Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eagles threaten Clarence's top-four spot

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Adam McKeown heads at goal; Eagles' Ben Whitehall takes on Clarence's Julian McMahon (No. 9) and Henry Lush; Clarence's Sam McIntyre out-heads Eagles' Alex Leszczynski; Clarence defender Ben Parker beats Eagles striker Jacob Clamp to the ball; Clarence's Nathan Rees gets a pass away despite the attentions of Eagles' Blayne Hudson; Eagles' Mark Page tries to outwit Clarence's Luke Cripps (No. 5) and Luke Huigsloot; Fancy footwork by Clarence's Luke Cripps appears to mesmerise Eagles' Mark Page (left) and Ethan Menzie [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Clare Street, Saturday, 31 July 2010)


New Town Eagles 3 (Menzie 56, McKeown 81, Cox 83)

Clarence United 0

HT: 0-0 Att: 60 Ref: B Kopra

New Town Eagles: Pitchford - Clark, Anderson, Wass, Page (Quan 90) - Whitehall, Hudson, Menzie, Leszczynski (Cox 66), McKeown - Clamp [Substitutes not used: Fennell, Minty]

Clarence United: Sweeney - Toghill, Parker, Lewis, Lush - S McIntyre (Hardwick 77), Stevens, Rees, McMahon (Hoppitt 63) - Cripps (Reibel 86), L Huigsloot [Substitute not used: Maxwell]


The first half was a stalemate, with two long range efforts by Eagles’ Adam McKeown the only real chances.

Sam McIntyre came close to putting the visitors ahead 4 minutes into the second half, but his powerful drive from the right came back into play off the crossbar.

In the 55th minute, Ben Whitehall landed a lob on top of Clarence’s bar.

Eleven minutes after the break, Ethan Menzie netted his first goal of the season for Eagles. He beat Ben Parker on the left of the box and slotted the ball inside the far post.

Nine minutes from the end, McKewon made it 2-0 when he volleyed home David Cox’s downward header following Whitehall’s precise cross from the right.

Whitehall repeated the service in the 83rd minute and this time Cox nodded home to make it 3-0.

The result leaves Eagles 3 points behind fourth-placed Clarence and in with a chance of displacing the Eastern Shore side from a top-four spot.


· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“We changed our formation to a 4-5-1 today for a lot of reasons.

“It helped to keep the ball in midfield and to penetrate from the midfield onwards, I know it’s a short area, but that’s what we spoke about.

“Clarence looked a bit flat today. They had a hard game up at Burnie and travelled back and they lost two strikers, but our three goals were superb goals.

“I’m not going to take anything away from our boys. It was a good game and I hope we make the final-four.”


Anonymous said...

I see one coach is still sooking Walter and not speaking to you . Well done Eagles top 4 only if they win their last games .Clarence will drop points .

Anonymous said...

Great game by eagles..

Anonymous said...

eagles squd looking very strong at the moment. if they do make fnals i would not like to come up gainst them in this form.

Anonymous said...

They deserve finals after that showing.

Anonymous said...

they play Clare St, which is a DISGRACE, very well. Their Skill -free, pure grunt style of play will expose them on a better ground. No threat to any of the top 3.

Anonymous said...

Which is why south Hobart have won by 1 goal on 2 occasions against them where they have smashed every other squad???

Anonymous said...

if eagles beat zebras and south in their last 2 games they deserve to be in top four. But they wont and Clarence will finish 4th and attempt to defend their state championship AND Statewide cup trophies. If the finals series was at Clare St they may win a game but cant travel.

Anonymous said...

We'll see over the next two rounds what they are really made of. Anyone on that team can score a goal when given the opporunity, so i dont think the squad is skill free

Anonymous said...

anon 11.05....pitchy, mckeown skill free?? ur joking right...the whole team for that matter.... they are more of a physical team but far from skill free...they should be sitting 4th clear atm but they lost points where they shouldnt have but they will be no easy beats for zebras and south in their last 2 games!! they'll make the four!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.05 did u watch the game against Clarence.... No skill??? Wow

Anonymous said...

anon 11:05 first goal was a neat 1 on 1 finish by Menzie after leaving a defender stranded. second goal was a superb ball into the box by whitehall then nodded first time across goal by Cox and a one touch finish by Mckeown. third goal was a another brilliant cross by whitehall to the back post that was nodded home by Cox. now they all seemed to be to be very well orchestrated goals showcasing superb skill

Anonymous said...

anon 8:23, very typical view of a young eagles player/supporter. You say eagles should be "sitting 4th clear" then say "but drop points where they shouldnt" ALL teams (other than south) have dropped points where they shouldnt this year. Always remember mate THE LEAGUE DOESNT LIE, where your team is at the moment is exactly where it deserves to be. no more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Clarence will make top 4. they have the will to win it and will be title contenders once again as they showed last year a repeat of the double win looms!