Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clarence will work hard to counter South Hobart and retain Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy

Photos (Top to Bottom): Ken Morton...South Hobart coach said his side will be at full strength; Michael of the TIS women's team [PlessPix]

Clarence United will defend the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy when they meet southern league champions South Hobart at 6pm at KGV Park on Saturday.

Clarence won the trophy last year with a 2-0 win over Northern Rangers.

South Hobart will be at full strength as they have no injuries and everyone is available.

“We’ll field the best eleven we can get out,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton. “We won’t rest or save anybody and we’ll have a strong bench.

“We’ll try and get out and get at them from the start and not let them get the initiative.”

Clarence should also be at full strength, with Ben Hamlett the only absentee after he took up a sports scholarship in the USA some weeks ago.

The last time the sides met was at Wentworth Park and a 1-1 draw was the result.

South Hobart had more of the chances as they continually found a way behind the Clarence defence via the flanks, but their finishing was poor.

Clarence is sure to have worked on countering South’s strengths and tactics so a close game can be expected.

At 4pm, the TIS meet Taroona in the Women’s Statewide Cup final.

“The Institute players are keenly anticipating a strong match on Saturday afternoon against a Taroona side that has played very well in the Southern Women’s Premier League this season,” said TIS coach, Michael Edwards.

“Taroona have some very talented players and the NTC girls will have to be at their best. We are looking forward to coming up against some former TIS players in Ashlee Tolman and Molly Port, and also against Holly Ayton, sister of TIS player Adelyn. The two Ayton girls battling in the midfield should be a great contest.

“This week we have suffered badly from the flu with 4 players missing training. We also have had a poor run with injuries, Brooke Mason broke her arm at training last week, Allie Berry has an infected haematoma on her right leg, suffered in the semi final against Launceston City nearly a month ago, and Lucy Foote is still recovering from a strain to her medial knee ligaments suffered in June.

“On the positive side, Jessie Williams has recovered sufficiently from a knee operation and is likely to start at the top of the midfield triangle. Jessie is suffering muscle soreness from training but will play. The squad will also include under-13 national squad representative Lucy MacGregor. Lucy played in Vietnam in the Festival of Football tournament in June and has been playing with the State under-13 girls.

“The next step in Lucy’s development is to engage her more in the NTC program and having her as a part of the squad for Saturday is a bonus for us, because of low numbers, but also a good step for her on the national pathway.

“As a part of the National Curriculum we will play 1-4-3-3. Training this week has focused on how we build play and pass forward, so I am hoping for a high work-rate and good passing from the girls. Whether we play with a forward or backward facing midfield triangle, I’m not sure yet. It may depend on how Taroona set up and how the game progresses.

“The girls are very excited about having Sally Shipard present and they will be out to impress those that attend the match.”

Likely TIS starting line-up:

Jemma Plummer – Caitlin Stalker, Shelbi Vienna-Hallam, Mady O’Brien, Olivia Edwards – Adelyn Ayton, Jessie Williams, Georgia Foote – Rani Cavarretta, Ellie Gavalas, Caitlin Daley

Subs: Lucy MacGregor, Tamara Connolly, Nikita Bird

[Out: Brooke Mason, Allie Berry, Lucy Foote, Sacha Rose – All injured

In: Lucy MacGregor – State under-13s]

Saturday’s program at KGV Park begins at 2pm with the Reserve League match between the TIS and Kingborough Lions United, which is a catch-up game, the original mid-week game between the sides having been postponed some weeks ago.

They will meet again next Wednesday night at KGV Park at 6.30pm.

TIS beat Taroona 8-0 last Wednesday and a win against the Lions will put them in second place on the ladder.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Kenny & Mick are still having their meetings at Zum. Plotting to take over the world? haha

Anonymous said...

Lifted drom the South website:

This Weekend's Final - The Game of Three R's
Finally, the game that will bring Redemption, Revenge and Reversal.
Clarence for a whole year have been Milian Lakoseljac champions and it's about time the Current League Champions Took the Cup Back.

Winning should be an expectation SHFC - The sums are simple:

We play the better football
We have the best Coach
We have not lost a game this year
We have the better team - player for player

We are seeking and need Revenge to the highest order
The day of Reckoning has arrived.
Winning is the only Option -

Be Witness to Final of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy
Be Witness to South Hobart Football Club -V- Clarence United
Be Witness to History in the making
BE Part of something bigger than yourself
Saturday 6pm KGV


Lionheart said...

