Friday, October 30, 2009

Of old photos and times of yore

I went to a photo exhibition at the Moonah Community Centre in Hopkins Street this afternoon.

Adrian Pickin, the former Hobart United president, had told me that there were some old soccer photos included in the exhibition and I wanted a peek.

The exhibition, which is open every week day from 12.30pm to 5pm, is entitled “Appleland” and is well worth a look.

It features photographs salvaged from the Hobart tip and just goes to show that someone’s rubbish can be another person's treasure.

There were eight soccer photos, seven of which were taken at South Hobart in the 1950s and 1960s, I think.

The remaining photo is of the University team arriving at Melbourne’s Essendon Airport on Sunday, 21 May, 1967.

They are shown on the steps of their aircraft and I assume they were on their way to the annual Intervarsity tournament involving university teams from all over Australia.

I think I could recognise Fred Joughin, who later became, and still is, life president of the club.

Now to the photos taken at South Hobart.

There is an action photo showing a goalkeeper at the southern end of the ground and a couple of players. It is from the 1950s, but I don’t know the teams or players.

It is taken from the side of the ground where the netball courts once were and which are now tennis courts.

There is another of two teams being presented to a VIP in the centre of the South Hobart ground, with an old wooden grandstand (not the wooden grandstand that still exists today) in the background.

This grandstand is to the southern end of the current large grandstand and is on what is now just an uneven grassed area where teams often do a preliminary warm-up before going on to the pitch.

Again, I don’t recognise any players or officials, nor do I know the occasion.

The remaining photos are all similar to each other and are taken from the large grandstand.

They are photos of two teams in the centre of the ground being introduced to VIPs before what was obviously a State final of some sort as the teams are Hobart Juventus and Launceston Juventus.

Hobart Juventus are wearing white shirts and black shorts, while the visitors are in their traditional striped shirts.

Youngsters can be seen in the background engaged in a kick-about near the goal at the canteen end of the ground.

I can identify some people in these photos.

Mr George Garlington, a former leading referee and, at the time of the photo, a Hobart Juventus official, is introducing Mr Vic Tuting MBE to the Hobart Juventus team.

Some of the Juventus players are Phil Owen, Tommy Watson, Johnny Genovesi, Dominic Rizzolo and goalkeeper Karl Jaeger.

Hans Heiremann is the referee, while the only Launceston Juventus player I recognise is Hans Streit.

Perhaps there is a reader out there who can date the photos and identify the players.

If you do go and have a look at the exhibition and know the details of the soccer photos, I’d welcome a call or an email.

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Brian Roberts said...

Visited the Moonah Arts Centre

In the Juventus Phot I thought I recognised R De Felice, The referee to H Hierman's left may be "young" Norm Evans .

The Presentation Photo .

In the background is the original S Hobart Ground dressing room.

Taken 1954 possible at Hollandia's first match ve S Hobart

From The left
A Hodge, Unknown, D Kenna , Alec Mackie?, W Scott,? Boakes,N Gardner ( Captain Coach)
Officials V Tuting, F Joughin , Mr White ( Charlie's Grandfather)
Hollandia F Kuipers???? T Steen,P de Schipper ,H Van Gerven ( Son plays for K C Saints)

South won

I played for the reserves in the curtain raiser . We won

The only time I achieved a hat trick.