Friday, October 9, 2009

Tassie youth sides finish eighth and tenth


Tasmania 0-1 Metropolitan Queensland
(Tasmania finished eighth)


Tasmania 0-2 Western Australia
(Tasmania finished tenth)


Captain said...
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Captain said...
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R U Serious Ref said...

Walter. Where are we at. I went away to the National championships in 92 & 93 and we finished 8th both years. We did not have any where near as much training or time together as a team as all the State teams these days seem to have. There is more exposure to the game in the State now so hopefully more kids to choose from but yet both the U/14 & U/15 finished towards the bottom of the ladder.

Now I'm not blaming the boys that went away as I'm sure, like me, even when we were getting flogged by NSW we kept on trying. What I am concerned about is that it now costs more for someone to go away in the State teams, there are more paid people attached to these teams yet we seem to be in the same position as we were over 10 years ago.

I know some teams have gone away & done really well but is it time we look @ those that are getting the State teams or the type of training they are giving? It just seems to me that the same coaches get the jobs each year yet we always seem to finish in the same area of the ladder each time.

As I said, I am not having a go at any of the players & I do understand that other State's have progressed since I was in a State team but from the look of it it just looks like we are getting nowwhere and people are paying more for it.
Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

R U Serious Ref

Ken Morton had Under 14's
Chris Hey had U15's
Neither had control of a state team last year.
This year the process was run as the individual coaches wanted - rather than as prescribed by FFT.
My understanding is that the new C&D mgr may have a greater say next year.
You are correct - particularly with U14's (mostly made up from participants in Mortons Soccer School) - that they have certainly had enough time together when compared to decades ago.

However the other states havent stood still waiting for us to catch up - thye have continued to harness their numbers and depth of talent and they select early and train/play as a squad.

Will be intersting to see how tassie fares next season if the full FFA preferrred model is adopted by all states whereby the institute players are NOT included in state teams.

Chris hey said...

Re where are we.
As 15s coach, I am proud of the way in which the 15s performed, albiet the results table does not reflect their performance.
Going into the 5th game Vs Qld Country, the maths were like this;
Win = play off for 5th/6th
draw= play off for 7th/8th
loss=play off for 9th/10th
FYI a game summary
G1 Vs Nth NSW = 0-1 loss Penalty. Started poorly but settled 2nd half, playing tremendous football where Tassie dominated the play and had many chances but poor finishing cost us a win.
G2 Vs Nth Territory 7-0 victory. Once again, dominated proceedings.
G3 Vs Victoria Country 2-2 draw. Poor start giving 2 defensive error early goals, before settling. Vic simply put 10 players behind the ball and kicked long & did not try and play football. Tassie battled & found it difficult to break down a 10 man defence but managed a penalty and an excellent late strike to earn a draw. The number of opportunities should have given us a victory.
G4 Vs NSW Metro 7-2 loss.
Did not turn up to play and everyone was disappointed, especially when lokking at comparative results against other group opponents. We were simply very poor on the day.
G5 Vs Qld Country 1-0 loss.
Lads were tied but worked well as a unit and pressured Qld at every opportunity, causing Qld to turn the ball over time & time again & relying on counter attacks. We should have had this game wrapped up in the first half but again not taking our opportunities has cost us.
G6 Vs Western Australia 2-0 loss. WA were the better team but Tassie were not without out opportunities to pinch some goals by applying good pressure in our offensive 3rd of the park causing turnover of possession in good positions.
Thats a quick summary of the 15s performance by me as the coach.

