Friday, August 27, 2010

Beachside will win Division One title and promotion to Premier League on Saturday

Beachside will win the Division One title on Saturday when they take on the FFT Under-15s at KGV Park at 4pm.

The home side need just a point from their remaining two games to prevent second-placed Metro from catching them and this game should provide three points, which are more than enough to secure promotion.

The FFT Under-15s are bottom of the table and have conceded 132 goals this season. Beachside have scored 110 goals and the youngsters will be subjected to more withering firepower in this encounter.

Fabian Lapolla returns to the Beachside line-up after injury, as does Colin Shepherd, who has completed a suspension. They replaced Dave Chadwick and Adam Direen.

“The State Under-15 boys have had a long season, but it was obvious that they had improved between our first and second encounters,” said Beachside coach, Nathan Robinson.

“KGV’s surface should help them continue to play passing football.

“However, it is our chance to seal the title and move a step closer to going through the season undefeated.

“Several players, including veteran Colin Shepherd, have committed to playing at senior level in the Southern Premier League next season with Beachside and that will provide great leadership for the club to move forward with some optimism about our chances of competing at the highest level.”

Nelson Eastern Suburbs travel to Pontville on Sunday to take on Hobart United and the visitors will have the same squad and starting eleven as last week, when they just scraped home 3-2 against the FFT Under-15s.

Under-19s Ollie Ireland, Max Caulfield and keeper Ollie Burdon will, therefore, again be on the bench.

“It was a tougher-than-expected match for us last week against the State Under-15 boys, who worked very hard and just couldn’t hold on for a win or draw,” said Nelson coach, Michael Roach.

“The same eleven will start for us as last week and they know they’ll need to lift to a higher level for this game.

“Hobart are in good form by the looks of last week’s draw against Beachside and, in theory, this should be a good match.”

In other games on Saturday, Metro should beat Southern FC away at Sherburd Park, while University will have few problems at home at Olinda Grove against DOSA.

Meanwhile, the question on some people's minds is: "What were the Taroona president and the FFT CEO discussing over breakfast at ZUM this morning?"


Anonymous said...

Was on facebook before and by the sounds of it Jason Dawes is playing ressies this week is this true? Any1 from Metro to confirm?

Anonymous said...

The question on some people's minds? Or lips?
It would only be a question for those who saw them (or not, depending on whether they care).
We can only assume 'some people' is at least Walter. Now 'some people' extends to everyone who reads this blog (or gossip column).

Walter said...

Anonymous 4.23pm, it wasn't me, but the sources were reliable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's playing reserves for his outburst against DOSA

Anonymous said...

I believe that the tis boys are going to qld next week hope you have a great time. should be great weather great beaches just remember stay between the flags we wouldnt want anyone to drown.

Pixel 40 said...

it is wrong for a CEO to be having secret meetings like that. it give the wrong Idea to People
Keep Relegation and promotion Alive or we will be going a steep backward, or get rid of div one all together and and make SPL a one big competition, and keep it Amateur for good

Greg Ludford said...

What happens if Beachside don't want promotion, or can not satisfy the comp 3 tier rule (assumung it exists in 2011)
Can T & B enter composite sides ?
A deal in the making over a latte maybe.
Like the election all over.

Anonymous said...

Where FFT CEO meets Taroona president and Walter meets Kenny Morton.
The place to be seen!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Dawes & Delaney are leaving Metro after bust ups with Mr Rhodes. I've heard Dawes is thinking bout joining New Town

Pixel 40 said...

realy it is not wrong to meet people out, the problem is conflict of interest, any club president would be trying to climb the Ladder by persuading the other party, where Walter have none Except write about their success
which would no create or make any difference, but promote their club
all I am saying is leave the business side as business, meet up but dont favor the clubs or a club?

Old Man River said...

Ah yes, the famous secret meeting in a busy Salamanca cafe... grow up Pixel! Taroona secret meetings are held in a bunker 3 kilometres underneath the sewerage works... where else?

Anonymous said...

Pixel. Do you mean that a president can only talk business to the CEO in FFT office where it easier to have a secret meeting?
I think it is their job to talk all the time about a lot of things. Who cares if they meet at Zum?

Pixel 40 said...

ha ha ha old man,
I can see you humor LOL

Pixel 40 said...

anon 5:19
FFT is more of a better place in my ayes, I don't care where they meet, it is only my opinion and it don't matter really, so don't get to personal, this is my last comment on this issue