Sunday, April 4, 2010

South Hobart stay top of Premier League ladder

Photos (Top to Bottom): Taroona's Sam Johnson halts an Eagles attack; Taroona keeper Richard Nettlefold is beaten by Alex Leszczynski's free-kick; Taroona's Duncan Carey is shadowed by Eagles' Mark Page; Eagles keeper Nathan Pitchford cannot stop Marcus Atkinson's penalty; Eagles' Ben Whitehall looks for a way past Taroona's Toby Dove; Eagles' Ben Whitehall comes up against Taroona's Garry Hamilton; Taroona's Marcus Atkinson in possession in midfield; Eagles' Michael Anderson clears the ball from his penalty area; Eagles' Michael Anderson (left) and Taroona's Ben Schaap in a heading duel [PlessPix]

South Hobart retained first place on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder after beating Olympia Warriors 2-0 at South Hobart on Saturday.

Jonathon Lo took advantage of a pass from Liam Scott in the 30th minute to give the reigning champions a 1-0 lead at the break.

Scott was making his return to the side more quickly than expected after suffering a broken elbow.

He hit the second goal in the 69th minute to seal victory for the home side.

Glenorchy Knights regained second place with a 4-1 away win over Kingborough Lions United at Lightwood Park on Saturday.

Amadu Koroma broke the deadlock for the Knights, while further goals by Jacob Huigsloot and Josh Fielding made it 3-1 at the interval, Marcello Marchioli having pulled a goal back for the Lions with a penalty.

Fielding notched his second goal of the game in the second half for the Knights, who had Corey Smith sent off by referee Kim Barker after foolishly receiving a second yellow card.

Tilford Zebras briefly occupied top spot on Friday night when they downed Clarence United 4-1 at KGV Park.

Clarence went ahead after just two minutes through Ben Hamlett, who took advantage of a sleepy Zebras defence, but Zebras were level in the 16th minute when former Clarence player Dwayne Walsh attacked down the right and beat Julian McMahon before cutting inside and beating keeper Cameron Sweeney at his near post.

Dwayne Welch put Zebras 2-1 up in the 25th minute with a neat lob over Sweeney after a long ball forward by Andrew Telega had left him completely unmarked, while Matt Hall hit the third in the 38th minute following Luke Engels’s left-wing cross and an ‘air swing’ by Walsh.

Zebras captain Andrew Telega scored the fourth in the 59th minute following a corner. Hall’s shot was blocked and, when the ball rebounded to Telega, he smashed it home.

New Town Eagles, who had a shaky start to the league season, found themselves in fourth spot after recording their first win with a 3-1 triumph over Taroona at home at Clare Street on Saturday.

Eagles led 3-0 at half-time through a free-kick by Alex Leszczynski from just outside the box and two goals by Adam McKeown.

McKeown’s first came in the 33rd minute when he managed to get in a shot despite the close attentions of Jack Elliott. Elliott got a touch to McKeown’s shot and the ball squirmed past goalkeeper Richard Nettlefold.

McKeown’s second came four minutes later from a fine volley from just inside the box after Ben Whitehall’s free-kick from the right and a clever dummy by Leszczynski.

Taroona reduced the arrears in the 62nd minute through a penalty, conceded by Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford for a needless foul on Garry Hamilton. Pitchford had blocked Hamilton’s initial shot and then raced off his line to up-end the Taroona striker in a crowded goalmouth.

Marcus Atkinson tucked away the spot-kick with ease, but Taroona were unable to make up the leeway.

In the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League, Riverside Olympia beat Launceston United 4-1, Burnie United downed Launceston City 2-1 away at Mitsubishi Park, Somerset defeated Prospect Knights 2-1 at Cardigan Street, and Devonport City squeezed home 2-1 against Ulverstone at Valley Road in the North-West Coast derby.

Beachside took over at the top of the Division One ladder with a 5-0 win over Southern FC at Sherburd Park.

Hobart United are second after beating University 3-1, with Akuel Guot netting a hat-trick.

Metro trounced the FFT Under-15s 10-3, while Nelson Eastern Suburbs downed DOSA 6-1.


Anonymous said...

corey smith...when will he ever learn?

