Friday, August 13, 2010

Time of reckoning has arrived in Southern Premier League

It’s show time in the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League this weekend as the relegation issue is finally decided.

Taroona or Olympia will go down.

Second-last Olympia, who face second-placed Tilford Zebras at KGV Park on Saturday evening, will know exactly what is required of them when they take the field.

If last-placed Taroona have lost to third-ranked Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park on Friday evening, Olympia could forfeit and still stay up.

But, if Taroona beat the Knights on Friday, Olympia must win against the Zebras to survive.

It’s the sort of situation that would normally call for the two games to be played at exactly the same time.

But, with both games scheduled for the same venue because they are home games for the Knights and Zebras, this is impossible.

So, Friday night at KGV Park is the place to be because that may well determine the relegation issue before Olympia even kick a ball in anger.

Taroona may have a slightly easier task than Olympia because the Knights have selection problems.

They have several important players on four yellow cards and, with the finals series looming, they don’t want anyone suspended.

If the Knights do rest key players, then Taroona may be in with a chance of victory.

Zebras are likely to field their strongest side against Olympia and, if Olympia have to win, this could be a classic reminiscent of yesteryear, when games between these traditional rivals were guaranteed to provide entertainment aplenty and passion both on and off the field.

In other games, league champions South Hobart can finish their league season a massive 20 points ahead of the second-placed Zebras if they down New Town Eagles at South Hobart on Saturday and if Zebras lose to Olympia.

The race was over long ago, of course, but South Hobart have remained unbeaten and will be eager to finish their campaign without a defeat.

Eagles missed the chance of playing in the finals last weekend when they lost the opportunity to earn fourth place.

Their only motivation, therefore, will be to deprive South Hobart of their unbeaten record.

South will rest striker Kostas Kanakaris, who is carrying an injury.

Eagles hope to have Alex Leszczynski back after he missed last Sunday’s loss to Zebras.

In the remaining match of the final round, sixth-placed Kingborough Lions United entertain fourth-placed Clarence United at Lightwood Park on Saturday.

Clarence should be at full strength with the return of most of the missing players from last weekend, while the Lions will be unchanged from last week, when they went down 2-1 to Taroona.

“I’m disappointed at how we’ve finished the season,” said Lions coach, Geoff Freeman.

“We’ll be trying to finish on a positive note as we have only managed one win in the final round of games.”


Anonymous said...

Geniuses of FFT strike again:

No ref appointed for a Div 3 rematch of a game (Uni v Clarence) that in a previous meeting ended in 4 players having a total of 8 weeks suspension (despite no ref there for the original match either)!

Anonymous said...

Knight are resting most of there team tonight, So a Taroona big win could be on the cards, a few of the knight players will not be worried if they lose by double figures if that means Olympic has no chance of staying up. My bet is Benny Peter is going to have a busy night!!!

Anonymous said...

Knights v Taroona

R: Kim Barker
A: Michael Sprod
A: Bill Hanley

Zebras v Olympia

R: Brenton Kopra
A: Kim Barker

South Hobart v New Town

R: Craig Phillips
A: Patrick Galloway
A: Jack Morton

Kingborough v Clarence

R: Sean Collins
A: Brenton Kopra
A: Charlie White

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Taroona stay up as I have the utmost respect for Ben Horgan and most of the Taroona club, but in all honesty, I can't see it happening. Good luck anyway Ben.

Anonymous said...

Knights 1 Taroona 1
South 2 Eagles 0
Zebras 2 Olympia 1
King 1 Clar 1

Anonymous said...

Olympia Gone!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

taroona and olympia will both draw

Anonymous said...

Once again another terrific decision by FFT referee apointments officials...Charlie White on the line in a Lion's match. A lions player ffs!!! Not that I would suggest Whitey would be bias (honest and fair man) but why??

Anonymous said...

Knights & Roona - draw
South over Eagles
Zebras over Olympic
Clarence over Borough

Anonymous said...

Not surprising to see FFT schedule the Statewide Cup final up against the count/night of the election. Because to consider things that might have impact on the match or have any chance of publicity/attracting non-regular attendees is not something they can manage!

Obviously not everyone is interested in watching the election results live, but a lot are, or have other events planned based on it. As seen with the Clarence v Sth Hobart game on Sat night up against a big AFL match on tv, it does have more than a slight impact!

Too much effort to move the day/time with two local teams?!

Anonymous said...

12.47 Anon

So what do you suggest?
Play the womens final at 12:30 and Men's at 14:30?

Wouldnt that exclude all the youth viewers?

Roberto said...

Is there a financial reward for staying up? What is the financial risk of going down?

Anonymous said...

rumor has it after man united signed an ex homeless world cup star over night olympia have been in franklin square looking for there own homeless star to help them topple zebras

Roy said...

Rumour has it Olympic have signed George Clooney accidentally believing at the time that it was the tall strapping figure of Greece's National goal keeper and Mediterranean Love machine/Heart throb Antonis Nikopolidis.

Anonymous said...

astarlavista OLYMPIA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They already have one with Kosta.

Anonymous said...

Please chuck the game glenorchy!! can anyone honestly say they want olympic to stay up apart from those with the club. taroona have a bright future. Beachside will pick up most of the olympic youth looking for senior gammes anyway!

Michelle said...

The Big Issue runs a Street Soccer program each Tuesday at Eady Street Oval from 1.30 - 3.30pm for homeless and disadvantaged. Plenty of talent on display each week.

Anonymous said...

no kosta plays for sth hobart, the only good greek in tasmania

rumor has it that there will be a hobart street party for all clubs (world cup winning celebration style) through the mall and franklin square with live dj's and music and free drinks put on by the hobart city council and fft if olympia go down

this is at the request of all other clubs due to them thinking it would be too hard for them to each organise their own personal olympia relegated celebration and rather have one unified event

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:16pm

2pm & 4pm would work would it not?

Or even better, the Friday night or Sunday.... but, no, obviously too complicated for them!

Anonymous said...

seriously if knights throw this game the players should have a hard look at themselves, having said that i doubt fishy would be happy if his boys threw a game.

if olympia do go down they only have themselves to blame, the season isnt only made up of 1 game, they have had plenty of chances to get points

Anonymous said...

Knights will win a straight up game but if they bend over then obviuosly Taroona will win.

My prediction - Taroona 3 Knights 1

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41 - While I agree with your sentiments about Charlie doing the Kingborough game, as I am sure he would, he has not played very much this year and it is his last year of having a kick. He actually ran the line at the Kingborough vs Olympic game a week or two ago after a linesman pulled out, so I think he has already crossed the line of player vs official. We need more like him taking up the reffing, so sooner or later they are going to reffing their own clubs, takes a strong personality to do it. good on him and those others doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Taroona and Olympia will both win.

Expect a very physical game on Saturday night.

roundball said...

1-nil half time..............Taroona.
mmmmmmm possible coronial enquiry into this one.

Anonymous said...

do we really care Darren???