Monday, August 16, 2010

DOSA leave FFT Under-15s stranded at bottom of Division One ladder

Photos (Top to Bottom): FFT Under-15s on the attack against DOSA; DOSA have a goal-kick; Match officials were (L-R) assistant referee Charles White, assistant referee Stratos Plomaritis, and referee Graham Speight [PlessPix]

Second-last DOSA moved to within a point of third-last Southern FC when they beat bottom-side FFT/Under-15s 5-1 in their Division One clash at a wet and windy KGV Park this evening.

The match had been scheduled for the Showgrounds on Saturday but was postponed and moved to KGV Park.

The sides were level at 1-1 at the interval, Kyle Dermody having put DOSA ahead before Frances Kenyi equalised for the Under-15s after an error by the DOSA keeper.

DOSA raced to a 3-1 lead early in the second half and added two more goals before the end to put 5 points between themselves and their last-placed opponents on the Division One ladder.

Kyle Dermody and Michael Langshaw each scored a brace to remain DOSA’s two top scorers. Gustavo Vu netted DOSA's remaining goal.

Langshaw has netted 9 league goals this season and Dermody 8.

Kenyi is the leading scorer for the FFT Under-15s and tonight’s goal took his tally to 14 league goals for the season.


djalbacore said...

Hey walter..just a thought i believe just like the under19 league the reserve league should be players you are trying to bring through the system are gaining nothing by siiting on the bench a problem we had at Olympia and i am sure other clubs had during the course of the year hence you either had to start them or say play in under 19,s so you are experiencing the game..FFT should seriously consider this. Cheers Dallas

Pixel 40 said...

Thank you Walter for covering the game of two bottom side clubs, you are good at what you do with out
Discrimination of club, teams or players but love for the game

Pedro Ramirez

Anonymous said...

Hey walter
what did you think of the Nelson Metro game on the weekend? Nelson certainly didn't play their A game by any stretch but the game style and blatant thuggery of Metro was poor. This together with a replacement ref who had no control over the game it was reminiscent of a night out on Hobart's waterfront

Anonymous said...

Metro 2 Nelson 0
every team does what it takes to win, perhaps if nelson cant be physical, a few gym sessions could help?
enough said.

Anonymous said...

It's great that quality players such as Charlie White decide to take up the game from the middle of the park once their own career at the pinnacle of the local game has drawn to a close. Many of today's players could learn a thing or two about loyalty, competitiveness and fairness from this young man. Personally speaking I wish him only the best for his career as a referee. If he can be only as half as good as a referee as he was as a player then he will be ranked with the best in tasmanian refereeing.

I'm Back said...

Anonymous @ 8.05. Where did you dig most of those comments up from ?

Have a look at the video of the game and then you may consider rescinding your comments about Metro thuggery unless you mistook the fact that Tom Gordon played for Metro not Nelson. My God those 15,16 and 17 year old kids at Metro are thugs !!

But no, you probably wont because then you'd have nobody else to blame, except the referee of course. I just love people that blame anything except their own ineptitude for defeat. Nelson certainly did not bring their A game to town. Your very lucky Metro never! Even playing against 10 men and being down 1 nil you still played 4 at the back. How do you work that out ?

As for the referee, how the hell can you have a crack at him. I believe the majority of people that were there would say that he did a great job and I believe that is reflected in Walter's comments. Maybe your just pissed off because he refereed the reserves and then while obviously injured did the seniors instead of deciding to can the game which would have given a Nelson a draw.

Have a good look in your own back yard son before you start slagging off about everyone else.

Anonymous said...

where is the video

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.01. Many would be very interested in this 'video', does it also include the footage of Nelson's best player on the field being deliberately kicked in the face when on the ground? Reswulting in him having to leave the field and play no further part in the contest

I'm Back said...

Anonymous at 5.53 and 10.28 get a life and get your own bloody video. Pretty cheap video camers available now you know or would you like someone from another club to come along and video your game every week and hand it over to you.

Get real ! As I have said previously, I doubt you two are Nelson players.