Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday results

Photo: Knights keeper Ben Peter makes a fine save against Olympia Warriors [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Olympia Warriors 1 (A Hedge 27) lt Glenorchy Knights 4 (J Barabara 24, D White 36, 38 pen, A Koroma 72)

Clarence United 0-2 South Hobart (T Roach 10, J Lo 86)


Olympia Warriors 1 (L Mason) lt Glenorchy Knights 4 (M Nowicki 2, B Garth, A Robb)

Clarence United 1 (C Hunt) b South Hobart 0


Olympia Warriors 2-5 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 6 (A Barron 2, L Marsh 2, J Undy, C Jacobs) b South Hobart 0

Southern Division One

University 3 (A Hindmarsh 2, J Proud) dw Beachside 3 (B Pullen, P Dunne, N Robinson)

DOSA 2-2 FFT Under-15s

Metro 1 (D Cowen) dw Nelson Eastern Suburbs 1 (C Flynn)


Metro 2-5 Nelson Eastern Suburbs


Metro 1-3 Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Division Two

New Town Eagles 2 (R Leszczynski, B Michell) dw University 2

Division Four

DOSA 4-5 Kingborough Lions United


Anonymous said...

How sad, the warriors lost again. Good to see Mason playing reserves. Come back Farrel

Anonymous said...

I witnessed the game at South Hobart today. Olympia vs Knights. Scrappy, poor quality game it was indeed. However. Olympia, for a team sitting on the bottom of the ladder, are suprisingly still playing attacking football and trying to outscore their opponents; the way the game should be played. Congrats to Chris and the lads, keep your heads up and things will get better.

Knights, how you can play so badly and still win so easily reflects the football team you are also, as does last weeks thrashing of Zebra's. Congrats on the win and taking 1st spot. All eyes on the game at Wentworth tonight.

Anonymous said...

South will easily win the league this year...knights are average and zebras struggle to defend.

Anonymous said...

A very ugly melee in Div 3 at Olinda Grove today between Clarence United Black and Uni Players, with some behind the play agro, spilling into a full on melee with shirts ripped and the referee handing his cards and whistle to the match manager and calling the game off ....not sure how they came out with a 2:1 win to Clarence as I beleive it was the kidney punch from one of their players which was the ignition point followed by several uni players getting involved and then a number of Clarence players joining in.

Sad for the kids around the ground to see that sort of behaviour.

Mind you there were three officals for the Reserve and Div 1 game on the next ground, surely it would have been better if one of those officials had done the Div 3 game and perhaps the game would have been kept under control?

One of the linesmen was over heard telling a Clarence player he would be making a report on their behaviour and the melee. I wonder if it will happne or if both teams will line up next week as if nothing happened??

Anonymous said...

DOSA cant even beat an Under 15 outfit?

Anonymous said...

Benny is that during the warm -up or a during the game looks class anyhow. good stuff. goos results to knights! pressure on leaders now!

melikesfootball said...

It's funny how people attribute bad player behaviour to a lack of referees, surely the players should accept full responsibility for their behaviour.

melikesfootball said...

If the save was during the game, one needs to ask where are the supporters and defenders?

Anonymous said...

It was a shot from distance. When do you see supporters at that side of the ground?

The real anonymous said...

benny peter best keeper in the league and great club person to stick around when he was playing second fiddle to a guy clearly not as good as him, taking his chances now and could be their trump card!
white looked good again, olimpia are THAT bad that any game they are in is scrappy and ugly, not very motivating for the knights boys

Anonymous said...

Olympia played well albeit with crucial defensive lapses. With a few decisions going differently they would have had a result from this game.

Ril said...

Anon @8.29pm, there was a little more to it than what you mentioned. It was started in the first half where that Clarence player was punched in the kidneys by a Uni player which was unsighted by the Uni ref. Constant niggle throughout the game boiled over to the point that the Clarence player disgracefully returned the punch behind play at a stoppage. This resulted in the meleee.

The Uni players that then joined in even ended up kicking a Clarence player who was on the ground after he'd come in to break up the fighting. So there were definitely 2 sides to the story that need to be told.

