Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Zebras and Olympia line up for the traditional handshakes before the game; Zebras' Ricky Self in possession; Olympia's Warren Wadawu on the offensive; Olympia's Chris Kumpulainen tries to get around the Zebras' Andrew Telega [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Tilford Zebras 5 (B Crosswell 45 pen, 77, 90 pen, R Self 33, L Engels 65) b Olympia Warriors 1 (C Kumpulainen 16)

Kingborough Lions United 1 (M Bremner 51) dw Clarence United 1 (B Hamlett 81)


Tilford Zebras 3 ((A Young, O Bird, P Cairns) b Olympia Warriors 2 (A Powell, R Lebski)

Kingborough Lions United 0-3 Clarence United


Tilford Zebras 2-6 Olympia Warriors

Kingborough Lions United 3 (T Brewer 45, N Vialle 46, B Watkins 77) lt Clarence United 4 (L Marsh 1, 26, A Barron 11, S Kavas 18)

Southern Division One

Metro 13 (Leek 3, Marney 2, Dawes 3, Cowen 2, Wicks 2, Richardson) b DOSA 2 (Webetu Aboye, Gamar Ali)


Metro 7 (Berry 3, Richardson 2, Kent, Hunt) b DOSA 0


Metro 4 (Lucas 2, Brown, Medhurst) b Olympia 1

Division Two

Southern FC 1-4 New Town Eagles (Michell 2, Reeve, Labski)

Division Three

New Town Eagles White 2 (Cairns, Andree) b University Players 1

Division Four

Woodbridge 4 (Dale Byrne 2, Jack Turner 1, Justin Byrne 1) b South Hobart 2

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Launceston United 1-9 Devonport City

Prospect Knights 3-3 Ulverstone

Northern Rangers 3-1 Burnie United

Somerset 4-3 Launceston City


Brian Roberts said...

Div 4 SHSC 2 Woodbridge 4

Once again an entertaining game to watch. On the one hand a group of players trying to recreate their yesteryears on the other a mixed bag who tried at all times to play football.

Players in Div 4 are not supposed to sprint , control the ball and make crossfield passes.

If the Whalers striker had not left his shooting boots at home the end result would have boosted the visitors average .

I have said it before and will say it again such clubs are the salt of the earth.

When asked why they didn,t enter the S/W cup they said they declined because they thought they would have to travel.

Why were they not told the 1st round is a qualifying round ?

On the Eastern Shore this am to view G/son 2 play his 1st game . Whilst there I met and shook hands with a mover and shaker with the Dodges Ferry Devils .

More teams that you could poke a stick at.

Are FFT assuming a missionary attitude to assist them to form a Div 4 side ?

Great oaks from little acorns grow.

Do you think they could find a place for me as the Minister for Shaking Hands

Anonymous said...

Not much structure up at the shoW grounds today pixel?

Anonymous said...

Division One Result
Nelson df FFT Boys 5:1
Nelson Matt Fone 2, Cody Flynn, Gordon Thomas, Craig Scotdale.
FFT Boys Frances Kenyi

Brian Young said...

Great post Brian [24 Apr 7:01pm].

It is good that some posters [!] have some good things to say about the minor divisions & actually convey some interesting information about matches.

Brian for Minister for Shaking Hands!

Pixel 40 said...

anon 706pm
none at all :-(
will keep working till we find it,
time like these is when you find you inner self. i have to be positive, regardless off what you think
you must be happy ;-)

Alan said...

North Premier Scorers
Burnie United - Prospect Knights 2:4 (0:2)
Goals: 0:1 Nathan Balym (Penalty); 0:2 Pip Atherton; 0:3 Pip Atherton; 1:3 Astyn Johnson; 1:4 Chris Hill; 2:4 Sam Cocks

Launceston United - Ulverstone 0:7 (0:7)
Goals: 0:1 Braydon Mann; 0:2 Braydon Mann; 0:3 Dallas Baldock; 0:4 Dallas Baldock; 0:5 Kyle Baldock; 0:6 Kyle Baldock; 0:7 Will Cox-Haines

Riverside Olympic - Northern Rangers 2:2 (1:1)
Goals: 1:0 Will Guy; 1:1 Todd Hingston; 1:2 Des Schipper; 2:2 Ryan McCarragher

Devonport City - Somerset 5:0 (2:0)
Goals: 1:0 Chris McKenna; 2:0 Jordan Douce; 3:0 Alan Eadie; 4:0 Chris McKenna (Penalty); 5:0 Chris McKenna

Anonymous said...

Olympia were on top in the first 20 - 25 minutes of each half in its game.

They conceded penalties in 45th and 90th minutes.

This suggests that the players are not mentally and/or physically prepared to win 90+ minute games.

EVERY Olympia player (including those currently registered but not training/playing) must decide whether they are prepared to allow this proud Club to languish in its 50th year and potentially succumb to relegation.

EVERY Olympia player must take responsibility for the next 4 MONTHS and put self aside.


Anonymous said...

I hope they get relegated and have to play D1 next year...
wouldn't that be a bundle of fun! enjoyable for everyone else to watch anyhow!

Anonymous said...

walter metro senior scorers
leek 3 dawes 4 cowen 2 marney 2 wicks 1 richardson 1

Walter said...

Thanks Anonymous (11.50am). I'll add that last scorer. My answer machine cut out just as Greg named the final scorer! I appreciate him ringing after each Metro game and giving me the results and scorers. Wish every club would do that!

Anonymous said...

the Brown and Previdi combination not working at Clarence, I dont know who is in charge?
Watched Cripps play the last few weeks and is highly over rated and should have been substituted two weeks in a row.