Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reality TV now in on player talent identification

Tasmanian Institute of Sport player Jeremy Walker has been selected to participate in FOX8’s reality TV show Football Superstar, which screens tonight.

The show’s aim is to select Australia’s most gifted young footballer.

In past contests, the winner has earned a one-year contract with an A-League club and other prizes which may include a car or a year’s university scholarship.

There are 15 contestants who spend a month in an Australian city in luxurious accommodation and train with the local A-League club.

The contestants are tested on their football ability, but are also given mental and physical challenges by the show’s host.

This year's contestants will be aiming for a contract with Brisbane Roar and a year's scholarship with a university.

Ange Postecoglou will be the chief judge this year as he is the coach of A-League club Brisbane Roar.


Football Federation Australia is reported to be considering sending someone down from Sydney for two days a week to perform the role of FFT’s CEO.

FFT has also recently interviewed a New Zealander who probably came second in the recent hunt for a CEO which resulted in the selection of Patrick Barlow.

Barlow, you may remember, resigned before he even started in the position.

The New Zealander met Sean Collins and board member Michael McIntyre during a recent visit to Hobart to discuss the position.

Tasmanian clubs and football supporters await developments with interest.


Tasmania's Lucy MacGregor, Caitlin Stalker and Isabella Gee were selected in the Group B All-Stars team after this week's 2010 Westfield FFA National Junior Championships for under-13 girls in Canberra.

Tasmania finished fourth in the 6-team Group B section of the competition.


Jonas said...

congratulations jeremy..all the best for the competition..just out of interest does anyone know who would foot the travel & accomodation bill etc for the new CEO if this is the case? FFA or FFT?

Anonymous said...

Well done jeremy
good to see someone go to Victoria to pit your skills against interstte players.
And to then be selected in the top 10 from Victoria is a credit to the lad.
Good luck in the next stage

Anonymous said...

Well done Jezz. You have sacraficed a lot moving to Hobart and deserve some success.

And well done to Cailtin Stalker (and 2 team mates). Great to see Tassie Youth doing well - maybe our next National rep! Well done also to Michael Edwards for developing these girls.

Anonymous said...

I think Sandra chisolm is in charge of developing these girls is she not?
Lucy Macgregor deffinatly a quality player.As a coach lets give this girl support she is a future star dont leed her in wrong direction as has been done so often in the past with many others.Well done Lucy.

Anonymous said...

att all kids: learn to dribble like messi

jerrie kruijver said...

most kids dribble and are messy lol

as always said...

isabella gee and lucy macgregor were captain and vice captain at the national vikings futsal championships for tasmania the past two years and have also been involved in the islanders futsal academy program, what a surprise!

jerrie kruijver said...

is a new ceo on high salary really the answer?unless the new man can get the board and the clubs on his side to archieve the required changes he will archieve just as much or little as previous people in that position.

Interested said...

Jerry if a decent salary is not paid you will only get monkeys, as the saying goes.The position needs a professional who is capable of lifting the profile of the game and sirting out the @@$#%$%% mess which is FFT.

jerrie kruijver said... put my post in other words all i meant was that it wont do much good to put a higly paid driver in the same old sadly neglected dilapedated vehicle unless we are willing to buy a new that i mean the whole football comunity needs to get behind the effort to improve things

Brian Roberts said...

I have been watching the lets do things better blogs for lets say 6 months .

How about the various anons listing whats wrong then we as a community can work together to right the wrongs .

Presuming you will do as I ask.

Richard Bennett said...

Like herding cats I would think Brian. Anons are followers not leaders.

good match today between south and the "real south" 3-1

Brian Roberts said...

Richard now April 12th and not a miaow