Sunday, April 11, 2010

South start slowly before demolishing Taroona

Photos (Top to Bottom): The South Hobart starting XI versus Taroona; The teams shake hands prior to kick-off; South keeper Sam Kruijver takes a corner at the near post; Taroona's Sam Johnson foils Kostas Kanakaris; South's Tom Roach rises above Toby Dove; Tom Roach wins the ball against Taroona's Sam Johnson; Taroona keeper Richard Nettlefold watches the ball flash by for a corner; Mr Video filming the match at a picturesque South Hobart ground; South's Jonathon Lo prods the ball wide; Jonathon Lo has put South ahead; Jonathon Lo (on the ground at right) completes his hat-trick; South's Jonathon Ladic (left) tangles with Taroona's Hugo Luttmer; Jonathon Ladic puts Kostas Kanakaris away during a South attack; South's Josh Heerey (No. 4) shoots wide; Taroona's Sam Johnson cuts out Heerey's cross; South's Shae Hickey (No. 7) shoots wide of the far post; South's Shae Hickey (left) shields the ball from Taroona's Jack Elliott; Taroona's Jack Elliott wins the ball from South's Tom Roach [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (South Hobart, Sunday, 11 April 2010)


South Hobart 5 (J Lo 20, 34, 68, K Kanakaris 28, S Hickey 54)

Taroona 1 (G Hamilton 43)

HT: 3-1 Att: 100 Ref: S Collins

South Hobart: Kruijver - Heerey (Pennicott 56), D Brown (Ludford 62), M Brown, Scott - Beecroft, Roach, Ladic (Upton 67), Hickey - Lo, Kanakaris [Substitute not used: Moncur] [Coach: Ken Morton]

Taroona: Nettlefold - Tubb, Johnson, Schaap, Darragh Carey (Wright 35) - Duncan Carey (Macgregor 70), Atkinson, Elliott, Dove - Hamilton, Luttmer (Douglas 83) [Substitute not used: Hortle] [Coach: Ben Horgan]


This victory put South Hobart back on top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder, a point ahead of second-placed Glenorchy Knights.

Taroona are second-last, three points ahead of bottom-side Olympia Warriors.

South were on the back foot for the first ten minutes as Taroona attacked relentlessly in an attempt to get off to a good start by taking the game to their opponents.

South made the occasional foray into Taroona’s defensive third and they did have the ball in the net in the 8th minute, but the effort was disallowed because of off-side.

South gradually wore their opponents down and took the lead in the 20th minute when Josh Heerey released Shae Hickey down the right and his cross was turned in by Jonathon Lo. Hickey was clearly off-side and the goal should not have counted.

South’s second goal, in the 28th minute, though, was a fine one. Tom Roach won the ball in midfield and his precise through-ball put Kostas Kanakaris through and he beat the advancing goalkeeper to make it 2-0.

Ladic set up Lo for his second and South’s third in the 34th minute.

South were terrorising Taroona down the flanks - particularly the right - and Taroona replaced their left-back, Darragh Carey, with Jordan Wright 10 minutes before the interval.

Lo, Hickey and Heerey had all missed good chances from close range, somehow shooting beyond the far post, and in the 37th minute Roach was unlucky when his shot hit the far left-hand post and the ball rebounded into the grateful arms of keeper Richard Nettlefold.

Two minutes later, Lo’s cross put Kanakaris through, but he somehow missed an open goal, shooting wide of the target.

Two minutes before the break, Taroona struck back with an excellent goal following a long clearance from Nettlefold. Luttmer controlled the ball and fed Garry Hamilton in the middle. He found a way past Daniel Brown and Heerey and drew Kruijver before shooting home to make it 3-1 at half-time.

South restored their three-goal buffer nine minutes after the resumption when Heerey floated a tempting cross in from the right. Nettlefold misjudged the flight of the ball badly and completely missed the cross, while Llewyn Tubb slipped at the vital moment, enabling Hickey to score an easy goal. Hickey gave Tubb a friendly tap on the head as if in commiseration as he trotted away for the kick-off.

Luttmer missed a good chance within a minute of the restart, while South coach Ken Morton decided to make some changes of personnel.

Heerey made way for Jim Pennicott in the 56th minute and Garry Upton came on for Ladic midway through the half.

Lo completed his hat-trick and the scoring in the 68th minute. Hickey crossed from the left and Kanakaris collided with Nettlefold, enabling Lo to shoot home as he also fell to the turf.

South continued to dominate the closing stages and Kanakaris went close on a couple of occasions when his pace got him into good positions, but his final touch was missing.

In the 86th minute, Kanakaris played a couple of neat one-twos with Hickey as Lo lured defenders away, but his shot flew into the side-netting.


· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“I thought we did well. We played some lovely attacking football and created lots of chances again and had a comfortable win 5-1.

“Credit’s got to be given to Taroona. They stuck to the principles of football. They passed the ball well and they were honest and you can’t ask for much more than that.

“But, I thought over the 90 minutes, we were a much stronger outfit.”

· Taroona coach, Ben Horgan, said:

“They got away from us in the first 30 minutes and probably had it stitched up by half-time.

“We just didn’t cope with their movement and pace. They got in behind us a lot.

“Three goals were always going to be a bit hard.

“We looked okay going forward, but they just opened up big holes in our defence.

“They were too good for us today.”


Roy said...

Social Standings:

The Eagles boys have been in some rare form of late managing to maintain the gap to knights on the top of the standings and slowly stretching the margin between second and third away from South Hobart.

