Thursday, October 7, 2010

South beat North-West in Newcastle tournament

FFT South beat FFT North-West 4-0 at the 2010 Veto Under-13 tournament in Newcastle, New South Wales, yesterday.

In the evening, FFT North-West went down 5-1 to Capital Football of New Zealand, while FFT South lost 5-2 to Football Federation South Australia Metropolitan.

Today, FFT South beat Alice Springs 3-0, while FFT North-West went down 3-0 to Northern NSW Country.

Northern NSW Metro head the standings with 18 points, followed by FF South Australia on 15 points and Capital Football of New Zealand on 12 points.

Newcastle Select are fourth, Northern NSW Country fifth and FFT South sixth, with all three teams having 9 points.

FFT North-West is seventh on 3 points and Alice Springs last with no points.

Tomorrow [Friday], FFT South come up against Northern NSW Country and FFT North-West take on Northern NSW Metro.

Several of the FFT South players have caught the eye with their performances.

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