Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday results

Photo: New Town Eagles reserve squad versus TIS [PlessPix]

Premier League Reserves (KGV Park)

Tasmanian Institute of Sport 4 (J de Smit 12, F Kenyi 15, J Walker 43, 90+2) b New Town Eagles 3 (M Fennell 24, A Gonzalez 59, J Quan 69)

2010 FFA National Boys’ Junior (Under-13) Championships (Canberra)

Victoria Country 2-4 Tasmania

Tasmania 7-1 Northern Territory


Anonymous said...

Walter, Jeremy Walkers first goal was in about 89 min I think as it was 2-1 at HT. 2 very good goals by Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

why is there two pools? with all the strong teams in the other pool?

is the nationals seeded now?

Walter said...

Anonymous (10.22pm), you are quite correct of course. I recorded it as the 43rd minute of the second half, which should, of course, be the 88th minute. I will correct it. Thanks for pointing that out.