Anonymous said...

ok coreys 1st yellow was yeah fair enuff but his 2nd yellow was poor reffing by kim corey tripped ova the ball and it hit him on the hand accidentl wat is kim barkers problem with corey???

Anonymous said...

Just heard Emmanuel Tsikiris is leaving Olympia to join Clarence? I wonder if this is because of Oylmpia's recent signing of ex-TIS Striker Brady Cronk. Sad to see Olympia lose a talented youngster.

It's time said...

Knights to struggle without Corey Smith. Big loss. He played well in the first half but once again his temper got the better of him. Shouldn't have been trapped off to receive the first yellow. Simple. Grow up and think about your team mates a bit more, it's not all about you.

Anonymous said...

it would be great if reporters and people who did not see the event actually got an informed view of incidents before drawing their own conclusions!

Rage against the machine said...

Corey copped more than his fair share of warnings and Kim Barker was MORE than lenient with him. Barker was entitled to send him off (for the elbow to the opposing player) prior to calling out Smith and Fishy for a little chat. The final straw looked very much like an intentional handball to me (knocked the ball away with his hand as he went to ground). Corey is his own worst enemy and his temprement (and ego) is now a source of tactics for opposing teams. Until Corey (who can be a very good player) can mature and show some discipline this will be the plan of most opposing teams.

ginger said...

Walter, not sure how to contact the new soccer writer for the mercury but maybe next time you see him you could remind him the captain of the zebras is Andrew Telega, not scott as has been published in the last 2 weekend papers!

scott hasnt played for years, and last played at eagles.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9;29Am - that would be sad news indeed. The coach was in extended discussion with ET immediately before the senior game - presumably as he refused to take his spot on the bench after playing in the 12.30 game. No doubt there is heavy influence from other quarters on the youngster. However most are becoming sick and tired of players trying to dictate to the coach. The 13 that played vs south yesterday gave their all for the team and the last two games have been encouraging.

Anonymous said...

To Anon - April 4, 2010 5:07 PM -
Grow up, stop bitching about the Tsakiris'. I doubt Emmanuels family would have told him to stop playing for the club considering how long they have been involved down there.

Its getting a little old blaming them.

Anonymous said...

North Premier League Scorers
Launceston United - Riverside Olympic 1:4 (1:3)
Goals: 0:1 Mark Cristy; 1:1 Billy Luate; 1:2 Matthew Chapman; 1:3 Mark Cristy; 1:4 Mark Cristy

Launceston City - Burnie United 1:2 (1:2)
Goals: 0:1 Sam Cocks (Penalty); 0:2 Sam Cocks; 1:2 Antonio Macri

Somerset - Prospect Knights 3:2 (3:1)
Goals: 1:0 Bobby Eaves; 2:0 Danny Eaves; 3:0 Bobby Eaves; 3:1 Toby Omenihu; 3:2 Matthew Sessay

Devonport City - Ulverstone 2:1 (0:1)
Goals: 0:1 Braydon Mann; 1:1 Chris McKenna; 2:1 Grant Ashdown


what a shambles said...

corey smith foolishly got a second yellow?? you weren't even at the game walter you tool bag as if you even know?? try and report on things you actually see and are factual instead of stirring the rumour mill as you are running out of supporters now julius is the new media pon up boy!

Puma said...

what a shambles, that certainly describes your writing! What is a 'pon up boy'? Have a look at the other blog you're raving about and you'll find dozens of similar errors. Then again, I doubt that you'd spot them you nematode because you're illiterate.

Anonymous said...

tas soccer altogether is a shambles the game and the media lets just leave it at that no more said r.i.p

Anonymous said...

What a shambles...maybe this name descibes your state of mind. You are talking through your arse son. When you have done for this game what Walter Pless has done then, and ONY then, can you speak with any authority or credence.

Brad Hughes

Anonymous said...

If you are on a yellow and manage to get another one it's usually foolish..... Not sure you need to be at the game to say that.

Pixel 40 said...

what a shambles said

grow up mate, If A player get a red card is because of bad behavior or continuous, infringe of the law of the game. one more thing Walter and Julius do a good job together. you on the other hand. hide under a silly nameless name.

if you going to make criticism, put you birth name in here, so that everyone give you credibility. silly donkey, give me a smart ass comment if you want. but that is all you are??

jerrie kruijver said...

walter this might be a good time to only publish comments by people who are prepared to take responsibility for what they write and make them sign their name.we seem to be descending into the gutter lately.

