2-1.

and if we are going t0 talk about red cards then there were quite a few tackles from behind studs up from metro players that all together garnished 1 yellow card.

Anonymous said...

who cares div 1!

Anonymous said...

div 1 table is actually more interesting than the prem atm. prem is boring boring

Anonymous said...

whether robinson meant to hit dawes or not doesnt matter, most tackles arent meant to be a foul either normally when your slower to the ball and it happens, you have still described a foul and if robinson was last man which im told he was then it sounds like a bookable offense.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:14 - the reason robinson wasn't booked was that he didn't actually tackle Dawes or run into him, dawes ran into robinson. you can't kick the ball down the field, run into an opposition player and expect to get a free kick. there was no foul or contact made by robinson, the contact was made by dawes, hence play on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:30
im sure dawes wouldnt of wanted to run into robinson? by the sounds of it he was 1v1 on robinson and was checked (please correct me if im wrong) whether robinson meant for the contact or not doesnt matter. he is stopping a goal scoring opportunity is he not? or are you suggesting that dawes booted the ball away and tried to win the free kick?

Anonymous said...

I think if any of the qualified referees were reading this they might be having quite a laugh at some of your comments! Some peoples interpretations of the rules seem a bit off I think.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bang on 951 - dawes tried to win the free kick.

Anonymous said...

It would be pretty interesting to hear Robbo's view as I had heard that he thought (and had said to at least one metro supporter) that he thought he was gone too?

Something about "he was just too quick for me".

Again that is what I heard....

Anonymous said...

nathan was lucky not to be sent off. The 'luck' aspect being that the referee made a very good decision on the day. most would have sent him off, but they would have been wrong.

dawes unable to fox the ref this time.

mattew rhodes said...

Please people move on its done with 4-2 to beachside game over well deserved good game things happen .Goodluck to beachside for rest of year .