Sunday, April 4, 2010

Six of the State-wide Cup ties to go ahead while two teams forfeit

Photos (Top to Bottom): Craig important defender for Nelson against Hobart United; Nathan Pitchford...will need to be in top form for Eagles against Olympia; Taroona's Jack Elliott (right) will be a key player against DOSA; Eagles' Alex Leszczynski (left) and Taroona's Sam Johnson...big things are expected from both against Olympia and DOSA, respectively; Eagles coach George Krambousanos is confident of beating Olympia; Krambousanos calls in his brood [PlessPix]

Beachside and University have forfeited their matches in Monday’s preliminary round of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy State-wide competition.

Beachside, who were due to travel to Montello to face Burnie United, pulled out on Saturday, citing player unavailability and injuries as the reasons.

University, who were due to meet Somerset at Cardigan Street, withdrew on Thursday. The reasons given were that their players were simply not up to playing two games in three days.

These late forfeits have done the image of the game, let alone this prestigious competition, no good at all.

Beachside are determined to win promotion to the Premier League, while University were relegated from the Premier League last season and seem to be in serious decline.

One is left to wonder whether the two sides would have forfeited if they had been drawn at home against the two North-West Coast outfits.

At this rate, the credibility of the game in this State is under serious threat.

There are some intriguing ties in the games that are going ahead.

Kingborough Lions United have slumped to third-last on the southern Premier League ladder and host Launceston City at Lightwood Park at 2pm.

City are in a rebuilding phase under new coach Kurt Reynolds and this game will give an indication of their progress.

The Lions should be good enough to progress to the next round.

Olympia Warriors entertain New Town Eagles at South Hobart and a close encounter can be expected as the sides drew 2-2 at this venue in the league a few weeks ago.

Eagles won their first league match of the season on Saturday, while the Warriors have not tasted victory in four league games and will be up against it.

Eagles will miss Shane Kent, who has the ‘flu, while Chris Wass is a doubtful starter because of continuing ankle problems.

“I think we can beat them this time,” said Eagles coach, George Krambousanos. “The last time, we had our two centre-backs missing, but this time we’ll have at least one of them playing.

“I don’t really know what to expect from Olympia, and when they say they have up to eight players missing, I don’t think that’s accurate.

“They have a whole range of players who have been in the senior team and I’d say the only genuine absentees are Jayden Hey and Kosta Grillas.

“Anyway, it doesn’t worry me and I just hope we can beat them.”

Olympia put up a plucky display against league-leaders South Hobart on Saturday and eventually succumbed only 2-0, so they will be competitive.

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport travel to Birch Avenue to take on Launceston United, who are gaining a reputation as the ‘easy beats’ of northern football and the TIS should come away victorious.

Metro welcome Ulverstone to North Chigwell and the visitors should be more than a match for the southerners.

Taroona should be too strong for DOSA at Kelevdon Park, while the Hobart United versus Nelson Eastern Suburbs game at the Showgrounds should be a close contest.

The Nelson squad is likely to be: Tom Clamp, Craig Stockdale, Matt Fone, Will Stalker, Bill Hanley, Adam Mills, Tom Gordon, Cameron Rush, Troy Hoppitt, Max Caulfield, and Nick Roberts.


Unknown said...

the hobart united v nelson game has been moved to the "top quality pitch" at the showgrounds

Anonymous said...

George appears to question Olympia's absentees - Capt Hugh Richardson, vice Captain Kosta Grillas regular starting 11 players Nick Meredith, Jayden Hey and Adam Hedge are all missing as are Chris Kumpulainen, Mark Wakefield, and Warren Awaru, who played his first game for the Club yesterday off the bench in the reserves.

If George's 2 centre backs make all the difference Olympia will be on fire when these guys become available.

Max said...

Lets hope the cows have been released at the showgrounds, can't have the grass being too long

ollie said...

MAAAAXXXX.... your going to beast it up today. SO is Big WILL. COME ON NELSON!

David Mitchell said...

Walter - I can't help but wonder (as you've suggested) if these Southern clubs would have forfeited if the games were to be played on their own patch! Very poor. Perhaps these clubs could have indicated their intentions by not entering the cup in the first place enabling some integrity to the draw and the competition generally.

David Mitchell

Marty Nidorfer said...

I remember years ago Burnie forfieted a league match in the then State League.
Walter, or anyone, can you remember the punishment meted out on them??

Brian Roberts said...

Eagles 3 Olympic 0

Taroona 7 ( When I last heard) DOSA 0

1/2 time Kboro 2 City 2

Anonymous said...

