Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cisak left on bench as Accrington go down narrowly to Newcastle United

Alex Cisak did not play for Accrington Stanley against Newcastle United this morning in the Carling Cup, but he was on the substitutes’ bench.

Ian Dunbavin replaced Cisak in goal, while Newcastle left out up to four regulars from their line-up.

Newcastle won 3-2 to progress to the next round.

Accrington Stanley, one of the oldest and most famous names in English football, made about 200,000 pounds from the visit of the Toon Army.

The ground was packed, with rooftops on nearby houses also holding spectators who could not get tickets.

The Newcastle substitutes had to wait outside their tiny dressing-room while the selected line-up got changed.

Accrington had beaten Doncaster Rovers 2-1 in the previous round, but they have never progressed beyond round 2 of this competition.

Accrington went out of existence in 1960 but were re-established in 1968 and made their way back to the Football League through the minor leagues such as the Unibond League. The town is situated in the Lancashire hills between Blackburn and Burnley.

Accrington did well to score twice as they have lost their top three scorers from last season.

In other Carling Cup matches this morning, Everton beat Huddersfield Town 5-1, while Fulham overcame Port Vale 6-0.


Anonymous said...

hi walter not many people care about whats happening over seas.Could you please cover this week finals.No disrespect though.Just a big thing for tasmanian football.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WOW no wonder Cisak is the only Tasmanian player playing the game professionaly.

Thanks for updating us on something that actually gives tasmanian football a name and a face Walter.

Roy said...

I care thank you anon! credit needs to be given where it is due and when a young kid out of Tas is in a squad that plays against Newcastle united I for one would love to hear about it! It shows other young kids what a bit of hard work can do for you! Alex worked his but of with Soz too reach this level and this is all positive for tasmanian football, not having a go but maybe just ask for this weekends preview and leave out the belittling of other people achievements... Thanks :)

Spectator said...

Well anon considering he is a Tasmanian who used to play for South Hobart, maybe some people are interested in how he is going overseas. Obviously you are not, but I'm sure some are. Keep up the good work Walter

Anonymous said...

anon 10.18 No offence but who are you to speak for everyone?

I think the development of a Tasmanian abroad to be highlighted is excellent, rather than having an outlook of the SPL being the dogs balls.

Anonymous said...

So sorry guys i didnt mean to upset any one and yeah your right cisak has made it futher than most of us will.Sorry again maybe it should have said.Walter great to see the young fella is doing well out of tassie. When do you think the preview for this weeks finals will be up.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:18 AM that has to be one of the stupid things i've ever read. if your not interested dont read it simply! just because you arent interested doesnt mean other people arent. we should be proud of lads like alex getting over there and making something of themselves

Anonymous said...

Not many people care about what's happening overseas?? Are you joking anon 10:18am ?? That has to be singularly the most stupid statement made on this blog site.

Overseas is the yardstick by which we measure our local game...unless of course you have your head in the sand of inserted in your own butt.

Thanks for giving us some news on a local lad doing well Walter. And well done Chissa.

Anonymous said...

This post is addressed to the first anonymous respondent in this thread.

This is the most typical example of a parochial heliocentricism about the football milieu in Tasmania. Some of the members of the Tasmanian football milieu are desperate to hear of any success by Tasmanian footballers overseas.

Now we hear of a success story and it is criticised by you as being inconsequential. I hope you are in the minority and speak for no others.

Thanks to Walter for publicising this type of article/interview on this site. I hope many others in Tasmania want to view articles like this too.

Casual Observer