Anonymous said...

Olympia is a shambles. Continue to lose decent players because of useless committee/coaches. Forget the Tsakiris' and go back to Kanakaris who left the club because of its unprofessionalism.

Walter said...

Jerrie, your idea is admirable, but how does one know if the person really is the person they purport to be? Some months ago, someone was writing as Eamonn Kelly and it wasn't really him.

jerrie kruijver said...

yes i know is just that the people who contributed last year and offered constructive criticism followed by an alternative idea seem to be discouraged from contributing now.if the attitude on display is the same as what fft has to deal with then they deserve medals instead of ridicule.

jerrie kruijver said...

maybe something like verifying an emailaddress is the answer walter

Pixel 40 said...

Jerry freedom of opinion is well receive, but some people here seen to have lost the plot. if they can take back at them, what they feed us with, I dont see any problem, walter do a job job to keep this under control ,
in any how controversy is what give any anyone exposure. and game

Anonymous said...

Walter .........what were you thinking ??? Comment on your own blog .......oh please ??? ;-)

what a shambles: get a grip !
Dont tell Walter what he can or can't write about on HIS blog !

If you dont want to read the latest info ...then then don't visit Walters site !

BTW: it's NOT compulsory to read this site every day !!

Everyone knows that Corey can be a very good player if he turns up with the right mindset ...on the flip side ...if i was going to be an opposing coach, he would be the first player that i would target ...he's always good for a few cheap cards if you wind him up!

Bout time that Corey, the coach and the club took some responsibility for his actions !

Anonymous said...

Walter allows anonymous comments and if they are civil then that's Ok.

Walter, I think you should deny an audience to any comments that have negative things to say about individuals whether that be yourself, players or officials - whether they be annonymous or not.

Freedom of speech is one thing but character assassination is another and this blog unfortunately provides a forum for that.

I think the comments that have been on here in past weeks about Andrew Brown, Kim Barker, Corey Smith etc should not be allowed to continue.

The comments detract from the good work you do. Let's keep it positive and factual.

archie said...

Anon 9.16pm -you can't have it both ways son. The current committee and coaches are trying to reverse the unprofessional aspects of the club which forced Kanakaris to flee - for example, sanctioning a reserves player who refuses to take a (pre-arranged)spot on the pine for a seniors match.

It's lucky Chris Hey doesnt have much of the fluffy stuff left on top as surely he would be tearing it out trying to turn Olympia around with the number of snipers within the club. Keep it up Chris, you're on the right path.

Anonymous said...

He is indeed. Committee and Coach need to ride out the storm as there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck today.

Julius Ross said...

Walter, not sure how to contact the new soccer writer for the mercury but maybe next time you see him you could remind him the captain of the zebras is Andrew Telega, not scott as has been published in the last 2 weekend papers!

scott hasnt played for years, and last played at Eagles.

Hi ginger, apologies for the mistake in the paper, I was at the game and both times have seen Andrew score and also read his name on the team sheet, but I must have had a brain fade when I originally wrote it and it has now stuck as I was aware for Scott the former player! I have also played against Andrew last season and played with him in the State side so again I'm not sure how I let that slip

Apologies to Andrew.

Julius Ross

Anonymous said...

Olympia Warriors very proffesional? Dont think so. not when there are different rules for different players.Funny how people that dont train get a senior game and those who do train only play reserves. This is Hobart Olympia FC Warriors.

jughead said...

Im not sure if Olympia are headed on the right path at all Archie, at this stage they don't look like getting a win and that is the bottom line.
Its a much more competitive league now with Taroona doing quite well and only 8 teams so massive danger signs. Last year Uni got 14 points and 7th spot (Eagles) got 23 so you would think Olympia would need to get around the 18-20 mark which is about 5-6 wins and some draws.
Maybe they should work on that Beachside merger that was rumoured to preserve their spot in the Premier League as they must be favourites to win Div 1.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.55am, i totally agree with you, i think that the forum is somewhere that people should be able to write their true views, i also agree that it should not be allowed to character assassinate, my main concern is that regularly there are things left up about certain people and also articles written that almost look as if they are there to stir the pot.