Monday, April 19, 2010

Just what the doctors ordered

Photos (Top to Bottom): Tom Roach scored South's first goal; Jonathon Lo sealed the win with the second goal late in the match [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Wentworth Park, Saturday, 17 April 2010)


Clarence United 0

South Hobart 2 (T Roach 10, J Lo 86)

HT: 0-1 Att: 80 Ref: K Barker

Clarence United: Sweeney - Toghill, Parker, Lewis, McMahon - S McIntyre, Stevens (Barron 68), Cannamela, Malcolm (Kunwar 75), L Huigsloot (Hamlett 58) - Cripps [Substitute not used: Sweetten]

South Hobart: Kruijver - Scott, M Brown, D Brown, Heerey - Beecroft, Upton, Roach, Hickey (Abbott 62) - Kanakaris (Wook Bum Heo 53), Lo [Substitute not used: Pennicott]


This win put South Hobart back on top in the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League competition, a point ahead of second-placed Glenorchy Knights, while Clarence United are third last.

With the sound of the booming surf at the nearby beach replacing the Mexican Wave and the sound of a huge crowd at a packed stadium, the visitors set about their task straight from the kick-off. They spread the ball wide and attacked down the flanks, but it was difficult to penetrate the massed ranks of the home side.

Liam Scott was in an adventurous frame of mind and kept his composure despite constant heckling from one Clarence supporter in particular, which reminded one of the old Heckle and Jeckle cartoon featuring the two magpies. He was seated in the top row of a temporary stand and was obviously Heckle, but I couldn’t see Jeckle anywhere.

Scott put a shot over the bar from Josh Heerey’s cross after just four minutes.

In the 10th minute, Tom Roach made it 1-0 for South Hobart with a shot out of the dark that may have taken a deflection and deceived Clarence keeper Cameron Sweeney. There was little crowd reaction, and not even the booming surf changed its rhythm.

Clarence’s first chance came after 16 minutes when Luke Cripps fired into the side-netting.

Four minutes later, Sam McIntyre attacked down the right and sent a low shot across the face of goal. He had no team-mates in advanced positions, however, and the ball stayed in play and was taken up-field on the right by South’s Heerey.

Luke Huigsloot won a corner in the 24th minute with a back-header that was off target and nothing came of the set-piece.

Five minutes before the break, Jonathon Lo drove a free-kick over the bar, while in the 42nd minute, a shot by Shae Hickey threatened to sneak in but Sweeney got down at his near post to block.

Kostas Kanakaris received a needless yellow card in the 43rd minute when he impeded Sweeney as the keeper tried to punt the ball up-field.

The first half ended with Clarence’s Grant Malcolm sending a free-kick wide of the target.

Six minutes after the resumption, Sam Kruijver was brought into the action as he blocked the ball at McIntyre’s feet.

Kanakaris was replaced by Korean import Wook Bum Heo, who proved a lively customer and was cautioned late in the match.

Ben Hamlett came on for Clarence’s Luke Huigsloot just short of the hour mark and he was to have an influence on events before the end, as was South’s David Abbott, who replaced Hickey in the 62nd minute.

Youngster Andy Barron replaced Joseph Stevens for Clarence in the 68th minute, while Dipendra Kunwar was introduced by Clarence for Malcolm in the 75th minute. Kunwar had recently left Olympia Warriors.

All these substitutions in a matter of minutes were designed to liven things up as a stalemate had developed on the park, but it was an explosive incident in the 77th minute, involving one of the substitutes, that provided the only real excitement.

Hamlett was involved in a challenge with South’s Garry Upton, who took umbrage and head-butted the youngster in the face. Mr Barker sent Upton off and Hamlett needed treatment to a facial injury. When he returned to the action, he had a bandage on his nose and face.

The send-off resulted in a free-kick for Clarence and McIntyre pumped the ball towards the far post. Kruijver parried the ball and it rolled loose to Cripps, who slammed it inside the far corner of the net, but Clarence’s glee was cut short by the assistant referee’s raised flag and the effort was ruled off-side.

