Friday, August 27, 2010

Payne resigns as FFT technical director

Photo: Steve Payne, shortly after his appointment in September last year [PlessPix]

Steve Payne, Football Federation Tasmania’s technical director, has resigned.

Payne has been in the job for just under 12 months.

He coached Tasmania in the recent game against A-League side Central Coast Mariners, which Tasmania lost 3-0.

Payne had taken sick leave earlier this year but returned to the job after a brief visit to his former home in Canada.

I spoke to Payne this morning and asked him whether he had, in fact, resigned and he responded with the one-word answer: “Correct”.

When I asked him whether he could tell me the reason for his resignation, he replied: “No.”

I also asked him whether he would be staying in Tasmania and he replied: “I really have nothing further to say.”

FFT CEO John Boulos was unavailable for comment.


Anonymous said...

Someone has seen the light

doldrums said...

seems to be a revolving door at FFT for C&D directors

Anonymous said...

A very disappointing result for FFT. The State has not been serviced by a football coaching director since David Abela. The Federation appeared to do their best with advertising both locally and abroad, and the calibre of applicants (on paper) looked promising. It is a pity that Mr Payne did not appear to do the job/state or federation justice. Maybe the State may be serviced better by two part timers (one up here in the North and the other down there). Maybe it was the fact that personnel outside the State do not realise the divide between North and South, maybe they do not realise the distance that the coaching director has to cover, or maybe it was the way in which he endeared himself onto all that had the pleasure to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.04pm, you seem to imply that FFT were let down by Steve and that he wasn't up to the job? Evidence? I doubt the north/south "divide" has anything to do with it, and as for the travel, it's hardly outback WA is it? Having met Steve he seemed a passionate football man, who was warm and approachable. The distance wasn't an issue at all for him.The problems in this state lies with clubs and their self interest/insular nature. I'm not sure what happens at FFT, but there are clearly problems within the organisation that sees such a high turnover of staff. Please discuss

Richard Bennett said...

sounds very much like a deed of agreement termination with confidentiality clauses.

not money well spent.

Gabriel Tams said...

Anon 9.20

"The problems in this state lies with clubs and their self interest/insular nature."

Honestly, what the hell do you expect? We don't all have the history and resources of some clubs, some clubs are pretty new...and if they didn't look after their own interests, they would soon fade away to nothing. In the north we see very little evidence of the entity (perhaps mythical) called FFT. More often than not, we don't have all 3 sanctioned referees for any one game...and while one could argue that it's because we don't have enough referees, others could wonder why the governing body doesn't do more to entice them. The only reason I know FFT exists is because of the ridiculous amount of money I pay each year which goes....where?

Anonymous said...

The whole FFT setup/staffing requires serious review.There are some who have been there too long in my opinion , and have their own agendas in mind. There is much back stabbing that has occurred in the past due to personality clashes/jealousy.The board seriously need to take a step back in order to review the structure and put in place a structure , with the right staff , that will collectively take the game to another level. Having staff that dislike other staff within the organisation and plotting to have them removed is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

wheres the Steve Payne interview that was done a few weeks ago??

Walter said...

Anonymous 7.40pm, the Steve Payne interview was being done by The Lowdown blog site so you'll have to ask the person who runs that site that question. Nothing to do with this site.