Sunday, August 29, 2010

One southern and three northern teams in Top-Four semi-finals

Photos (Top to Bottom): The Burnie United starting XI against Tilford Zebras; Burnie player-coach Sam Cocks on the ball; Kyrone Johnson (third from right) is congratulated for setting up Chris Smith (left) for Burnie's opening goal; Zebras' Dwayne Walsh blasts high over the goal; Zebras' Jayden Welch shoots just wide; Burnie's Jeremy de Bomford is stretchered off the field; Beachside's starting XI against the FFT Under-15s; Beachside keeper and captain Michael Soszynski was a spectator for much of the match but showed his brilliance when required, including in the last minute when he blocked a goal attempt in a one-on-one situation; FFT Under-15s' Harry Woolley (right) faces Beachside's David Lowe [PlessPix]

Only one southern side made it through the first round of the Tasmania-wide top-four finals series on Saturday.

Southern Premier League champions South Hobart remained on course for five pieces of silverware when they downed the visiting Riverside Olympic 2-0 at South Hobart.

Tilford Zebras, who came second in the south, lost 3-1 at home to Burnie United at KGV Park.

Glenorchy Knights lost 2-1 away to North-West Coast outfit Devonport City at Valley Road, while Northern Rangers needed extra-time before overcoming southerners Clarence United 1-0 at the NTCA Ground in Launceston. Clarence finished the game with only nine men.

Burnie United showed speed, physical determination and good technical skills in defeating Tilford Zebras.

Burnie took the lead in the 18th minute after a neat build-up through midfield. When the ball was knocked wide to the right, Kyrone Johnson played a splendid first-time ball to the edge of the box for Chris Smith to run onto and beat Zebras goalkeeper Jason Voss with a low shot inside the far left-hand post.

Zebras fought back and only a goal-line clearance by Michael Wolfert prevented Matt Hall from equalising in the 22nd minute.

A minute later, Burnie went further ahead after a quick counter-attack from the ensuing goal-kick. They worked the ball down the left and Chris Smith flicked the ball on for Mark Ambrose to cut inside the fullback and beat Voss with a fine shot.

Zebras again responded with a good attack, but Burnie goalkeeper Bradley Ryan saved superbly from Jonathon Ladic’s bullet-like shot.

Wolfert again came to Burnie’s rescue on the stroke of half-time when he tidied up after Ryan could only parry Jayden Welch’s shot.

Within a minute of the resumption, Chris Smith left Jordan Muller in his wake as he broke clear down the right and his shot was only partially blocked and almost crossed the goal-line before being properly cleared.

Ladic pulled a goal back for Zebras in the 69th minute with a low drive from range that flew through a crowded goalmouth and slipped past Ryan, who was caught off guard.

Zebras pounded the Burnie goal in search of an equaliser, but their shooting was inaccurate and Burnie grabbed a third goal in the 78th minute when Astyn Johnson netted from Ambrose’s low cross from the left.

Zebras continued their assault on the Burnie goal, but the northerners held out for a meritorious victory.

A goal in the 4th minute by teenager Andy Brennan gave South Hobart the lead against Riverside Olympic, while a marvellous strike by Tom Roach three minutes before the interval sealed the home side’s win.

South Hobart will now meet Devonport City in one semi-final, while Northern Rangers will clash with Burnie United in the other.

Beachside won the Division One title and earned promotion to the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League on Saturday after thrashing bottom-side FFT Under-15s 9-1 at KGV Park on Saturday.

It really was a case of men against boys and the Under-15s had no answer to the combined experience, technical skills and tactical acumen of Beachside.

Bernhard Klasen netted four goals for Beachside, while former NSL player Brett Pullen grabbed a brace and Patrick Dunne, Ben Davis and Andrew Reason a goal apiece.

There was no denying the Under-15s’ endeavour and courage and they put together some nice passages of play, but they were never in the hunt. Chris McDonald netted their consolation goal, while Harry Woolley almost grabbed a second when he broke through from midfield, but the talented and experienced Beachside goalkeeper Michael Soszynski was off his line in a flash and blocked at the youngster’s feet.


Anonymous said...

The secret to the success in the south is a great relegation system.should introduce it in the north so we can drag you down to our level.

Anonymous said...

Here are the Northern Rangers coach Adam Whitemore's comments from their website (given there is no other coverage of their game).

"Not a great performance at all in terms of the quality of our play. Not being able to train properly for a couple of weeks because of the weather was a major factor and really took our sharpness, which then affected our ball movement. Clarence showed the benefit of a hard game last week when we had the week off. They pressed us pretty hard , and the intensity of their play was of a much higher level than we generally see in our league. Subsequently we weren't able to dominate possession as we have done all season.