Six minutes from the end, Clarence had another good chance when a Cripps free-kick was dropped by Kruijver, but Ben Parker’s attempted shot was weak and came back off the post to be gathered in by Kruijver.

With four minutes remaining and Clarence all out in attack seeking an equaliser, they were caught by a sucker punch. David Abbott played a long ball out of defence from the left and Lo was left with the easy task of controlling and placing his shot past Sweeney to kill off the game.

For the statistically minded, Clarence had 7 shots to South Hobart’s 8, while both sides committed 20 fouls. Both sides had 3 corners and 2 yellow cards. South had one red card. Clarence were off-side once (when it really did count) and South Hobart four times.

It's interesting, too, that the goals came from the two players that returned to South Hobart after spending last season with Somerset. I guess it's just what the doctors ordered.


· Clarence United technical director, Franco Previdi, said:

“They scored and we didn’t. We had a goal disallowed. I think it was a goal and we had at least fifty people there and they reckon it was a goal. I don’t know what the linesman was thinking.

“But, having said that, I’m not going to argue about that decision. I mean, they had shots at goal, too, in the second half and they scored and we didn’t.

“I think, overall, a draw would have been a fair result. They had a lot of possession, no doubt, but that was our plan. If you noticed, with about 20 minutes to go, we went to a 4-3-3 instead of the defensive formation we had all game before that. We’ll think about different tactics the next time.

“Good luck to South Hobart. They put the ball in the net.”

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“It’s three points. I thought we controlled the game obviously without a lot of penetration.

“You come away from home and you expect the home team to have a go at you, but they sat back and defended, had a lot of bodies behind the ball and made life difficult for us.

“Our lads persevered and we got a couple of good balls in behind them in the second half and one in particular, from Davie Abbott to Johnny Lo for the second goal, which put it beyond doubt.

“Credit to them for the perseverance, and credit to Clarence as well for defending well for a long period of time.”


Anonymous said...

A good win away to Clarence always a hard place to get 3 pts.

I thought the TIS had banned heckling at Wentworth park?

Anonymous said...

Ken (Morton), time to get over the packed defence whinge. You buy the best players going around and then expect your opposition to play the same tactics, and when they don't you wish to belittle or deride them for it. Counter attacking is a legitimate and sometimes useful tactic, especially when playing a strong opposition. And until teams become far more equal in terms of capability then it is time to build a bridge Ken.

Interested said...

I have to say that the Clarence supporters would be the worst supporters in Southern Tasmania.They support their own team very well, however seem to have very little respect for the opposition and opposition supporters ,from what I have seen.
It is great to see mums, wives ,girlfriends etc support their team , but for God's sake , if you dont know anything about the game , please do not make comments like " take him out ! "
It is just not in the spirit of the game and can cause unintended confrontation. The literal meaning is possibly not the intended meaning, but think before you speak.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.53, if you read Morton's comments, he actually commends clarence for defending well.

It is ridiculous to suggest Morton goes around 'buying' players. it is laughable to think that happens in tasmanian football.

there was an eerie/weird/hostile atmosphere at the game and the upton incident didn't help things.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to see the hostile nature of the Clarence people's behavior and the rude things being yelled, particularly at the South Hobart players. I don't support either team but did see a temporary grandstand brought over full of people wearing red while a lot of old people had to stand to watch the whole time. There was several other grandstands nearby, and I thought it quite rude that no provision was made for elderly supporters, were they South Hobart or Clarence.

Greg Ludford said...

All in the interpretation I guess.
As I read Morton’s comment he was surprised by the early defensive tactic from the home side, he’s not having a whinge about it. Even concluded by congratulating CU on their defense work on the night.
Great patience shown by J Lo in this game (no pun intended). He put up with a lot of argy bargy before having the composure to control & finish an exceptional ball from Abbott that split the 2 central defenders & had the keeper in 2 minds.
Always a tough game v CU at WWP, sloping ground, no space & a partisan home crowd that remind me of Collingwood supporters.
The smoke didn’t help.

