Sunday, May 2, 2010

South Hobart open up 6-point lead at top of Premier League

Photos (Top to Bottom): The autumn moon above the corner flag as youngsters have a kick-about at half-time at Wentworth Park in the Clarence versus Knights match; Tom Roach beats Troy Kaden in the air to nod home South Hobart's third goal; South Hobart's Tom Roach gives Zebras' Ricky Self and David Cox the run around; South Hobart's Kostas Kanakaris is tackled by Zebras' Andrew Telega; Zebras' Ricky Self gets the ball ahead of South Hobart's Bart Beecroft; Referee Craig Phillips watches South Hobart's Tom Roach fly through the air after a tackle by Zebras' Paul Cairns [PlessPix]

South Hobart opened up a 6-point lead at the top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder when they beat third-ranked Tilford Zebras 4-1 at home at South Hobart on Saturday.

Second-placed Glenorchy Knights lost ground when they were held to a 2-2 draw away to sixth-placed Clarence United at Wentworth Park on Saturday night.

And, New Town Eagles leap-frogged Clarence into fifth place earlier on Saturday when they downed fourth-placed Kingborough Lions United 3-0 at home at Clare Street.

Zebras were no match for South, who started without Jonathon Lo and Tom Roach. They are medical students and had an examination and only arrived at the ground after the kick-off. They were both on the team sheet, however, and came on as second-half substitutes and both scored.

South led 2-0 at the interval through a brace by youngster Andy Brennan, who was drafted in to the side for his debut and did not disappoint.

Brennan made it 1-0 on the half-hour mark after a long free-kick by goalkeeper Sam Kruijver. Brennan was first to the ball and lobbed it over Zebras keeper Troy Kaden.

Three minutes before the break, Brennan ran onto a perfect through-ball from Jim Pennicott and slotted past Kaden to make it 2-0.

Jayden Welch pulled a goal back for Zebras in the 61st minute, but Roach restored South’s two-goal buffer in the 71st minute when he beat Kaden to a cross and headed the ball home.

Lo prodded the ball home at the near post from an excellent Hickey cross in the 78th minute to complete the victory.

Goals by Alex Leszczynski and Andrew Clark put Eagles 2-0 up against the Lions, while a strike by McKeown in the second period completed the home side’s tally.

Knights took a 20th-minute lead against Clarence through an own-goal by defender Mattias Toghill, who tried to dispossess Amadu Koroma but succeeded only in toeing the ball past his own goalkeeper.

Knights’ Corey Smith was booked late in the first half, but he was fortunate to still be on the park after an atrocious tackle on Clarence’s Ben Parker early in the match. He was substituted at half-time and replaced by Will Roberts.

Three minutes into stoppage time at the end of the first half, Sam McIntyre equalised for the home side after he was put through by Joseph Stevens.

Knights coach Eamonn Kelly tried to approach the referee after the half-time whistle but was shepherded away by his players. Kelly was sent from the bench 20 minutes into the second half by referee Kim Barker, who will submit a report about the Knights coach’s behaviour.

Substitute Ben Hamlett cut inside from the left and beat goalkeeper Ben Peter with a low drive in the 54th minute to put Clarence ahead.

Seven minutes from the end, Jade Clay salvaged a point for the Knights when he scored direct from a corner, the ball going in off the far post.

Tensions were eased somewhat five minutes from the end when a male streaker ran diagonally across the pitch and the game was held up for a minute as order was restored.

There were a few surprises in the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League, leaders Devonport City falling 5-2 at home to Prospect Knights and Burnie United going down at home 2-0 to Riverside Olympic.

Northern Rangers beat Ulverstone 3-1 away, while second-last Launceston City demolished bottom-side Launceston United 6-0 at home at Mitsubishi Park.


Anonymous said...