They will be disappointed to have lost the game, particularly as they were by far the better side in the first half hour. A draw was probably all we deserved overall. Having said that they only had 3-4 decent chances all game (though the late to chance to Barron should have won the game), and we were generally defensively solid, given their early territorial domination especially. We came back into the game close to half-time and had good periods, but never got close to the level I expect, and that we normally play at. Our penalty miss may have changed the game, but I didn't think it was a penalty so I'm glad it didn't decide the game.

I felt we controlled the centre of midfield from half-time onward, and once they went down to 10 men and we changed formation we looked the likely winners. While we didn't play well, what we did see was great mental strength to get back into the game, and then to win it. The players are really mentally tough, and I always expect them to pull through when it gets tight, and the longer the game went the better we were. I was also really pleased that we kept playing out of the back, and kept trying to pass it on the ground, even when we were struggling.

Clarence were a bit unlucky with the sendings-off. The first yellows were a bit foolish and costly in the end. It wasn't a dirty game at all, and they are clearly a really well run and coached club who play hard and fair. Their guard of honour was a very sporting gesture, particularly as they would have been really disappointed not to have won the game, and would feel a couple of key decisions didn't go their way

We need to be better this week, but the game will have done us a lot of good for sharpness and conditioning."

Hugo said...

Hey Walter, it's Bradley Ryan, not Ryan Bradley haha. good young keeper, was in TIS, lived with me for a year before going back up to Burnie.
I was with the Burnie Team and yes it wasn't good after the game, they were wondering where or when the food and hospitality was coming.
It didn't bother them too much, a few ales at KGV then on to the bus for a long, loud trip home.

Walter said...

Thanks for that Hugo, and apologies to Bradley. It's fixed now. I posted at 1.17am and that may explain it.

Anonymous said...

There have been some comments regarding the way south hobart have increased the level of professionalism in the southern league however, it appears from the results this weekend that by attracting the majority of the best quality players in the south that the overall quality of the southern league may be suffering. Just an opinion. Would be interesting to hear other peoples opinion on the above point. I also believe that any of the remaining northern teams are more than capable of beating south hobart simply because they are not intimidated by them like the majority of teams in the south.

Anonymous said...

a lot of penalties but in the end the white tip roll to stop a certain goal for devonport was the highlight along with chalky's isle of pee celebration

Anonymous said...

The simple answer is, blokes in the North don't get paid for playing, they play for the strip/team. Blokes in South are extrinsically motivated..... money talks down there!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.01pm - not all the best players are in South - South's line up has remained unchanged mostly for the past three years. What is different is the coaching and the style of play. It's been a big year for South and credit to them but I doubt they are worrying about the other teams North or South - every game as it comes.

Also North games are very much part of the unbeaten record of South Hobart this year...Rangers included.

This North South divide is stupid and the end result is the game loses. Even the Rangers coach said Clarence could have easily won the game.
Who cares three north teams one south - football is a great game on the day that's the way it was. Does it say one league is better than the other - No.

As I see it Clarence acted like Men and clapped Rangers off - pity those of you on this blog can't have a little more sportmanship and vision for the game.

In Tasmania every effort should be made to bring in a state league competition to raise the standards.
Simple as that - every club should be fully supportive of the concept. To play in a north and south league is a waste of time, effort and talent! Best and brighest should play one another each weekend. By having a state league all players get to demonstrate their talents and the state teams will be better for it.

"You Know its Right People."

the priest said...

Anon 6.56pm Clueless tripe from you.

Captain Australia said...

anon 7:54
State league for the moment WILL NOT WORK AND IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE GAME IN TAS. im not going into the ins and outs of it, but in short, what to do with whats left over wen you take the best clubs from the north and who will fund it and support the clubs, you cant ask the players to coff up $30 every other week to pay for a bus or their own petrol money, most clubs could never afford to provide the bus for free. The Fees we pay to FFT at the moment are out of control, no disrespect to FFT, we cant afford to be adding to it. There is so much more to it than meets the eye. besides, look at the rable that AFL Tas are turning their state league into, 2-4 years it will collapse again, save my comment, print it out and i will sign it for you when it happens. This is a great taste together with the SWC of state wide football with out the cost and extended travel scheduel. its working, the clubs want the State wide crown, the only thing that should be done to it is increase the prize money a little and make it the pinicle of Tas football with out question. and WORTH THE EFFORT TO THE CLUBS BANK SHEETS!

Anonymous said...

yawn yawn yawn yawn all this talk of state league, no one in the north is interested.