I was watching the Beachside v Uni game afterwards from the clubrooms, and the Clarence players that were there having a drink said they would be suspending their player that was involved. The Uni ref sounded like their team was taking no action on their player/s involved.

'Melikesfootball' - I agree completely, it was disgraceful by both players, and grown men should not need a ref to control themselves. In saying that, there should not be 3 refs rostered to a Div 1 Reserves match, and 0 to a Div 3 match at the same venue. Even FFT info states that should not be how refs are appointed.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks this div 1 fight will test the authority and mettle of new CEO Boulous

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that the Div 3 Clarence Black team were involved in a melee.

Anonymous said...

who would take their kid to play for olympic just to get crushed and demoralised every week .mmm too easy to take the easy way out.chris needs some bigger bodies not some of these stick insects that are playing at the moment at least make players have consistent good games before gaurenteeing them a game every week because they are young .not good practice.

Anonymous said...

Where is your structure pixel?

Pixel 40 said...

anon 5:28pm
Obviously winning 5-0 is giving you a big ego, you keep quit when you lose, you must have save a couple of penalties again LOL,

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise, Olympia lost convincingly again. It is obvious the so called youth policy or 'preparing for the future' isnt working at all. I thought the idea of such a plan was to be promoting quality youth players throughout all divisions for the future, this all sounds great but.... these players clearly arent good enough yet (note: yet). surely they should have earnt their stripes by being dominant in 19's and or reserves first like others in the past ?

When the whole club from seniors, reserves and under 19's have a combined total of 4 points from all fixtures so far, serious questions must be asked.....

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.04PM. From your comment it appears you are an ageing and/or overweight "player" who can't get a game??

Anonymous said...

Anon @12.22pm

Why would you say that?

According to my info (I'm associated with another CUFC team), they've never had a red card or any notable incident in many years together... hardly the form of a violent team. Compare that to Hobart Utd, Zebras, Ethiotas, Metro etc. that have been causing trouble in the social leagues for years!

John Di Falco said...

I was at the Div 3 Clarence Black vs Uni Players game and I play for another Uni Div 3 side (Bombers). I was disgusted by the behaviour of some of the Uni players who went about kicking Clarence players once the incident escalated. I'm not sure (and don't care) who started it but the club (Uni)must sanction the players who were involved in any 'retaliation'. This team unfortunately is almost as bad as the Zebras Div 3 team who was finally ejected by FFT from competition a few years ago. If Uni doesnt act then FFT should. BTW the ref (club ref) did the right thing by abandoning the game.

Anonymous said...

Just on pixels structure, he mentioned in the preview dosa played well against beachside, but were beaten 9-1. I would hate to see them play badly!

I just hope he used registered players this week, wouldn't want to lose another valuable point HE HE HE LOL.

Anonymous said...

Watched a Northern Div 1(Social League as they call it) today with only a Club ref and no linesmen and the game was played hard but in good spirit, with both teams hardly challenging the club Ref! Maybe a few Southern teams should take a leaf out of our Northern cousins book and play the ball and not the man!!

Pixel 40 said...

Anon 8:10pm
Did I touch a nerve he he he LOL

Marty Nidorfer said...

I have played the social leagues for 5 years now, and with all the comments, I think it is in no way the players fault, whether they are bad or good discipline wise.

How can a guy or girl who is filling in reffing send someone off. It is your last thought.

The " culture" of no referee brings a culture of an AFL mentality, and if this is what we want then the all in brawl will happen more often.

I have said this before on the blog, and will it take some unfortunate player to be injured seriously before action happens.

One of our blokes had his nose broken a few weeks ago, and I wont mention names, or clubs, but he needed surgery.

If the game was controlled by a ref this wouldnt of happened, I am sure, and if it did, the offender would know the reprecussions.

I am happy not playing if there is no ref. I am not happy playing if the home team is required to provide one.

Legally, who is responsible if something seriously goes wrong??

Anonymous said...

The most concerning part about this brawl is that there was a young girl assistant referee doing the uni/beachside game on the other pitch. Clearly still new to the refereeing game, what do you think seeing something like this happening would do for her ambition to continue refereeing, or any ref!

