Monday, March 1, 2010

A defiant Eagles side fails to stop South Hobart

Photos (Top to Bottom): Garry Upton introduced more bite into the South Hobart midfield; South go close, but Mr Thain's off-side flag is up; South Hobart scorer, Jonathon Lo, about to clash with Jacob Clamp; Eagles' Mark Page (fourth from left) heads a corner clear; Eagles defend a South Hobart corner; Mark Page tries to close down South Hobart's Jonathon Lo as Eagles' Andrew Clark and South's Kostas Kanakaris arrive in support [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup (Group A, South Hobart, Saturday, 27 February 2010)


South Hobart 1 (Lo 60)

New Town Eagles 0

HT: 0-0 Att: 120 Ref: I Jozeljic

South Hobart: Kruijver - Pennicott, M Brown, Ludford, Scott - Beecroft, Ladic, Downes, Hickey - Lo, Kanakaris [Interchange: Roach, Upton, King, Abbott] [Coach: Ken Morton]

New Town Eagles: Minty - Kent - Page, Louden, Clark - Whitehall, Anderson, Clamp, Menzie, Vernon - McKeown [Interchange: Fennell, Jones, Gonzalez, Pope] [Coach: George Krambousanos]


South Hobart needed just a point from this game to qualify for the Summer Cup final.

It looked for a long time as if they would get it from a goalless draw, but with just seconds remaining, Jonathon Lo scored to give South all three points.

New Town Eagles, nowhere near full strength, proved stubborn opponents and on one or two occasions might actually have stolen the match.

These were only quarter chances, however, and the truth is that South might have won by three or four goals.

That they didn’t was a combination of poor finishing on their part, sheer bad luck, and last-ditch defending by Eagles.

There was also a superb save from Eagles keeper Craig Minty, who turned a Liam Scott effort over the bar in fine style.

South were unlucky in the 12th minute when Scott headed Greg Downes’s high ball into teh box against the crossbar.

The ball rebounded to Kostas Kanakaris, but he took precious seconds to control the ball and ended up by shooting into the side-netting.

Eagles brought on Chris Jones six minutes into the second half. Four minutes later, he was shown the yellow card.

But, South Hobart then introduced Garry Upton and Jones’s physical menace was negated.

Upton won everything in the air and used the ball effectively to initiate South Hobart attacks, which had often foundered prior to that because of misplaced passes by the midfielders.

Eleven minutes from the end, South’s pressure started to wear down Eagles’ resistance and Steve Louden, Shane Kent, Andrew Clark and Mark Page began to run out of legs.

Minty turned Scott’s shot over the bar, while Bart Beecroft’s half-volley narrowly cleared the bar.

With seconds remaining, Scott pumped a long ball upfield to the left of the box and Kanakaris brought it down and slipped it inside for Lo to shoot home.

It was a cruel blow for a courageous Eagles outfit, but a deserved outcome for the dominant South Hobart.


· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“We missed a couple of chances early in the first half, and the one that hit the post and another couple of efforts that perhaps we should have put away.

“The further the game went, you always expect a breakaway, but I thought we had a lot of possession territorially and, I mean, a draw was always going to get us through to the final.

“I think we were comfortable, if not a little bit agitated at maybe not scoring.”

· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“We had three or four young lads in there who actually trained with the seniors on Tuesday and Thursday.

“The lads performed very, very well.

“Deep down, I knew that we wouldn’t be thrashed, but Kenny’s boys had a lot of possession and they played good football.

“We went back to basics and talked about how to penetrate and how to keep the ball if we could and, at the end of the day, you can’t take anything away from the young lads.

“I’m very, very happy.

“I keep repeating myself, but we’ve still got four or five players to come in.

“But, sometimes the ones you put in are the ones who perform, maybe a little bit better than the ones who are out, especially on the day.”


Anonymous said...

Clarence went downhill the day Burke left

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments by Krambo...he knew they were going to lose but not be thrashed. What did they have to lose in the first place by going out there and trying to attack South. They couldn't make the finals anyway. I think Krambo has just made a statement that his team are not good enough to beat South.
Yes South are better on paper but any other team in the comp, including Taroona, would go out there thinking that they are able to beat South on any given day. No silverware coming Eagles way in a hurry with that kind of attitude.

Anonymous said...

Walter, good match reports. I am keen however to read the Knights Boro report as i couldnt make it? How long will it be?

Anonymous said...

Walter, good match reports. I am keen however to read the Knights Boro report as i couldnt make it? How long will it be?

they just get better said...

krambo has lost his marbles. his team sat 11 men behind the half way line and i think went into their own half about 3 times in the first half and he is talking about penetration? what? penetrating the other teams defensive half would be a start krambo.. you had nothing to lose, you should have either played young blokes or played players who needed the fitness.... instead you played party pies kent at sweeper and chris jones who will not even be there in the season and sat everyone in their own half conserving energy rather than gaining fitness!! good luck in the relegation battle LAD

Anonymous said...

Obviously everybody wants to see attacking football but was Krambos plan really that bad? How many teams do you see going out trying to attack Man Utd etc. Eagles nearly got through the game without allowing South to score and could quite easily has snatched a goal against the run of play. Good teams lose plently of games in that way. I expect Eagles will try similar tactics in the regualr season.

Anonymous said...

Given that there was nothing to lose in this game, the only thing that Krambo could achieve is practising the style of play that they will use throughout the year. I agree they will probably "snatch" a few goals throughout the season but this style of play wont get them a premiership, let alone a spot in the finals.
The only sack of balls Krambo seems to have are the ones he is carrying in the photo.

Anonymous said...

yea i heard that Burke kid was best on at clarence

Anonymous said...

i agree but he had too much commitment for the rabbits

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I heard that Burke was plying with Fulham last year, he'll revolutionalise clarence again... apparently he's the replacement for Browny, but shhhh keep it a secret