Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TIS rattle in eight against Taroona Reserves

Photos (Top to Bottom): Officials (L-R), assistant referee Stratos Plomaritis, referee Peter Mason, assistant referee Greg Balmer; Taroona prepare to kick off; The Taroona defence is under pressure; Taroona attack down the left; The TIS's Will Abbott in possession and about to launch an attack; Taroona keeper Robert Hortle has the ball and is about to clear upfield; TIS win a throw-in and Taroona prepare to defend; Taroona mark their opponents as they prepare to defend when TIS gain possession; Taroona leave a TIS player unmarked near the centre circle despite having at least one spare midfielder available; The teams troop off after the match, with TIS having two games left to play and a chance to finish in second place on the ladder [PlessPix]

Premier Reserve League (KGV Park, Wednesday, 18 August 2010)


Tasmanian Institute of Sport 8 (J De Smit 23, 50, H Foley, 28, 87, D Foley 38, 65, S Hamilton 50, 54)

Taroona Reserves 0

HT: 3-0 Att: 30 Ref: P Mason

Tasmanian Institute of Sport: Prendergast - Luttmer (Mearns 63), Hill, Abbott, McClung - D Foley, Ince, De Smit (Devine 73) - Walker, H Foley, Hamilton

Taroona Reserves: R Hortle - Burgess, Hagan (Richie 54), M Hedge, Darragh Carey - Wright, Sagawa, R Carey, Haslewood (Mohamad 63), James - Ryan (J Hortle 54)


Taroona held their own for the first half of the opening period, but playing only one striker took the pressure off the TIS side, who were able to build attacks down the flanks almost at will.

Once Jamie De Smit opened the scoring in the 23rd minute with a fine shot from the left-hand corner of the box, it was largely one-way traffic.

Michael Haslewood was Taroona’s most dangerous player and he had at least three scoring chances which he should have put away.

Hugh Foley squeezed between two defenders on the edge of the box and beat keeper Robert Hortle with a low drive in the 28th minute to make it 2-0.

The TIS’s third, in the 38th minute, was a beauty. Sam Hamilton put Jeremy Walker away on the right with a splendid diagonal ball from the left and Walker floated a cross over from the goal-line for Declan Foley to nod home off the under-side of the crossbar.

Hamilton made it 4-0 from a right-wing cross three minutes after the resumption, while De Smit added the fifth two minutes later, again from a right-wing cross.

Taroona should have pulled a goal back in the 51st minute after Darragh Carey crossed from the left and found the unmarked Sam Ryan at the far post. Instead of shooting, he could only loft the ball in the air towards the other post, where Haslewood blazed over the bar.

It’s always dangerous to let the TIS off the hook in this way. Three minutes later, they added their sixth goal through Hamilton, whose first-time shot from an angle on the left literally whistled into the back of the net, striking the near post and crossbar on the way and giving Robert Hortle no chance.

Declan Foley grabbed his second goal of the match and the TIS’s seventh in the 65th minute when he took advantage of poor defending 12 metres out and beat a team-mate to the punch by volleying home.

Hugh Foley also netted his second three minutes from the end from Walker’s pass to make it an emphatic 8-0 win, which gives the third-placed TIS a fighting chance to finish second on the ladder.

They play Kingborough Lions United twice to finish their league program. The sides meet at 2pm on Saturday at KGV Park, and again at KGV Park next Wednesday at 6.30pm.


· Taroona coach, John Hughes, said:

“TIS are a very good young side. It’s arguable that they probably should be playing against senior boys the way they’ve played, particularly in the back half of the season.

“I think two of their back-four are probably the best in the State in their positions, in Will [Abbott] and Eli [Luttmer].

“In the first half, we actually didn’t look that bad. As always, against these boys, they tend to over-run you in the second half. They’re much fitter and they stay well organised and they do all the right things.

“So, like the last time we played them, in the second half we got over-run.

“We should probably have out one or two away, but conceding eight, you’re a fair bit off the pace.”


Anonymous said...

TIS should not be playing for points in any competition. All clubs must follow rules about having a senior/reserve and u19 team with juniors but TIS dont. I personally think they are great players and the idea of playing against them is exellent but how is it right that FFT/TIS (thats how its written on the FFT website) Womens team is allowed to compete for a cup which is fiercely competed for at club level. Its a smack in the face for all the clubs that struggle week in and week out to win silverwear. All games against FFT or TIS teams should be friendlies and thats it. OR The Tasmanian Institute of Sport could give all clubs the same amount of funding and staff and facilities and we could all play on an even playing field.

casual observer

Anonymous said...

Agreed. No way should they be involved with the ladder.

Anonymous said...

Agree with comments made above in principal.The clubs are actually doing the TIS squads ( male & female)a favour by playing them in their competitions. A record of results for the season must be kept ( only way to do this is to allocate points as any other club)however if they finish on top of the league, the title should not be awarded to them. This situation may result in a club finishing second being awarded the title. And so they should. The competition is designed for clubs not representative teams.Similarly they should not be permitted to enter any cup competitions. These are designed for the clubs to participate in.
Having said that though ,the programs seem to be working very well and need to continue into the future.

Anonymous said...