David, as you will note from Walter’s articles it was the unavailability of players that forced Beachside to withdraw from the Cup. I can assure you they did everything they could to try and put together a competitive side to travel north, a trip the club always enjoys (the bus was already hired and paid for). Unfortunately too many players had work and family commitments, which often come first and some of which were not known about till Saturday, hence the late withdrawal. The fact that all 3 of the clubs senior keepers were unavailable for the trip did not help with team selections either.

behind play said...

To forfeit at this level is a disgrace. They should be disqualified from entering the cup for the next 3 years and if FFT have any Balls they should fine them as well

David Mitchell said...

...University, who were due to meet Somerset at Cardigan Street, withdrew on Thursday. The reasons given were that their players were simply not up to playing two games in three days" Walter
Any response here 'Anonymous'?

A few years ago Ulverstone had to play Hobart United in the Cup down there (South)and had a few withdrawals but pulled together a mix of youth and a few first team regulars to field a team.
Ulverstone also played on Saturday in a 1- 2 defeat but managed to back up for a second game (against Metro) in three days AND a eight hour trip!

Anonymous said...

What level are you talikng about behind the play? Southern Tasmanian cup qualifying? Give me a break, it's hardly FA cup. I wouldn't want to spend my Easter Monday travelling to the north west coast with an undermanned squad when i could be spending the day and enjoying the Easter break with my young family. Get a grip on what level of soccer we are talking about here and it's importance vs family for most of these guys.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Anon, 5:02. Was it the fact you couldnt put out a competive side OR a side. The latter would be in the spirit of the competition. I realise you are probably a Beachside supporter and want to defend the club.
As I said earlier, Burnie, for different reasons lost "rights" from their forfeiture at the time.
IF rules were stated and you knew the reprucussion, you guys would most likely send 15 guys up there. It is anti competitive and if clubs can pick and choose what comps they want to be in and then pull out when it doesent suit = farce.
It is relevant now in the lower leagues of which I am involved(ie 6 Div 2 sides and 16 Div 3 Sides????)
Last year on the same day(Easter Monday) it was a pleasure to see an old clubmate Ray Parke and his young Burnie side play Eagles at Clare Street in the Cup.
I wonder anon, if it were a league match and you were faced with the same availability, whether you would choose to forfeit, or put out your clubs best 11 that weekend. Look forward especially to your reply to this question.

Cheers, and well done Eagles lads today.

Anonymous said...

yeah that does kind of sum it up, when you take two clubs with with not a lot of depth and average age in senior team of well over 25, other priorities are gonna come into play. no ones questioning that. But its not an excuse, could and should have sorted it out earlier guys

Brian Roberts said...

May I have my two bobs worth.

If you enter a competition then you are expected to fulfil your obligations .

I recall the United v Ulverstone game because I was there .

An undermanned juvenile side that had travelled 200 miles did their best against the local side .

Prospects of success nil , obligation factor 100%.

We can not pick and choose our opponents or venues.

I hope next year the administrators of any club just don't automaticaly tick a box with out regard for the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Brian. Marty should have read "a side", apologies. As earlier stated the bus was hired, but unfortunately circumstances changed and our thoughts are with those that couldn't make it for various reasons.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Another aside, the Youth Under 15's side also withdrew from this competition and should also be criticised and punished the same as the other forfeiting teams.

behind play said...

Anon 5.58 What do you mean by southern qualification? didn't realise Burnie and Somerset were from greater hobart. Correct me if I am wrong but we are talking about the highest in Tas. It may not be the FA Cup as you put it, but it's Tasmanias equivalent and that deserves a level of respect and I agree with Brian about a level of obligation. So, to forfeit at this, the highest level in Tasmania, is a disgrace. I will grant some of the comments that FFT only gave a weeks notice of the schedule and they also need to take some responsibility for the forfeits.

redfaced said...

Yeah I'm a Uni player in a Div 3 side and I'm embarassed by the club's decision.

Amazed said...


The U15's did not withdraw - they were withdrawn from the competition by FFT as they realised that there would be some common players in the TIS side - and as no player is allowed to play in two different teams in the Cup one had to be withdrawn.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Last anon comment, well said.

So who is accountable for the U'15 forfeit. The TIS or FFT??

Also are those two squads as you obviously stated 1 entity and if that is the case how is that FFt can enter 2 teams from one club.

It would be like my club entering 2 teams in the cup.

I hope they are following comp rules in the league as all clubs must abide. ie 3 players can only go down to the reserves, week to week. I am sure all participating clubs will monitor this closely after your comment.

