Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Draw for first rounds proper of men's and women's State-wide Cups

Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy - Round 1 (15 May 2010)

Tilford Zebras v Ulverstone

Northern Rangers v South Hobart

Glenorchy Knights v Burnie United

Somerset v TIS

Riverside Olympia v Taroona

Kingborough Lions United v Devonport City

Prospect Knights v Clarence United

New Town Eagles v Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Women’s State-wide Cup - Round 1 (16 May 2010)

New Town Eagles v Somerset

Taroona v Clarence United

Ulverstone v University

Glenorchy Knights v TIS

Tilford Zebras v Beachside

Devonport City v Metro

Nelson Eastern Suburbs v Launceston City

Northern Rangers v Burnie United


Anonymous No. 32 said...

Does anyone know how the men's draw was done? Seems strange that all bar 1 match is south vs north. Picked out of a hat? Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The draw has always thrown up some weird drawings. Some teams always seem to get the away draw all the time. funny that. prob just Football Fed not 100% sure how to do anything agian...

Responder said...

once again the posts are negative. i think we have pointed out enough how hopeless fft are and on a bright side atleast this draw presents a truly statewide comp which is what we want. i think match of the round will be south hobart travelling to northern rangers where they will deffinately be challenged all the way.

melikesfootball said...

Will any team dare forfeit?

Anonymous said...

haha. Highly doubt it. Rangers have failed to impress so far in the northern comp! i don't see them being much of a challenge to South.

Brian Roberts said...

Strange as it may seem I dimly recall one year when the 1st round of the contest was set up as a N v S round .

The Tournament has had a chequered history ,

1stly it was premier only , then the North decided not to enter ,
then Div 1 clubs after beating the air , doors and desk at S/Tas H Q weree grudgingly admitted .

Recently it was expanded to all in except the minoows have steadily disappeared over the past 3/4 years .

If you want to see the original concept let me know as I wrote the paper setting out the rules .

Anonymous said...

TIS shouldn't be allowed to play they don't play in the normal Womens fixture at all so why should teams have to play them especially when they are just going to be babied the whole time. At least the boys TIS team plays the mens reserve teams.

Anonymous said...

Stop bitching about the draw lads, leave FFT alone for once. South and Rangers and Knights vs Burnie for the games of the round. Burnie are first up North, and Knights 2nd down here, should be a good encounter.

Brian Roberts said...

I have it on good authority that the draw was fair and above board.

My contact witnessed the draw and was as suprised as we were at the result.

Anonymous said...

Seems weird that Women's Winner of the Cup last year, Olympia Warriors, last isn't even in the Comp this year. I wonder why that is.

roundball said...

I reckon that if your favourite team split in half and put bibs on and played 7 v 8 in your backyard (you know- no enterance fee, close to facilities etc) that anoymous(s) would still call a conspiracy and label the organising as piss poor. Come on everything can't be that bad or negative can it?

Anonymous said...

Olympia Warriors are in the womens comp.They just have a bye because they won last year.

Anonymous said...

roundball that is a conspiracy having 8 against 7!

Anonymous said...

Olympia Warriors dont have the bye in the Womens draw... They never entered from all reports.