This weekend proves (and what we all knew in the north) that generally there isnt a huge amount of difference between the north and south teams on the day. Last year all 4 northern teams went out in week 1. This year 3 of the southern.

The playing styles are similar some play from the back, some a more direct approach.

I was a neutral viewer at Ranger and Clarence, Clarence better first half and Rangers better in second half (even before the send offs).

This final series is a good concept

Anonymous said...

RE Money talks down south

Money talks everywhere eventually. To play for the team and strip, although admirable it dosent pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

lol yeh people in the south get a hot pie after the game instead of a cold one, thats there payment


This stuff cracks me up. Lets be honest the difference between the leagues is minimal.

Last season all the northern teams went out in week one and if my memory serves me right it went something like this:

Clarence beat Rangers on peanlties
Glenorchy defeated Devonport with and extra time penalty. South defeated River 2 nil the same as this season and Zebras defeated prospect 4-2. So in the end all 4 northern teams out in reasonably close games.

This year the tables have been turned, with South Hobart the best team player for player flying the southern flag. Rangers and Devonport turn the table just on Clarence and Glenorchy and Burnie defat Zebras 3-1. Anyone up north will tell you when on their game Burnie will score goals.

Clarence are a good bunch of blokes we have played them on 3 occassions in the past 2 years and we have developed a great relationship with them and look forward to meeting them again soon. Well done Browny, Phil and your lads you are a credit to your club.

So again no blowouts. Thats the nature of knockout games. I think this new state championship format is good. Far better than the 2 champion sides playing off as has been before 2009. Keeps those teams that cant win their leagues interested in their comps and also gives sides a chance to play for another title when the league season is over. I mean what would the other Hobart sides been playing for South had it sown up 2 months out.

This system gives the best of both worlds first past the post for our respective comps then a knock out final series at the end of the year, where you may not be the most consistent side during the year but have a good 3 weeks and you can be state champions. Clarence did this last seson and fair play to them.

End of rant

Mark Ackerly

Anonymous said...

knights were robbed by bad refereeing in devonport, the difference in leagues is that the southern clubs generally have better depth and there are 8 good sides and not 3 or 4, devonport would not finish in the top 4 in hobart and they finished top in the north

Anonymous said...

Well i know at my club not one player gets paid. If you need soccer to pay for your bills, maybe you should have listened in class and got a decent paying job!

Anonymous said...

Dev finished second in the Northern League and if that was the case annon 3:36, then Knights would finish lower than them going on the weekends results!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:26 - WOW!! How wrong are you??
#1 - Devonport didn't finish top, Rangers did.
#2 - If they wouldn't finish top 4 in South, how did they beat the 3rd placed southern team?
#3 - Bad refereeing? I heard that Kim was very lenient by not showing a straight red to the Knight defender for the 1st penalty.
#4 - I saw the 1st half and Knights scored from their only chance while Devonport had at least half a dozen with some good last ditch tackles & saves keeping it scoreless.

About the only thing that I'd agree with is the depth in southern squads compared to north.

I don't think we'll ever fully agree but at least try to limit the crap you make up!

roundball said...

Rangers President, how can it be a better format, when before the games on the weekend, (and if results went the right way) a team like clarence who only scored 28 points for the season - and 29 points behind the eventual competition winners, could come out as statewide final series champions (if they won the games)?
A better format for me, would be Southern winner v Northern winner in a home-and-away format

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.26pm. Rangers were the top side in the north, not Devonport. Agree on your comments re depth though.

Anonymous said...

round ball, your a tool, you missed Rangers Prez whole point, the series gave the southern teams something to play for after daylight savings ended, in the north, it gave just about the whole comp a chance of playing an extra week atleast with 2 rounds to play, somerset could have still crept in with the right maths. a southern premier vs northern premier destroys all that and means the season is almost over as soon as it starts as none of your clubs can seem to get close to south hobart!

Beardy79 said...

Northern Rangers v Clarence Utd highlights are now on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Beardy. Brilliant vid.

Bloody oath that first Clarence bloke who got sent off is silly. Pulling on a shirt like that when you are already on a yellow? Begging for a red. Veeeeeery silly.

Also right at the end when the very final whistle went...did he blow that just as the Clarence player was getting into the box? Pretty brave call. I know time is up when it's up but wow.

Anonymous said...

Watched highlights then, Clar looked like they dominated from them and Barron was unlucky to be sent off for a 2nd yellow, was a pathetic Ref call.

Anonymous said...

Ok what ref calls the final whistle when you are about the shoot on goal, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

roundball is a bitter south hobart person (or dad) still struggling to come to terms with the mighty reds from last year. haha

roundball said...

Anon, just a fisherman buddy, obviously using the right bait last couple days