A match without points would be meaningless. Did not see the game last night but from the match report it is clear that despite Taroona taking the game seriously and playing hard they were no match for the TIS and lost 8 to 0. If there were no points at stake there would have been no incentive for Taroona to field its best team so the score may have been 16 to 0 - who gains from that? Without points at stake it is possible teams may not turn up at all. We enjoyed matches against TIS and played our best team possible to make a match of it. All teams have had to play the TIS so their presence has not been detrimental to clubs in fact they have benefited from playing an extra 3 games then they would otherwise not play. Our club has picked up two great players who left the TIS program last year, namely, Cameron Williams and Elliott Lovell and I am aware that Clarence and Olympia also have ex TIS players. Clubs are benefiting from the great work the TIS is doing. It is a pleasure to watch the TIS play, hopefully some of the boys will make it to the A League but the boys who do not make it will come to the clubs. Let’s stop the TIS bashing.
The floater

Anonymous said...

There is no TIS bashing here, moron. This is discussion as to how the TIS should be implemented into the local club structure.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the floater.

By not playing for points and prizes, would make games against the TIS a farce.

The objective of these games is to help benefit the best young players in the State and to provide them with "reasonably" the stiffest opposition available.

If I missed the chance to win a trophy based on defeats against the TIS there would be no animosity, but a realisation of the benefits this program is providing to football in this State.

I too hope that the TIS continues its excellent work and would be interesting to see a friendly between them and the "best" senior team in the State to see the differing styles.

Anonymous said...

The TIS is a breath of fresh air to Tassie football.
until FFT get rid of some of the same old state coaches that seem to have a monopoly on the postiton the better our game will be. But I'm not holding my breath there!

Anonymous said...

TIS should play in Premier League if everyone thinks they are so good.

tea leaves said...

Waste of hot air by some on this blog> While TIS has performed well in the league and might even squeak past Clarence to finish runner up, they didnt win the reserves - South did!

With respect to Hughesy, surely he's off the mark to suggest Abbott and Luttmer are probably the best in the State in their respective positions.

Anonymous said...

No one is saying that that TIS should not play the club sides.What was suggested was that they are not there to win a title or cup.That is for the clubs. The clubs that are serious will always field their strongest team because it will also benefit the club side to play against good opposition.To suggest that club sides wont take it seriously is rubbish.

Anonymous said...

who is better than abbott and luttmer in their positions?.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought,dont have a T.I.S program, release all men and women back to clubs where they can play at there individual skill level as judged by there coaches and they could even play futsal,the money that would be saved by not paying 2 coaches and 2 cars and what ever other expenses come with T I S could be channelled back to FFT to run there own program, they already identify the state playes and are represented all over the state.They could run a skills program during the week in between trainings. This is would develop the players while getting the correct game level.
As for player identification when the player has reached a level that is worthy of a trial surely FFT could pick up the phone and organise it.

Anonymous said...

Abbott yes, top 3 in his position. Luttmer? He's a decent reserve centre back at this stage, still a kid, though. Abbott is ready to play at a high level. I can say this because I've played against both of them and also seen them in action watching from the sidelines on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

Luttmer is a right back isn't he

Taxpayer said...

I cannot believe all this criticism of the TIS.

Soccer has long been the poor cousin of Tasmanian sport. Just when we get the State Government to fund a soccer program as part of the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, we get all these critics coming out of the woodwork. We should be grateful that the State Government is willing to include soccer in the TIS and to fund it. It took years for this to happen and for the sport to be recognised in this way.

Who cares whether the TIS play for points or not? Clubs should be grateful that the TIS can play against their reserves sides because it gives them a yardstick with which to measure their own club's standing and progress. We all know the TIS train more than club sides do, so they should generally be better than club sides. What's the problem?

I think clubs should be grateful to have the TIS in the reserve league and I think the taxpayer should be grateful that soccer is now recognised as part of the TIS program.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic -

Why is it that Mr Craig Phillips is the only referee that consistently gets premier league clubs to walk out into the middle and shake hands pre-game? I think it's a really good feature of the pre-game for a variety of reasons, not least of all sportsmanship and respect. I think this should become a mandatory feature of all premier league games from next season. Also, FFT should invest in the creation of a song/anthem to be played as the teams are lined up out there. It would be great to hear and a nice little feature.

Anonymous said...

A song to play while they are coming out? are you serious? what a stupid suggestion. Definitely all for the shaking of hands, should be mandatory.

Corey Smith said...

To all commenting -
You can only rate players when you have played with or against them.

From experience I played one game this year against the TIS boys.

I have also played against every defense this season.

As a striker the hardest opponents I have faced are the following 3 in order of talent -
Daniel Brown (Sth Hobart)
Will Abbott (TIS)
Eli Luttmer (TIS)
All three can play physically but also with the ball at their feet which is a rarity in our league at present.

Will and Eli would walk straight into ANY senior side in the state.

The other standout would be Alex Holmes at his best but have only played on him at training obviously.

Anonymous said...

GOD its annoying when people dont read a post properly then comment with stupidity.


But how can a STATE or COMPETITION funded team win silverwear??? Its rediculous..

If tis win or finish on top the second placed team should be awarded the trophy.

They should never be allowed to play in a club cup competition.

And when FFT realise this any club that lost a league title to TIS of FFT in the past few years should be awarded the silverwear.

And yes it DOES matter to clubs. If your not playing or coaching to win go play social football!!

Anonymous said...

GO STRATOS!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Roberts said...

I dont know who runs the page but a great update

Anonymous said...

have to agree with Corey....first time for everything. Will and Eli are very hard to play against, would love for them to end up at our club, send em over the river.