Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sydney FC top of the table but, oh, those attendances


Sydney FC 2-1 Brisbane Roar

Att: 8,456 (lowest home attendance in Sydney FC's history!)


R U Serious Ref said...

Hi Walter.
What do you think is the problem with the lack of crowds? Victory seem to be keeping the numbers up though. Gold Coast numbers have been very poor but so have Roar. Do you think it's because they now have 2 teams so close to each other in Southeast Queensland? Roar were getting good numbers last year but you would assume that, say 3 or 4 thousnad would have moved over to become Coast fans. Should FFA have left Roar there on their own for a few more years. Fury I can understand as they are far enough away from each other to not take supporters off each other.

Sydney I just can't understand. They are up the top @ the moment but the supporters just don't seem to be coming along. There is no AFL, League or Union on @ the moment so what are they doing?

I really beleive that FFA need to take a real good look @ this before adding more teams. I really hope that when they add the new Melbourne side that they can get all new supporters to support this team and all the Victory fans stay where they are because this team is popping up the A-league and their crowd don't make it look as embarrasing as it is

Walter said...

R U Serious Ref

My guess is as good as anybody's. I suspect it may be a combination of factors, including: Aussies just don't like soccer; tickets are too expensive; there are other things to do in summer; some probably just don't like the team in their area as it's just another franchise and has little to do with the community; the standard of play in the A-League is poor; there is so much soccer from around the world on TV and only so much one can watch, why bother going to an A-League game?

In terms of the standard, our imports or marquee players are a dime a dozen around the world. I mean, what Brazilian playing here could get a game in a top overseas team? They aren't even 'has beens' but are 'never will bes'.

I've lived in America and watched the game there and all their marquee players were past their prime when they played there. We have many of the same problems here, but a little bit worse. That's what you get when you have franchises rather than clubs based on the community.

What do others think?

jerrie kruijver said...

you are spot on walter.most people are aware that the franchise is only there to make money at their expense.i personally think it would be better if a preexistibg club that now plays its games in a state league goes into the aleague and mantains teams in local leagues has far more chance of getting community support.even trhe original clubnames might play a role

Captain said...

I'm a big fan of A League and have been to Etihad, Engery, Skilled and Blue Tongue Stadiums.

There's some great players in the League now with Culina, Moore, Sterjovski, Burns, Hernandez, Tiato, Smeltz, Aloisi, Corica, Fowler.

Victory obviously have best support and their supporters are great with chants etc. Carlos Hernandez is a great import for them. It's so easy to get to the stadium.

Skilled Stadium at the Gold Coast is a little different and there is no parking for cars. So it's park and ride or just ride. Speaking with locals they don't identify with the Club but the game we went to was good fun in a classy stadium - about 5,500 fans. It was $80 for a family of 4.

I think traditionaly the attednances pick up around Christmas time and into the New Year. See what happens ...

Bruno said...

Gold Coast is a classic example of a club with someone in charge who doesn't have an understanding for the game. Gold Coast will play infront of capped crowds of 5000 from this round till the end of the season. Apparently by closing the East stand the club will save 100k per game but this is quiet idiotic as the East stand is the one every1 will see on tv. Also certain teams can draw bigger crowds aka Fowler.

Also ticket prices are far too expensive at some of these grounds and need to be lowered, the German league is a prime example of this.

My personal view is that having no A-league games on FREE TO AIR TV is a massive mistake as only a small % of australians actualy have paytv. Hopefully in the new tv deal in 2011 there will be a highlights show and at least 1 live game a week.

I would also like to see the clubs use the Guest player stint a bit more as this is a great way of getting sum interest for the game.

Banksie said...

I agree with all the points made.
But there has to be a long term commitment/plan to a league/s.
Previous attempts have come and gone. Why would supporters think the A league is a stayer? Hence crappy crowd numbers.
Also who wants to go see the same teams year in year out.....boring.
I suppose this one league caper comes from the history of other codes in australia but you need to bring in a second tier comp with relegation/promotion.
Unless you are in the top few there is nowt to play for.
If i supported Perth Glory for example why would i pay to watch a match with nothing at stake. A friendly in effect.