During the championships, Tassie lads frequently managed to maintain good possession of the ball, putting together a dozen passes etc on frequent occasions. This is something I have never experienced seeing Tassie teams do before, such was their confidence.
I think Tassie are doing a lot better than a lot of people think, with a lot more work to be done. We do not have the numbers that other states have and that is a reality. We need to prepare earlier for Nationals as a State squad and removing TIS players from attending Nationals in the future will only show the lack of depth of numbers we have in individual age groups & lead to demorilising losses at such Championships.
I had a total of 15 training sessions as state coach, given TIS commitments & 5 of those sessions, were canned, due to weather. State squad had not played a competative game until 3 weeks prior to nationals. Majority of the squad had not been involved in a competative game for 5 weeks approx.
There is definately a significant dominance of TIS control over state eligible players for Nationals & with the National curriculum, there will be a bigger focus on Institute challenges and pathways for elite footballers, through this program.
I hope Steve PAYNE can develop a system for TIS & state representative squads to work equally to achieve goals for both & not just for 1. It will be a big challenge & I wish him well.
Coaching has always been a passion I have held & developing youth has bought me a lot of happy memories. For me and my colleagues to coach at state level in 2010, we will be required to hold, or be attempting to achieve a "B" licence at the cost of approx $5,000, with I think, 3 weeks at the AIS. This is something FFT & FFA will need to look at, as I don't know of many people who have that sort of money.
Over many many years, Tassie squad have attended Nationals & spent 95%of the time chasing the opposition who had possession of the ball. Things have changed and as disappointed the 15s were, they should hold their heads up high, knowing they did play some very good football at nationals and were not there to be the whipping boys. Other state coaches and organising committee were very complimentary on the quaility of football the lads played.

R U Serious Ref said...

Sorry Chris. I wasn't having a go at you. I was just making the comment about coaches that have been with State & Southern teams that have been there for quite a while now and maybe a change is needed.

As I also said I was not having a go at any of the players. I know what its like to be getting a flogging, even in a club game, but you still try and work your butt off to limit the danage. Well doen tl the boys. I was just putting it out there in regard to where we are at from 10-15 years ago and how much,if any, we have gone forward. Also why the costs are so high. I have a lot of people complain to me about it that's all.

I for one am glad that you have a State team as i know what sort of person you are as a coach and everyday person.

Good luck with the rest of your State duties Chris & I do hope that one day soon all Tassie teams can go away knowing that they can compete & have a chance of winning against the likes of NSW & VIC.

Captain said...
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Captain said...

mortons' soccer school has done a better job preparing a group of kids for nationals than the tis give kenny both teams next year and he can boost numbers in his school and it will be all sweet ...

Chris hey said...

Re: R U Serious Ref - last comment. I certainly never took your previous comment as offensive or having a go at me or the 15s. It is always so easy to draw assumptions from results alone and I simply wanted to put a more realistic picture out there as to how the 15s actually played at nationals, thats all. People will draw what they like from my overview as previously posted. No offence taken.

Who cares said...

Chris Hey - integrity personified good to see you sticking up for yourself and your boys. every state is working their guts out to succeed so the performance is good with the top two teams in the group and only one blow out. Piss off may, piss off doubters, steve get with the program and realise where the strength is or you can piss off to like the others before you have done - nothing learnt.

Captain said...

Hey Chris, it appears most of the games were close and maybe luck - or ability to finish off - was not in our favour.

It also appears that the lack of a full time FFT program hindered progress. Having 11 TIS members didn't seem to help from a results perspective, which is surprising and begs some questions.

FFT should review that aspect of arrangmeents to ensure the State Coach/Team has every opportunity to perform. It is not about individuals at Nationals but the team (at least for most).

The 2008 team, which you didn't see at Nationals, played some attractive football - they may not have strung 12 passes together very often but they did go forward with precision and managed to secure 4 good wins.

Having watched the TIS team play in U19s several times they seemed to soak up possession in their own half by going sideways and backwards ...

I'm not sure if that's the way to go and maybe against better opposition they struggled to finish off the job?

Who cares said...

The 15s (TIS) had a too easy season playing u/19s and probably didn't spend enough time without the ball. As we know there are two parts to the game in possession and not in possession.

defensive duties at corners and thru the middle of the park may have helped to bring u/15s undone at times.

Its a pity that such a good coach as Chris Hey was not able to spend more time with these boys and have his own way with them at Nationals as I know he is very good at defensive organisation and discipline.

Playing Eli Luttmer at fullback was purely to help the individual and TIS Coach and not the team's performance.