I think the Northern League is going to be the closest its been for many years...
Alot of teams could win it
Unforunately for Launceston, they will be the whipping boys for another year and most likely a few more years to come
Laun City may struggle a little bit while they rebuild, but they will be back up there soon no doubt

Anonymous said...

Coaches need to be sanctioned and the club fined for behaviour towards the referees, period. They set a bad example for players, spectators alike

Anonymous said...

Kelly appeared to drop his shoulder into Ben Parker as he ran shouting after Kim at half time.

Anonymous said...

how fit is kelly looking atm

Anonymous said...

the Reserves score was 2-1 to Clarence Walter.

very entertaining game. best $5 i sepnt all week. streaker was classic. Tatnell for Div2 B & F

Anonymous said...

Not a good game for either Clarence or Knights last Knight at Wentworth park. Kim Barker seemed to lose control of the match which resulted in the worsesning of the behaviour of both clubs. Was particularly disappointed in the behaviour of Clarence supporters and its easy to see where the players get it from. When you have 12 year olds in Clarence jackets calling opposition players w*****s and grown men following and abusing opposition players to their change rooms with their ten year olds in tow is quite disappointing. ALong with the clarence stand holding a standing ovation with the dismissal of the opposition coach and the abuse now Knights ex Clarence players recieved was not in good spirits of the game. Not supporting the behaviour of the Knights supporters or bench but as a member of neither club its questionable whether Eagles are the club with bogan supporters. As for the game i believe it was lucky no red cards were shown to either clubs, after the fight between a 16 year old and 2 supporting players and one knights player, a clarence player kicking a knights player of the ball and a knights player 2 feet studs up tackle. If the bating of players and the agression in the game had been stopped early believe it could have been a good game. Neither club should be proud of its behavior.

Walter said...

Anonymous (12.05pm), people were telling me the reserve score was 2-1 to Clarence, but believe me, the referee gave me the score as 2-2 in the change rooms after the game and he gave me both teams' scorers. Someone's got their wires crossed somewhere.

melikesfootball said...

So Corey played even though Kim Reffed, interesting, I guess it's not just politicians that do backflips.

Anonymous said...

Clarnce supporters continue aggressive arrogant behaviour still.Sounds like the development of their youth, that they continue to brag about, is going well according to anon 12.46 comments.
Unfortunately development in the wrong areas.
Clarence you and your supporters are a disgrace to the game .

Anonymous said...

Why bitch and moan, the game at Wentworth was one of the most entertaining games i have seen in years.

Anonymous said...

Once again walter your article purely has tried to get people writing on here rather than speak the truth, Smith's tackle on parker was hardly atrocious and he didn't even receive a booking, he then was booked for talking to his own teammates at the half time break, he was substituted at his request due to the obvious problems with referee kim barker

Anonymous said...

Toghill when he's good he's good when he's off he's terrible!!

Anonymous said...

people that continue to complain about the supporters need to open their eyes and look at supporters at a professional level eg. EPL then tell me clarence, knights eagles supporters behave badly. its all part of the game, its all part of the fun, adds atmosphere! the crowds aren't that big at our SPL games so let what crowd there is add a little atmosphere. You can't have a good league with out supporters! let them be passionate about there clubs.

Anonymous said...

OK, you can see how slotting FFT into the bye might be achieving something even if it is only a bit of experience for the boys. And they have had some close ones. Its these other scores... 9-0, 9-0, 13-2...that is the real problem - it all makes div 1 a bit of a joke. Agree there are other teams from lower divisions that would have been more competitive, and may have nominated for div 1 but for U19 requirement. Needs looking at. U19, promotion into div 1, the whole lot.

Anonymous said...

Being passionate about their clubs does add atmosphere to the game.That is one thing. Being arrogant and abusive to opposition players coaches and supporters is another.

jerrie kruijver said...

do those clubs that were kicked out of div 1 because of the under 19 requirement have under 19 teams now?i understand even some of the present div1 sides are struggling to fullfil that requirement.i believe it is a requirement that is unrealistic.competition is based on on abilty on the park and nothing should impede competition.yes we need the youth to come into the clubs,but there seems no clearcut strategy to get youth from primaryschoolage into clubs.the large majority have left the sport when they get to highschool

Anonymous said...

