Friday, April 9, 2010

Beachside and Hobart United fight for top spot in Division One

Division One leaders Beachside may go clear at the top this weekend because they should beat DOSA at Sandown Park on Sunday, while Hobart United may have problems against Metro at Pontville on Saturday.

Beachside and Hobart United are both on 6 points, but Beachside have a better goal-difference and that puts them top.

Beachside welcome back striker Bernhard Klasen, but Anthony Grzinic and Damien Lowe are both out injured.

“DOSA have had some disappointing results in the last week, but we know they are a young team who can rebound quickly, so this will be a test for us on Sunday at Sandown,” said Beachside coach, Nathan Robinson.

“Having Bernhard back will be a huge bonus, though, as he scored 25 goals last year and players capable of doing that in any division are hard to find.”

DOSA coach Pedro Ramirez knows what his team is up against.

“The game on Sunday will be a physical game as Beachside are a very experienced squad,” said Ramirez.

“We just need to try and have possession of the ball and try to use it to our advantage.

“Beachside is a team who play the ball around well and we need to have eleven players defending.”

DOSA will be handicapped by the absence of Richard Korn, Tim Chadwin, Webetu Aboye and Dominic Phillips, said Ramirez.

Third-placed Nelson Eastern Suburbs entertain second-last Southern FC at North Warrane on Sunday and a win will keep the pressure on the leading pair.

Nelson’s Matt Fone is doubtful because of a foot injury.

Nelson coach, Michael Roach, has selected a 14-man squad which will include Rhys Endall, Ryan Mills and Troy Hoppitt as the substitutes.

Young left-fullback Max Caulfield failed to make the cut and will play in the reserves.

“If Matt Fone is unavailable, Ryan Mills will start on the left,” said Roach. “Otherwise, he play a role off the bench.

“Rhys Endall will also start on the bench but will definitely play a part in the second half.

“Cody Flynn returns to the starting line-up after coming off the bench last Monday and will join Pat Lenck and Adam Mills in the midfield.

“We know very little about Southern FC because they did not participate in the Summer Cup and I have not seen either of their opening two matches in the league.

“I do recognise a few names from Christian United teams from last year, though.

“We are playing well at the moment and should go into our first home match of the year with confidence after two wins last weekend.

“Matt Fone being out would be a blow, though, because he’s been among our best since the regular season started.”

Fifth-ranked University travel to the Showgrounds on Saturday to take on the FFT Under-15s and the visitors should be too experienced and physically strong for the youngsters.

The Hobart United versus Metro game should be a cracker and memories of the last game of last season will still be strong as that was when a United win cost Metro the title and promotion.


Anonymous said...

Pixel, 2 days before kick off and you have already put 11 behind the ball against beachside? I thought you had good structure and played as you train?

Anonymous said...

i think hobart united will be to strong for metro.but i did watch metro against ulverstone in the cup on monday and they performed very well .Not only that there youth poilcy looks like it will pay of in time to come lets hope there committe sticks by there coach and be patient and learn from the past that imports are not worth will in the long run.

div one supported said...

metro youth policy is something the club needed to for a long time .Dont think they will win is weekend hobart a little bit to strong .But they style of game they are playing is the best i have seen from a metro side in a long while.Lets hope they stick by it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that metro is implementing a youth policy when you have got gsaparin, chaffey and leek playing?
I would have thought that last years team was on average alot younger than this years team.
But i maybe wrong?

I'm Back said...

Anonymous at 2.39. There seems to be something different at Metro this year which should help with your worries. Different committee.

For anonymous at 4.22. Yeh, your wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm back,
can you let me know which players metro had playing seniors last year that were older than gasparin, Chaffey and leek.
In my opinion gasparin, Chaffey and leek should be playing social and then have younger players in thier positions, then I would say that this was implementing a youth policy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Nelson can be discounted this year either. They have quite a different team on the pitch and although new are gelling well already. They were unlucky not to oust TIS in the summer cup (if you were there you would know what I was talking about) There's quite a few talented young guys who have moved from Clarence over the summer.

Pixel 40 said...

anon 1:30pm
Obviously you have no idea about the game, coaching or tactic's as shooting your mouth is all you are good at. HE HE HE LOL