Anonymous said...

In response to a couple of earlier comments (Anons 5.04 & 6.43PM)re Olympia's performance and young players ...

If you read Walter's account of the game (and Julius'), Olympia were unfortunate not to come away with a result.

Walter wrote, "Olympia probably deserved something from this game"

I agree.

The Knights have been in great form and Olympia opened them up numerous times. If some decisions went another way Olympia would likely have got a result.

There are young players at all the Clubs and yes - heaven forbid - Olympia has some "stick insects" too.

If you actually watch the game you'll see that these kids CAN PLAY.

It is unfair to lay the blame with the younger players for the results to date and you need to question your motive.

Anonymous said...

Sick of hearing some of the old guard at Olympia carrying on about young players in the team. This person's post re another article about the Zebras says it all,

"jorden muller bright knew prospect.was at the game and defensive change well needed. could be the turning piont they need.If Frediani is giving young players a chance, good move"

Hmmm - that's the sort of attitude that will attract quality young players to a Club.

Anonymous said...

John Di Falco ,no it was not FFT who expelled the Zebras team you refer to.It was the club committee itself who withdrew the team due to their behaviour , and you will note that there is no social side this year either.Many of these social sides consist of players who were never good enough to play seriously ,but think they are .They go out there thinking they are Maradonas , but all they do is fight and argue when things dont go their way.Not having them there is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter what they 'deserved' the end score was 4-1. not exactly close. that is the reality of the situation.

John Di Falco said...

Anon 10.52pm - Amen, brother.

Thanks also for clarifying that it was the Zebras committe that pulled that particular 'social' team. I hope the current Uni committee has that sort of courage.

Anonymous said...

Hmm from Pixel's comments he is suggesting I am a goalkeeper? I just looked at the score at the only 5-0 result was to HUFC.

Hence you reckon I am a goalkeeper from HUFC? Well unfortunately Pedro..oops I mean Pixel. I am a disgruntled player who left DOSA coz your methods were just weird and plus you dont even have a senior licence.

I was also upset with how you decided to play unregistered players when we told you it was not a good idea!!

BMW all the way said...

A lot of what ifs and could have beens Olympia. The only goal Olympia scored was when the two Knights players under no pressure tripped over themselves to clear an easy ball from a poor free kick, even then the first shot from 6 yards out was saved and it took a second effort to score.
Knights scored four and also could have had 7 or 8, so works both ways.
Of course things will get better, that's what happens when they are going as worse as they can be.
Im sure that's the same thing Richmond in the AFL are saying.

tigers of old said...

Except there's nothing about Richmond's form that suggests they're going to get better anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

pedro, if it was me mouthing at you, i'd let you know it was me, are you that silly, and i watched the game, no structure, then when your player came off with a broken arm, you rubbed deep heat into it ? :S jut cause he could feel it ? i mean wtf well done, if my dad wasnt there, he could of had problems

alex dand ( hufc keeper)

Pixel 40 said...

Anon 10:23am
You lost me as I have all the players that start training with me from the beginning for reserve and seniors apart from the ones that had already left. you have the same attitude as. anon:7:36pm
in any how Dosa is much better off with out super stars
And what would you know about the club affairs if you had left the club, you are contradicting you self, enough said

skywriter said...

We could have won that game without the unregistered player... Pedro had no need to play him and cost the team a point and (i assume) a fine.

Anon DOSA player

Soccer Lover! said...

I am just so frustrated at needs to rebuild from scratch..starting with the coach..i mean which coach would go into the dressing room at half time and ask his boys if they are performing badly because he is a crap coach??

More then one players nearly said yes!!

Disgruntled DOSA player

Pixel 40 said...

Soccer lover or disgruntled what ever you want to call you self,
you have written the answer to you own question,
"building from scratch"
I don't know what would of have been better the club having a Div 1 or none at all, because of negative players and people I have to agreed with on none at all. because that will be you answer, but there a lot people and player trying their best.
there are two kind of people
the one who want to archive a target and the ones that want to get in the way, my question is wich one you guys are

have a good day