Friday, October 15, 2010

DOSA announce their awards for 2010

(Photos (Top to Bottom): Adam Woodward was the seniors' best-and-fairest player; Alexander Ramirez; Dave MacGuiness; John Wallace; Josie Freeman being presented with her award; Llewellyn Ross; Michael Langshaw; Nick Butt; Pedro Ramirez; Tim Chadwin, Rachel Langshaw [Photos courtesy of DOSA]

Adam Woodward won DOSA’s senior best-and-fairest award at the club’s

trophy presentation evening on 9 October.

Sixty people attended the occasion.

Tim Chadwin was the club’s senior side’s ‘most consistent’ player, Dave MacGuiness the ‘most improved’ and Nick Butt the players’ player-of-the-year.

The leading scorer was Michael Langshaw.

In the reserves, Gama Ali was the ‘best and fairest’, Salvador Iraheta the ‘most consistent’ and Chase Stub the ‘most improved’.

Marcus Wilde was the recipient of the “Players’ player-of-the-year” award for the reserves, while Kyle Dermody was the leading marksman.

Nick Stowe took out the ‘best-and-fairest’ award in DOSA’s Division Four side.

Eugene Rosenzweig was the ‘most-consistent’ player and Adam Leon the ‘most improved’.

John Wallace won the “Players’ player-of-the-year” award and Kadir Karadoc was presented with the coach’s award.

Llewellyn Ross was DOSA’s Under-14 side’s ‘best and fairest’, with Alexander Ramirez the ‘most consistent’ and the players’ player of the year.

Josie Freeman was the ‘most improved’ and Monica Langshaw received the coach’s award.

In overall club awards, Pedro Ramirez won the most-committed award and Rachel Langshaw was names as the ‘best club person’.


Anonymous said...

i hear south have signed a ex international korean.

Brian Roberts said...

news to me

Anonymous said...

Chopper is a legend!


Pixel 40 said...

LOl yes Chopper is a legend

also well done to those Players who got trophy's on the night
well done and to the club on such a great occasion.

Pedro Ramirez

Anonymous said...

Walter is there any news on the Clarence Presentation Dinner last night?

Anonymous said...

well seems you dont know everything like u think u do brian roberts. want to know some more news. south wont win next year. players leaving because of poor treatment.

jerry kruijver said...

is brian copping an anonymus assault?

Anonymous said...

well done to young adam and the other young dosa players to take out the awards