Anonymous said...

4-3-3 with 20 minutes to go - I reckon against ten men and goals down

Anonymous said...

south will miss upton how many weeks, will he get three?

The General said...

Greg - for mine the glass is half empty on this one...Ken has to be giving Clarence a back-handed compliment - surely
I am not a South supporter, but i agree with Ken's comments...most of the other SPL teams(not all) are too defensive. Too many players are not fit enough...they don't pass the ball to their own players - mainly because their team mates are standing watching the ball, or running to the wrong position to receive it!
What sort of game has 20 free kicks against/to each team!!! For goodness sake, PLEASE! watch Barcelona and try to copy their play...even a little bit will help.

Nearly all of the SPL games i saw last year were good contests. So far, this year has been very disappionting. Every TIS game(no i am not a parent) has been fantastic entertainment! If you are a coach, send your players to watch a TIS game - then they might learn how the game should be played in order to win, and to provide entertainment and joy to their supporters.
I'm sick of watching volleyball!!!(nothing against volleyball...great game...did you see the Polish women's team???!!!).

Anonymous said...

It's Ok for the TIS to play attractive football and lose. No such luxury for the teams playing for keeps. If you haven't got players 4 days a week with great technique thyen ping pong is what you may well get.

Rick Abbott said...

In relation to the comments by "Interested" I would have to say that the spectators at this game were tame relative to the game at the same venue on Wednesday night.
On that occasion the abuse was not directed so much at the players but at the referees, who took an ongoing pasting for whole game and even as they walked from the field.
All in the name of a bit of drunken fun.
A pretty sad state of affairs really.
Long live a bit of good natured banter but why can't we stamp out these other pratts who greatly detrac from most spectators enjoyment of the game.

surf's up said...

Just glad that we get the chance to see a team like South play decent football and prevail over the defensive slop that many teams serve up.

Even if it is a legitimate game plan to defend and counter (particularly if you dont have the 'cattle'), surely there comes a time when you should try to improve the 'cattle' you have.

IMO Clarence have gone backwards this year in that regard as they were playing better football 12 mths ago.

Richard Bennett said...

Taroona have been the only team I have seen take it to south this season and try to come out and play which they certainly did in patches but couldn't sustain a few weeks ago.

They will develop as a team over the season and have more than a limited game plan. this will mean I expect them to pick up surprise points during the season unlike other teams who have set themselves up to be too predictable and limit themselves to getting acceptable results. I mean results and not points neccessarily.

this may backfire later in the season as I see no point or benefit in losing 5-1 or 2-0 as has happened in the case of taroona and clarence recently to south. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for taroona though compared to some of the teams around them on the table.

I do know though that Franco is too clever to not see this also so maybe they will adapt a new game plan next time.

Anonymous said...

so much for brown's 'young team' that 'try to play good football' that we've been hearing so much about from him in the last couple of years. They are'nt notably younger than many other teams and don't even try to play good football.

The General said...

Anon -April 19, 2010 10:28 PM ...the TIS have won 3 games (4-1, 4-3, & 3-1), drawn 1-1, and lost to Knights 2-3, a game they could easily have won. The loss to South was without their regular keeper. He is a good keeper, but didn't have a great game. So, not sure what you're on about?

Interested said...

Rick Abbott, I was not relating to the Clarence supporters at the game you mention. I was referring to their behaviour generally at most games ,especially at their home , Wentworth Park, on many occasions but also at other grounds. They are disgusting and if Brownie is such a large influence at the club ,then maybe , together with their board, this should be one area that should be investigated. After all , performance/behaviour begins at the top . Absolutely disgusting in many people's opinion.

Anonymous said...

General, they (TIS) have no doubt won most games due to the fact they're given free kicks the minute anyone touches them, apparently its not a contact sport for those mid-week matches!

Unknown said...

i read today some clubs are questioning the validity of automatic promotion and relegation from the southern men Premier & Div 1 leagues.
Given the top four all comply with the rules, there is no real reason to suspend the structure. This is more a push by a few nervous Premier league clubs looking at relegation.