Knights rumored strategic outing of skelaton atheletes apearing on Saturday night. A few stories have stated this is due to a lack of interest, Work commitments or the location of fixtures. None of these being true.

My own absence on Saturday night was due to 'Severe Currency Deprevation'. Its is also true that only a few Knights stars made it out Saturday knight. The Highest performing Atheletes Being William 'Rabbits' Roberts and Club Stallwart Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic. The later has given myself a large percentage of my information for this weeks judgement.

South Hobart were the big losers at the pointy end of the field this weekend partly due to their Sunday Fixture with Taroona which also left the Roona boys with only half a point out of this week end. Liam 'Careny' Scott recieved 1.5 points for South, the extra half point was for venturing out the night before his game much to the disgused of Gaffer Morton. A true credit to the Gifted left back with central attacking midfield aspirations. Sam Johnson reciced the half point for Taroona after venturing into the Croation club late Friday night.

Knights Recieved 6 points for the weekend with 1 point each for William 'Rabbits' Roberts and Anton 'Bruiser Adonis' Baltic and their Saturday Knight performance. 4 points rewarded for a group consisting of: William 'Rabbits' Roberts, Anthony 'Googs' Grundy, Jade 'Sticky Fingers' Clay, Brodie 'Snot' Green, Lindsey 'The One Liner' Millington, Jackson 'Irish Murphy's' Marsh, Andrew 'The Cool Kid' Robb and Alexander 'Go Big man' Holmes for their friday night 'Office work'.

3 points awarded to Eagles for Several players appearing around the waterfront on Saturday evening and a further point each for Jamie 'Hair Straightner' Vernon, Andy 'Fire Goggles' Clarke and Craig 'The shopping trolley' Minty for their entertainment at the Womens Premier league fixture held at Queens walk on Sunday.

All in all an interesting weekend for everybody.


Knights 27
Eagles 25
South 19.5
Clarence 13
Kingborough 12
Taroona 11.5
Zebras 10
Olympic 0

Anonymous said...

surely zebras are on more po9ints then that.
i have seen a few good performances by some of there players. noteably the saturday night befor the game against the lions.

Anonymous said...

that is possibly the saddest thing i have ever seen. get a life roy

Roy said...

more points can be rewarded but the names places and witnesses need to be shown. I am always happy to give well deserved points!

Anonymous said...

the refs always state before the game the skins have to be the same colour as your shorts but why is it kosta always weres black skins under blue shorts clearly not the same colour just goes to show that the refs arent bias at all when it comes to south.

ye right.

archie said...

Anon 8.15 pm - the colour of Kosta's skins?

Dear, oh, dear - Sad effort by another pathetic South hater.

Roy said...

Anonymous said...
that is possibly the saddest thing i have ever seen. get a life roy

Im very sorry that you think this is sad but i have been asked for an update by several people both on and off the blog. this is a serious as it gets ladies and gentleman. didnt get a mention maybe anon? not out much anon? no friends maybe anon? yes im the sad one because i care about the most coverted trophy in the state!

Ps. i would like to thank Lloyd for the interest and reminder for the update

Anonymous said...

fair call i say

Spectator said...

Anon 8:05 if you look closely at the pic of Kosta he is not wearing black skins. He is wearing black under armour... totally different thing.
So if you are going to complain about something so trivial as that get your facts right

Anonymous said...

who cares about skins? i am more worried about the standard of olympia in the off field social standings? not one point?

is that because they do not go out or is it because nobody knows any of them?

Jonas said...

I for one enjoy Roy's updates. Its a bit of fun and I'd much rather have a bit of a chuckle at some of the antics on the social circuit while im at work than read about someone whingeing for not having the right colour skins.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you have not included The Metz Bar because South would be on top on and off the field.

J Marsh should be docked points for his 30min outing on Fri night and burning his team mates for a young Black Hair girl.

Love the post Roy I expect you to keep us updated each week.

Greg Ludford said...

Social standings aside, the ‘Roona sides should be congratulated for playing an attractive style of game on Sunday.
No boring ten men behind the ball stuff, they came to play & did so in entertaining games. To boot they are the only Prem side to score against the South defense (discounting 1 dodgy penalty) in the league thus far.
A club with a lot of positive signs and potential.

Russ said...

this is some good ground work here roy. to the anon the only reason u think its sad is cos clearly u have been letting your team down in accumaling points! Hopefully knights keep a strong hold on the lead here!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree Greg, the game was very entertaining between Taroona and South Hobart. A bright future for Taroona one would hope.

Anonymous said...

Interesting team photo south! LOL

Front row bent over by back row, nice

Roy said...

Rumor has it that the knights have moved into phase II of their strategic move. Could it be a Massive midweek assault on the circuit?

We will have to wait and see...

View Finder said...

Anonymous (1.26pm), it's sad you know so little of the trends in the world game. Even a cursory glance at any soccer magazine would show you that this is the style of photo the top teams in the world now prefer. Gone are the days of the players in the front row crouching down on their haunches, or crouching with one knee on the ground. New Town Eagles adopted this modern pose in a photo on this blog a few weeks ago, so it would appear that Eagles and South are up with the accepted practices regarding team photos. Your poor attempt at humour has fallen flat.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be .....
Now there is a way to pose for a photo and a way not to.
What a load of crap !

Anonymous said...

the real crap is the comment made in the first place typically underwhelming as far as humour is concerned. why is it an issue unless you have the mentality of a simpelton.

snipers with little to contribute AGAIN.