Where do you people think these kids are going to end up?This squad, that squad,call it what you like.The illusion these kids are fed is that they are the next Ronaldo so when they have gone from one state team to another, they all queue up for Ken Morton's school to play for South Hobart because they're the top team.
The whole system needs to be sorted out, this has gone on for years, everyone knows central region trials are just a recruiting drive for South Hobart.

Anonymous said...

a streaker in a tas football match? never heard of that before! anyone know who it was?

spectator said...

Yes Div 1 was not a good choice for this particular U15 State squad but I understand that the TIS style arrangement (mid week games)wasnt possible to allow them entry into the U19's comp because 2 of their squad come from the north-west so would have missed out on a competitive game each week - not that they seem to be exactly getting that in Div 1.

Some u15 state squads in the past would have held their own (esp. 2008 U15's) but this is not a strong group and has no connection with TIS athletes from the same age group which is just plain wrong. There should be no problem with TIS boys being involved in State Squads - might make sense in states with a much bigger talent pool but in Tassie this doesnt adds up.

Observer said...

Anon 8.12 pm. How right you are. Particularly the comment you make about these kids being brainwashed into thinking they are the next Ronaldos, or Messis or whoever.Many boys today have been involved in rep/ state teams and now are playing in the local competitions.In the past these boys have been continulally told that they are the best and have played in these rep teams against clubs in the club competitions ,and have been successfull ,as they should have been.Now these boys are too old for these rep teams and now play in local competitions. They find the going tougher and drop their heads when things dont go their way.They have been spoilt in the past. Not only the boys but also the parents.Some of the parents believe little Johnny is way better than he really is because the coaches have told them so in the past.Lets get real and stop putting these kids on pedestals that they should not be on.Encourage as much and as often as you like , but please do not lie to them .What good is it to them in the end ? In a few years time they will find out that they are not the next Ronaldo and the whole thing has been a lie.The only people that benefit from this siutation are the coaches, who tell them and their parents this.The parents think the coaches are just fantastic because they say what the parents wish to hear about their little precious one.
Lets be honest and up front.Lets be honest, nepotism is still present and alive and well in many instances.Lets stop creating smoke screens for the good of the game but more importantly for the good of the boys in years to come.

Anonymous said...

...and that's why some of the Div1 teams can't get u/19 teams together.These so called superstars of tomorrow all want to be at South Hobart as they feel it's beneath them to play in a lower division.There needs to be more respect for players playing in the lower divisions.My son plays in Div1 and is 18,thank god he is concentrating on his education.These wonder kids and their parents need to realise training four nights a week won't lead to a lucrative sports career in Tasmania.Plus there is a chance of a serious injury.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:12 said "The whole system needs to be sorted out, this has gone on for years, everyone knows central region trials are just a recruiting drive for South Hobart."

From first hand experience this statement is spot on. I'd be interested to know how many South reserves and seniors have come through this system?

Who decides who manages and coaches the regional competition?

Good on South for getting them while they're young and putting the effort into it all but isn't it time for someone else to have a go OR someone not affiliated with a club so the kids can choose a club without persuasive.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly should be heavily sanctioned by both FFT and the Glenorchy Knight club. and Smiths tackle on Parker was bad i agree Walter, the only reason he didnt get a card was because it was Corey. and some of the language from the Knights women.......very, very classy ladies

Anonymous said...

at last the answer to our prayers.

let the juniors go to the lazy self interested clubs who don't work hard to provide quality coaching for juniors.

perhaps theese lazy individuals could coach the juniors from their sofa over the phone.

yes it is all clear now hold out your hand for a free ride without providing any commitment or interest in junior development.

get your house in order first or as kevin costner said if you build it they will come. it takes time and hard work you lazy sods!