If we are serious about the game, automatic relegation promotion should remain and be extended to include womens football. Also of importance those who referee women games should be paid the same as a mens games, equality at all levels. The rostering of referees needs an audit, perhaps the use of neutral grounds will facilitate referee/match rostering

The Phoenix said...

While the debate rages about what teams play which way , one thing has become obvious . The gap between south and the rest of the pack is big.

Amazed said...


not enough womens teams for automatic promotion relegation.

When the quality and pace and difficulty of the womens matches gets somewhere near the mens then perhaps you can come back again and ask for equality in terms of the refs fees.

when posting your comments perhaps identifying what clubs you are assocoiated with would assist people's perceptions?

( I am club neutral )

The General said...

Anon,April 20, 2010 2:06 PM... No, they won games because they got the ball in the net more often than their opposition. They are fit, fast, strong in the tackle, work as a team...and the list goes on.
I have seen a lot of the TIS games, the refereeing has been good. The other Premier Reserve teams are more often than not, second to the ball and tend to give away more free kicks!
What's your next excuse for losing!!!

Brian Roberts said...


I wholeheartedly support your comment .

The essence of promotion and relegation is that over time teams / clubs find the appropriate level at which to participate .

Leaders of the pack would be the nervous who can see a spell on the outer staring them in the face .

As a matter of interest the clubs that were invited to upgrade to either the Premier or Div 1 leagues have all found the going tough .

Only Nelson survive in their origial form .

The valley have gone , Christians have disappeared .

DODA have had a chequered history after being with Howrah one of the few clubs that gained promotion from Div 4 or was it 5 through to Div 1.

Lack of promotion and relegation has been to the detriment of Australian Football .

Anonymous said...

rick abbott, akthough your son will is an exceptional player your comments wreak of sour grapes, the refereeing of that game was a disgrace and there was little to no abuse of players so can you please sort your head out?

Anonymous said...

The first response from Ken is right. Its three points - enough said. We all know Clarence will be difficult at WWP. The outcome and not the performance is important on these occasions.

South are dangerous as they have pace up front and a strong defence. They can afford to only score once and win most games.

Clarence still lack that class up front. Saying that quality strikers are rare in Tasmania. No one has followed Matt Sanders for a few years now.

I like your feedback Richard but will disagree with you this time. Taroona have a poor defence highlighted by the fact their best player was a centre back through the Summer Cup. They shipped 5 against South and 3 at home to Boro. Its now 17 for the year, the highest in the SPL. The warning signs are there -if they want to avoid the drop then some unattractive away draws might be necessary. Average of nearly 3 goals a game being conceeded - needs serious attention.

I think now that the Croatia will be the only team to challenge South for the league. I think now that the Croatia will be the only team to challenge South for the league. The battle at the bottom will be intriguing.

Anonymous said...

dont know what your perception of a big gap is phoenix maybe the gap between your ears .have a look at the table .1 point my friend

Unknown said...

Mr or Mister Amazed 4:51pm

I am writing from the angle of a concerned and passionate football tragic. One who knows the rules, as a player, coach and qualified referee. I have been involved in football over the last 30 plus years and have worked under various jurisdictions and I willing to put my name to my comments.

Consistency and equity is what is required, ones perception on various differences between women and men football is irrelevant in the context of my earlier comment.

Brian, thanks you comments, you constantly are willing to put your name to your comments

Anonymous said...

Knights are only one point off South, yet, Knights cant seem to have a good contest when they play them. 4 nil and 3 nil this year

Im a big hater of gender inequality, but to pay a ref the same amount when they ref a womens game is ludicrous. The standard is way to far behind men; slower and poorer. Its alot harder to referee a mens game, hence better pay.

Anonymous said...

To the General ...

the comment relates to the ability for TIS to play pretty as they have nothing at stake through the results unlike the Clubs that risk relegation and therefore may opt for a more direct, effexctive style especially as coaches don't have the resources the TIS does.