My experiences in the past few years of the lower tiers in the south are an emphasis not on ability, but 'criteria'

The 'criteria' is not being met right now, and it kicks me personally that my blokes got shafted out of a comp that we enjoyed, and got kicked out of, to see 1 and bit years later get changed again.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Correction, last comment to 'amazed'

Anonymous said...

FFT fine Uni? You must be joking right.... I'm more surprised they didn't give them a TIS team or something to play with this year like they did in the Under 19's last year instead of relegating/fining them then!

Observer said...

The Under 15's and TIS are two completely separate and unrelated squads. The TIS is exactly that,the Institute Squad and the Under 15 squad is the state under 15 squad which will compete at the nationals later in the year.No-one from the TIS is part of the Under 15 squad and vice versa ,obviously.Please get your facts right before engaging the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brian that Club and therefore the players within that club have an obligation to put a team on the park. In these two cases, whether the decision was made by players or administrators, either way these Clubs need to get their shit together and they should be docked Premiership Points so they have little or no chance of advancing into the Premier League next year

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that there were common players in U15's and TIS? Maybe they were withdrawn to save the kids self esteem as they would have been totaly smashed by Taroona. After 2 weeks of Div1 comp and 2 big losses, it would appear that the U15's will be out of their depth in the Div1 comp. I'm not bagging the kids, they are only young and they are doing their best. Just hope they can improve enough through the year, so they don't go to the nationals as a demoralised squad

Anonymous said...

always on the cards with what's going on with MSS & TIS. This side does not contain our best U15s.


This is poor form by the clubs involved, Ulverstone entered, knowing there was a good chance they would have to go to Hobart on Easter Monday and play and guess what they did!

When the premier league rosters went out at the end of last year Easter Monday was set aside for State cup qualifying, therefore anyone wishing to participate bar the top 4 from NPL and SPL in 2009 knew there was a game to play.

Yes the draw was a tad late, but his not and excuse sounds like the 2 clubs just did not want to travel north plain and simple. Would they have had teams if they had be drawn in Hobart I would think so.

Will be interesting to see what happens, but at least they should be banned from next years comp

Anonymous said...

It's just basically comfirming Beachside and Uni are now social clubs and also have no interest in developing youth.

Dock them Points and ban them from being in next years cup, also a fine is in order.

Anonymous said...

Rangers Pres, as stated by many it had nothing to do with the travel north, it was to do with numbers available. They would not have been able to field a team in the south either it seems.

Anonymous said...

ummm, it was a qualifying round...

the blame in this instnace is not in the hands of the clubs, it's with Mike Mckenna and fft. it should have been southern v southern teams and northern v northern.

once that lot had qualified the open it up.

as it's already been stated, expecting teams to fork out $1000 to travel 10 hours plus game time, a 12 hour day is farcical.

to those stating it demeans the cup, well then fft need to get some common sense together think aobut how they structure their competitions.

Anonymous said...

Anon @10:43pm

You're kidding yourself. Anyone with half a brain knows they both would've played had the games been down here. Even social/youth players could've been used to make up numbers if the club was serious about it.

It's clear why you are unable to see that though!

jerrie kruijver said...

if you wont travel for a cup how would you manage a stateleague?

Anonymous said...

the point isn't that the two forfeiting teams would have played if the game was rostered down here. The point is that in a qualifying round there should be no travel between nth and sth. Keep it regional.

jerrie, why bother with the hypotheticals?

Richard Bennett said...

the blame for cancellations are without question the fault and responsibility of the clubs involved.

to suggest that the rules of competition are changed to suit the lowest denominator is as usual encouraging the lack of acceptable organisation and standard required to be in the competition.

if you want to play in a senior competition and don't want to commit to being available to play in the fixtures assigned to your team/club you should suffer the consequences or just not nominate your team to compete.

Anonymous said...

The amount of cattiness in these comments section is worse than a Sex and the City forum. You all need to get a life and stop being keyboard warriors. Oh yeah, and FFT couldn’t organise a chook raffle at the moment. Tas soccer is a joke.

Anonymous said...


As you would well know there are a limited number of players that the clubs can call upon.

In Beachside's case it was a situation where all players from the seniors, reserves and u19s were contacted and the final count for Mondays contest was still under 10.

The bus, a driver and all the other 'acceptable organisation' had been covered in advance. However the players either had urgent work / family commitments or were injured during Saturdays game.

On Saturday evening the clubs committee informed FFT of their plight and wanted to have the game delayed and rescheduled.

It was never a case of not wanting to fulfil our responsibilities to this great competition.

Beachside HSC