Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Tilford Zebras starting XI versus New Town Eagles; Adam McKeown nods home Eagles' second goal; Adam Shackcloth is given a lift by Alex Leszczynski so that the goal net can be repaired (the game was held up for five minutes); Eagles' Jamie Vernon (left) tries to find a way past Zebras' Jordan Muller; Eagles' captain Chris Wass (right) puts in a challenge against Zebras' Dwayne Walsh; Eagles' Andrew Clark (right) gets a foot in ahead of Zebras' Jayden Welch as Eagles' Shane Kent and Alex Leszczynski look on; Zebras' Ricky Self gets in a shot despite the attentions of Eagles' Ben Whitehall [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 2 (A Leszczynski 46, A McKeown 63) lt Tilford Zebras 3 (B Crosswell 12, 90+4, D Walsh 55)

Taroona 0-3 Kingborough Lions United (G Freeman 19, M Marchioli 22 pen, R Bevan 26)


New Town Eagles 0-5 Tilford Zebras

Taroona 0-4 Kingborough Lions United


New Town Eagles 3-3 Tilford Zebras

Taroona 2-4 Kingborough Lions United

Southern Division One

Southern FC 0-5 Hobart United

Division Four

South Hobart 4 (D Jones 3, Hyo Suk Jin) b Peninsula Pirates 2

Woodbridge SC 8 (Jack Turner 4, Rob Howes 2, John Owen 1, Ryan Hartshorn 1) b Barnestoneworth 1

Metro 2 (John King, Matt O'Brien) b Southern FC 0

Women's Division One

Metro 1 (Erica Hutchinson) b New Town Eagles 0


Anonymous said...

It was only 4-2 to Kingborough... There seem to be a fair few errors in scores lately.

Scoop said...

If clubs would only officially notify Walter and Julius of their results, that might help the two reporters, Anonymous 5.29pm! They're probably having to rely on spectators for some of the under-19 and reserves results.

Brian Roberts said...

SHSC 4 P Pirates 2

Dean Jones 3 Mr Jin 1 Pirates unknown except he was a handy player .

One of the most enjoyable afternoons I have spent at a match for a long time

The weather was perfect the atmosphere great .

I wish there were more teams of this nature where people just enjoy the game . .

For Pirates Glen Jenkins ( Calies / SHSC ) and Steve Ryan ( SHSC ) both played well .

Both sides played good football albeit not at hurricane pace .

Good Crowd followed by traditional SHSC hospitality .

Perhaps the fact that I won my Pennant golf game in the A M plus a Brown Milk or two contributed .

reflex action said...

Dear oh dear - why can't Zebras defend anymore?

Maybe they should try and raid South's abundant stock of quality defenders.

Anonymous said...

Sure Ken would be happy to share his abundant stock of defenders with Zebras - NOT.

Response said...

so what has happened to the zebras defence? who was in there today?

Anonymous said...

jorden muller bright knew prospect.was at the game and defensive change well needed. could be the turning piont they need.If Frediani is giving young players a chance, good move.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.04 pm. I do not disagree with anything you have said.
However , Zebras did still concede 2 goals and were lucky it wasnt another 2 or 3. I am not saying the player mentioned was at fault either. From your point of view , in what way was it a defensive change well needed ?

Anonymous said...

South could field a team full of defenders.

Ludford, the Brown boys, Heery, Pennicot, Scott (who all and sundry love), the korean, and a couple of reserves are definately up to Zebras standard.

However, Zebras attacking options are tops. Crossa, J.Welch in particular.

ginger said...

wonder how many of the south boys are getting sick of getting splinters each week....

a true test of kenny's management skills to keep 18 players happy!