Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knights qualify for Summer Cup final

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights and Kingborough observe a minute's silence for the late Jack Huigsloot, grandfather of Knights' Jacob Huigsloot; Kingborough kick off against Knights needing to win by three clear goals to reach the final; Kingborough keeper David Leamey punches clear; Kingborough defender Michael Palmer dispossesses Knights; Corey Smith; Kingborough's Michael Palmer (left) is tackled by the Knights' Amadu Koroma; Olympia captain Hugh Richardson (left) battles for possession with Zebras' Adam Young [PlessPix]

The Summer Cup group stage ended at South Hobart today on the last day of summer but in wintry conditions.

With rain squalls sweeping the ground and the city of Hobart shrouded in mist in the distance, it was left to Glenorchy Knights and Kingborough Lions United to fight for a place in next Saturday’s final.

The Lions had to win by three clear goals but produced a toothless display and went down 1-0 to the Knights.

The goal came in the 28th minute from Daniel White.

He was played through by some neat passing involving James Sherman, Amadu Koroma and Corey Smith. White’s initial close-range shot was blocked by Kingborough keeper David Leamey, but the ball rebounded to White, who smashed it home from five metres.

The Knights had two other good chances in the first half.

In the 14th minute, Fielding beat the goalkeeper to the ball on the left of the 6-yard box and slipped it to James Hope, who scuffed his shot and the ball ran harmlessly cross the face of goal and beyond the far post.

Three minutes later, Brendan Garth fed Fielding down the right, but he fired centimetres wide of the far post.

Two minutes after the interval, Andrew Robb’s cross-cum-shot from the right hit the Kingborough crossbar and came back into play before being cleared.

Six minutes from the end, Kingborough had their best chance of the game when Tony Dzelalija was adjudged to have brought down Greg Freeman and was sent off.

Mr Barker awarded a penalty, but Knights keeper Alex Tatnell saved Trent Pearce’s spot-kick.

Knights coach Eamonn Kelly said he was disappointed by the decision as he felt Dzelalija had got the ball. He said the side would miss Dzelalija’s experience in the final against South Hobart.

Dzelalija said he felt it had been a harsh decision because he had got the ball but, nevertheless, he still believed Barker was a good referee. He resigned himself to missing the final.

Kingborough coach Geoff Freeman said that Greg Freeman should have shot early and the penalty issue would then never have arisen.

In today’s earlier game, Olympia Warriors beat Tilford Zebras 2-1.

Ricky Self put Zebras ahead with a great shot in the 5th minute.

A minute later, Olympia were level when Emmanuel Tsakiris was brought down by keeper Jason Voss and converted the penalty himself.

It was Tsakiris’s last action of the match, however, as he had to go off because of a calf injury sustained when brought down for the penalty.

Zebras continued to attack and, in the 12th minute, Ben Crosswell had a header cleared off the line.

In the 20th minute, Olympia keeper Justin Farrugia did well to dive to his left and deny Self.

Adam Powell’s tackle on Self a minute later might have warranted a penalty, but the referee waved play on.

Seconds later, Olympia attacked down the other end and Jayden Wiggins hit the winner with a neat volley from 25 metres.

Farrugia again denied Self in the 23rd minute, but Olympia held their opponents out for the rest of the match to score their first win of the tournament.

In the Reserves, a goal by Toby MacGregor gave Zebras a 1-0 win over Olympia, while Knights and Kingborough drew 1-1, with Knights winning the penalty shoot-out 5-4.

Knights will also meet South Hobart in the Reserve section final.


Yoda said...

Defensive shape liked of borough i did. The transition from defense to attack improvement needed however.

Game picked up after saving of penalty.Great football conditions today they were.

Anonymous said...

Good comment was that Yoda. Wise but tiny you obviously are.

eightballsluvchild said...

It is obvious that players and commentators do not yet realise that getting the ball first does not indemnify them from committing an offence punishable by a free kick.
I believe that FIFA removed "making contact with the ball first" from the Laws last year.
So as it stands, if a players' tackle endangers the safety of another player a free kick is to be awarded regardless of whether the player made contact with the ball first.

Anonymous said...

What exactly are you talking about eightballsluvchild?

eightballsluvchild said...

Let's keep it simple

If you get the ball first you can still commit a foul!

This is not my opinion it is fact.

Anonymous said...

Tony D got the bloody ball, that foul was an outrage.

smithers ol man said...

eightballsluvchild i think you are correct with the ruling on tackles but as you state it can be punished by a penalty free kick not a send off unless its the last defender of course and the infringement impeded a legitamate attack on goal.
refs still must display discretion on a wet day and judge wether player had other options or was carried forwards by the tackle due to wet conditions to a commonsense level at least.
also if a player makes a good tackle - gets the ball cleanly and the opponent displays clumsiness and falls over him is it really fair to award a foul or should play resume and effort be rewarded instead ???
all in all its who makes descisions and sees it from what angle i guess and with certain refs on an ego trip to prove who can determine wins or losses we will always have these contenscious send offs and free kicks

Anonymous said...

the pen was from behind stopping a clean goal scoring chance!! red was desevred

Yoda said...

Shame that it is Defender miss the final.

Anonymous said...

tatnel should hav held the penilty easyly

Anonymous said...

tatnel stopped the pen job done!

eightballsluvchild said...

Irate1, you make perfect sense, I didn't see the incident with Tony. It should only be free kick or penalty if after the defender takes the ball his actions endanger the safety of the attacker.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Laws does it mention "last defender"?

eightballsluvchild said...

Anon 11.10. I hope your not referring to my comment, because I only mentioned defender, not last defender.
The laws do not talk about last defender, this is something that commentators mistakenly keep talking about. The laws talk about a foul committed in a goal scorring opportunity, then a red card will be shown, and if in the penalty area a penalty will be awarded.