That is fair enough, I don't think any clubs in the competition think that Clarence deserves the luck they got last year, they are not a strong team at all

Anonymous said...

South Hobart makes me cringe. Thats terrible!

Anonymous said...

Go South I for one support you and will be cheering as you smash Clarence!

Anonymous said...

Good God, do they seriously have this stuff on the SH site?? While reading this I had an image of some fascist leader extolling their superiority and war cry to the minions. Sounds like someone needs to have a reality check. I bet you this was written my Richard What's-His-Name. Has certainly made my day. I needed a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Clarence havent won a game without Hamlett.

3-0 Newtown
1-1 South (should have been 6-1)
3-1 King

2-7 for and against. hmmmmm smells like a hiding for CUFC if you ask me.

General public

Anonymous said...

Walter, firstly you know we love you.... but. Its poor writing when you say "Clarence will also be at full strength with their only absentee being Ben Hamlett" Ben is Clarences best striker this season and seeing how he isnt there Clarence are NOT at full strength.

South at full strength should EASILY account for Clarence. But the East Coast boys have something South don't, 100% TEAM committment, and a coach who doesnt choke in finals.

Good luck to both clubs tomorrow night.

BTW re. the previous blog:

South have the better players, but do they have the better TEAM???
Finals is a different fish to league, this is where the real men stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

I'd argue that South's results this year make them a better team than Clarence.

Clarence were a very mid-table side looking at their points tally.

Anonymous said...

Why is south web comments terrible - obviously funny, and on their site.

Stop being so politically correct and enjoy the banter. It will be a fascinating game and I for one will be watching with great interest. I think South easily have the better team they will just have to break down 10 men in front of the goal.

No matter the pre match words, once the whistle blows the players will determine who gets to say what at the end of the day.

Victors write history losers go home and lick wounds.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a South Supporter. The stuff in question on their site is pumped up rhetoric and why not? Huh? Cringe away all you like. Have some passion like they do instead of knocking. For them to win the league by 20 points and play the football South play shows they are streets ahead of anyone else in the Premier leagues in the north and south, even should they lose a cup final on Saturday. That's because they work harder than anyone else, they ALL train, I'm told 2-3 times a week, they start preseason in November, they have the passion and commitment, the technical ability to keep the ball, and Ken has higher standards for his players than any other outside the TIS coaches. If you all let your one eyed club supporting filters miss that, then you'll never improve, you'll continue to make excuses for your own mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

I for one will be going for Clarence to beat South/Tasmania. GO the underdog.

10 behind the ball huh??, just like the grand final last year??

Not sure about that but what i can tell you is Clarence will have all the support they need from the stands.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Souths have done well this season and clearly their results demonstrate they are a good team. It's a pity that some people cannot recognise that there are other good teams out there who are equally deserving of some praise and that Clarence is one of those teams. May the best team on the night win!

Anonymous said...

Clarence were behind South 21 points in the leauge last year , they won . South were at full strength . It is finals football , anything is possible, Liam Scott was shocking last year , will he be again?. Hunt was dynamite when it mattered , is he playing ?
Get over it all , go watch the game , enjoy the atmosphere, lets face it there is nothing worth watching on the telly :)

Anonymous said...

I belive you mean pennicott was shocking. Gave away a penalty and gifted the first goal. South are a differentoutfit this year, don't be surprised to see a trouncing. South are clearly playing the best football, and if the last rime they met is anything to go by, the kgv pitch will be the downfall of clarence.
However good luck to all the players, I for one will be hoping for a good footballing game to watch.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that TIS can bring in a player from an FFT side for a cup game. Is that within the competition rules?

Anonymous said...

There is no TIS side they are actually an FFT side, registered to play for FFT the same as the state teams, they are the top tier of FFT correctly called NTC I think. Therefore the State teams are the equivalent to reserves. This means that TIS can call on State players just as Taroona can call on their reserve players.
I hope that makes sense

Anonymous said...

Well the scoreboard said TIS, the program said TIS and the parents were shouting out "go TIS" so, No, it doesn't make any sense at all

Great game tho!

Anonymous said...

yes they call themselves TIS but are registered as FFT