Anonymous said...

1st time I've ever seen someone tackle Ben Parker like he tackles everyone else.

He has been doing tackles like that for the last few years.

Get over yourselfs Clarence supporters, what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.39 you are having a laugh surely? lol

kelly - reacting purely to very very poor treatment of his players

smith - dishes out far less than he receives

knights women - were they even there? or maybe you mixed up all of those young atrocities yelling abuse in clarence jackets as knights owmen?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:52 "let the juniors go to the lazy self interested clubs who don't work hard to provide quality coaching for juniors.

perhaps theese lazy individuals could coach the juniors from their sofa over the phone."

Who and the individuals within these clubs are you referring to?

You're stating that due to your PERCEPTION of other clubs, all talented juniors should be persuaded to go to South? I have no doubt South have a good youth system. However I think it's ethically questionable they are influenced to go to South during and after the regional competition.

Pull you head out of the sand and have a good look at other junior programs clubs are running before making pathetic unfounded comments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57. Parker never lifts his stops into people mate, he keeps his feet and hits hard. You are right about the comment what goes around comes around though, if you dont get a good education, you say "yourselfs" instead of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:19 Sorry my grammar Isn't up to scratch for posting on a blog site.

I apologise to all.

Anonymous said...

uni 5-4 FTT 15s.
not a bad effort i guess

Anonymous said...

I never said Kelly didnt have a reason to be upset. but the way he carried on like a spoilt little child, well, you can see why the club is happy with the way Corey carries on because the coach is just as bad. There is no excuse for that behavior. P.S Its spelt "women".

dad said...

Anon 3.04pm South have been smart, not unethical, by investing significant effort into the central regional set up and following it up with their annual Merimbula event but they lose a lot of those kids to southern regional/state/TIS programs for a number of years too and not all come back either.

Just to share my son's experience post State U15's he was looking at club options for 2009 and we decided to check out Zebras' pre christmas 'training' first. Well, only 6 guys turned up, coach turned up 10 mins late and promptly cancelled training. So into the car to see what was happening at Darcy Street - full on training with 30 odd there and he were immediately included.

The truth is South is well run, inclusive and provides good coaching and a positive culture for young men. Of course this doesnt always provide opportunity to ALL their talented youngsters but that may play to the advantage of other clubs as some move to play at the highest level.

South may in fact be doing a lot of development work that will benefit other clubs in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it with you lot!! I have been out of the state for the last 4 years, prior to that I played with a number of different clubs, did some reffing and also spent a long time coaching at junior level including Sth development squads. As far as I can see the majority of you should be ashamed of yourselves. The first thing our juniors should be taught is respect for the game and respect for each other. It doesn't matter which club or which division and it's the senior (supposedly more mature) members of the club who are responsible. I read the blog almost daily because I hold a great interest and love for football in Hobart. My message to you is to start acting your age and show some leadership. Being passionate about your club means nothing if you emarrass it everytime you set foot near a football field. I learned these lessons, sometimes the hard way, but they are lessons well learned and should be heeded. Regards Troy Schramm

Anonymous said...

Dad Said. Which Zebras training were you at obviously not ones run by the senior group of coaches.They had more than 35players and up to 50 odd for pre season. Zebras 2009 had quaility coaches and players for thier academy teams made up of 14 and 15 year olds that are now this year in 19s, and look at the quaility of players they have in thier junior ranks 9 - 12 year olds and coaches with Pullen, Frediani developing these kids,well organised and committed, What more would a parent want.These kids are the future of the sport wish i could be 12 again.

jerrie kruijver said...

when a whole round of premierleague matches barely attract 500 spectators in total i suppose 5 people making noise do stand out

Anonymous said...

Well said Troy!
May 4, 2010 12:53 PM
Respect was the very first thing you and Sid taught, a lesson many young players have hopefully kept close to their hearts.