If you put your paranoia aside for a moment this was actually a compliment for TIS as well as making a comment about why other teams may not be able to adopt thier style.

Interestring to see TIs supporters (parents) coming out of their shell now that the team has won a few games in the reserves wednesday night games.

Interested said...

To compare TIS with club sides is pointless .TIS should be better than club sides ,if you look at the whole set up logically.They train 5 times per week and have been doing so for many months.Clubs do not have access to the resources that the TIS does.If club sides were able to train 5 days per week at the intensity that the TIS is able to , and have access to the resources they do,then I am sure that they would be at a higher standard than they presently are.Also do not forget that these are the (so-called) best young players in the state that have been hand picked . Generally clubs do not have that luxury .They are required to accommodate players of all levels and ability in most instances. TIS play a better style and are technically ( most of them ) better than most other players ,and they should be due to the reasons mentioned above,so lets stop comparing apples with oranges and just enjoy watching them play ,if that is what you do.

Richard Bennett said...

Anon 5.42

I would agree with your point completely. You can't pick up points if you are shipping an average of 3 goals a game.

I would only clarify the point I made about style of play and the difference between say Taroona and Clarence or Kingborough is that it is far easier for Taroona to put players behind the ball and get points if they need to rather than the others to come out and play if they get into a mindset about not taking risks first and being pragmatic. It can become a habit and effect the team when they may need to win 2 or 3 games in the last 4 or 5 games to avoid the drop.

Would also like to say I was very impressed with the young Taroona keeper and the young blonde guy who played up front. Young players to watch I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Inter 31% possesion this morn, INTER 3 BARCA 1, Jose is the master

Amazed said...


One of the themes within the referees pay scales is that the harder the match is to referee - in terms of pace, ability and competitivenss of the partcipants - the higher the match fee.

Whilst the current ranking of Womens Premier League is the same as South Div 1 Mens Reserves I would think most referees would find the Womens Premier League matches easier to referee.

In terms of consistency and equity it appears gender biased in favour of women already.

The General said...

Anon...April 20, 2010 10:36 PM

The TIS only play against the Premier reserves, so relegation is not an issue for these games and
the only resources you need to play attractive football and win games are a ball, field and good coaching!!!
A direct approach hasn't been 'more effective' for teams playing against South's Premier team, or the TIS for that matter.

'paranoia'????!!!!What Tha?

Now for the record, i am not associated with the TIS in any way.
I am an interested spectator who is passionate about TWG...i admire the way Knights play football. Last year, some of their Friday night games were fantastic! Not suprised Fish won the B&F.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm let's see Amazed....

"2010 Pay Schedule

Premier Men’s
$ 91.00/$ 45.50
Premier Reserve
$ 63.00/$ 31.50
U19 (South)
$ 42.00/$ 21.00
U18 (North)
$ 40.00/$ 20.00
Southern Division 1
$ 49.00/$ 24.50
Uhlsport Division 1 Reserve
$ 44.00/$ 22.00
Southern Division 1 U 19
$ 38.00/$ 19.00
Northern Division 1
$ 38.00/$ 19.00
Division 2
$ 38.00/$ 19.00
Division 3
$ 38.00/$ 19.00
Division 4/5
$ 38.00/$ 19.00
Premier Women’s
$ 42.00/$ 21.00
Premier Women’s Reserve
$ 40.00/$ 20.00
Women’s Div 1 /2
$ 38.00/$ 19.00"

So you're saying that Women's PL & Reserves are of a higher pace/competitiveness and harder to referee than Men's Div 2-3, and that Women's Div 2 is the same as them? Also that Div 1 Reserves are a higher quality too?

You're a prime example of the FFT IQ/knowledge of the games/leagues there Amazed! Maybe if you fixed the pay scheme/rates you may actually keep a few referees every now and then!

Amazed said...

Anon 7.05

What I am saying is that the womens rates are artificially high RATHER than being based on equity and consistency.