Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday night results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Zebras have possession deep in their own half; The TIS in attack; Zebras stalwarts Ronnie De Felice (left) and president Nick Di Giovani were at tonight's match at KGV Park; Zebras in attack against the TIS [PlessPix]

Asian Champions League

Adelaide United 2 (Cornthwaite, Van Dijk) lost to Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 3 (Eninho 2, Lee Dong-Gook) after extra time.

Friendly (Sandown Park)

Beachside 0-5 South Hobart (Brennan 2, Bladel, King, Jae Woong Lee)

Premier League Reserves

Tasmanian Institute of Sport 2 (J Curran 23, H Foley 75) b Tilford Zebras 0

[Match report to follow.]


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in knowing the south squad seems like more of a reserve squad then a senior one. Comfortable win by the looks of it.

Anonymous said...


I have put together a Dream Team for Div 1. What do you think?

Sosynski (B'side) GK

Robinson (B'Side) Def
Stockdale (Nelson) Def
Merry (Uni) Def

Pullen (B'side) Mid
Hindmarsh (Uni) Mid
Marney (Metro) Mid
Dawes (Metro) Mid

Klasen (B'side) Forw
Proud (Uni) Forw
Gout (Hobart) Forw

Anonymous said...

South were on top for most of the game moving the ball quickly and were structured very well. Beachside missing a few players and also copped a few early injuries, they also had their chances. Some of those Korean guys are lightening quick across the park.

Anonymous said...

Despite the score, Zebras played good football at times. There are some very talented players in this team, but they gave the ball away far too often. When chasing the ball they kept tackling from behind the ball, giving away too many free kicks. Vossy had a solid game as usual, playing well this year.

Brian Roberts said...

Beachside must be taking their promotion prospects seriously by playing practice games against Premier league opposition.

Anonymous said...

no room for Colin Sheperd?

Anonymous said...

I would also include Hogwarts, Smae and Lumo in that div 1 squad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59am.

I thought about Colin Sheppard, but i thought his pace is a bit slow these days and fatigues a bit easier. Still a great player though.
What would your team be?

Anonymous said...

Heard yeaterday that Julian Proud is playing AFL superules every second Sunday, does this mean that Uni are not taking Promotion back into premier league seriously!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 13, 2010 1:03 AM

Please excuse my nievity but who is Merry at Uni? And I'm not being rude I just don't know who he is. Plenty of Midfielders and Strikers on your list, are there any other quality defenders in Div 1?

Also I don't think you'd put Gout there as he only scores against the lower teams, Pullen and Dawes would score more against the better team than Gout.

Anonymous said...

walter do you know what happened to aaron brezandale

Anonymous said...

Promotion is not just about the performance of an ageing group of men out to have a kick.

They may be winning games but if Beach were serious about promotion they would have needed to get some youth teams together some time ago.
An U13 girls team does not support a senior mens team going forward.

Anonymous said...

Surely Colin 'The Sherpier' Shepard could sneak into that line up.

Walter said...

Anonymous (1.50pm)

Aaron Brazendale is starring for Sunshine Coast Fire in Queensland.

Stick said...

Anon 3.54 I'll put money that if Beach win promotion which they will they will have at least boys teams at u12, 13 & 14 level next year and don't be surprised if they have more including more girls teams, the club has the ways and means and I recon they are starting to find the people to move forward - time will tell - at least they have their own ground... Re the Div 1 "dream team" Luke Atkins has to be in it(Beach) and Shep as well .. Nobody put Proud if your after defenders, and word is Ortuso and Eaves will be on the park for Beach soon so their squad will only get better..Tom Gordon from Nelson is also handy..I'd leave Gout out not a team player..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54 - your views on beachside are definitely consistent with someone on the outside looking in. While beachside do not have a solid junior setup they do have youth depth. You will see their 19's are currently top of their league. A handful of these play in the reserves.

If this group of players are good enough to earn promotion, then good luck to them. Playing in the SPL attracts players, if beachside can get guys like pullen, shepard and robinson to play div 1, they must have something to offer down there. Surely if promoted, some young quality players would jump at such a chance to play at beachside.

Anonymous said...

interesting beach side so confident about having 12s,13s,14 and girls. where do all these kids come from are beachside connected with a school??? wonder who stick is? next they will have ken there as well. great if kids go there for the right reasons or beach have jioned with a school, well done, but promises will come back to bite............

Anonymous said...

beachside currently works with 3 local schools

Anonymous said...

anon 1.03, with that side (the best of div 1) you may finish in the top 6 if lucky!

Anonymous said...

There are some good names mentioned but from Baechside I have been impressed by Dunne and Pennicott. Both in their early 20's and both ex Zebra's.