Friday, October 8, 2010

Jonathon Lo one of favourites for tonight's Vic Tuting Silver Medal count

Photos (Top to Bottom): Jonathon Lo of South Hobart is one of the favourites for the Vic Tuting Silver Medal; Knights goalkeeper Ben Peter makes a save against Olympia; New Town Eagles' Adam McKeown scores against South Hobart; Olympia's Kosta Grillas controls the ball ahead of Glenorchy Knights' Alex Holmes...both players are in contention for the medal [PlessPix]

South Hobart striker Jonathon Lo must be one of the favourites to win the Vic Tuting Silver Medal as the best-and-fairest player in the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League at tonight’s count at the Hellenic Hall in North Hobart.

Lo, who is a medical student, scored 18 goals to be the league’s leading marksman this year.

Scoring goals always catches the eye of the referee, and Lo is also a very fair and modest player to boot, so he would be a popular choice amongst his peers.

Lo’s team-mates, midfielder and captain Bart Beecroft and attacking fullback Liam Scott, are also in the running for the medal.

Previous winner Ben Crosswell of Tilford Zebras finished as the second-ranked marksman with 14 goals, but his form tapered off in the second half of the season and this may ruin his chances of a second medal.

Jonathon Ladic and Ricky Self are the two other Zebras players in the running tonight.

New Town Eagles striker Adam McKeown must also be in with a chance. He scored 13 goals, which is one third of his team’s total, and he helped all over the field as well with non-stop running and endeavour.

Ben Whitehall and Alex Leszczynski are Eagles’ other two contenders. Whitehall had one of his best seasons to date, but whether it will be good enough for him to take out the medal is open to debate.

Clarence United’s three representatives are Sam Cannamela, Sam McIntyre and Ben Parker.

Parker is a no-nonsense defender and earned some yellow cards, which may not have been to the liking of the referees allocating the votes.

McIntyre is an up-and-coming star but may be a bit too young and inexperienced to be a genuine contender at this stage, while Cannamela is solid and unassuming and could be a dark horse, although he may not have played enough games.

The Glenorchy Knights contingent of midfielder Josh Fielding, who was last year’s winner, central defender Alex Holmes and goalkeeper Ben Peter, should poll well without actually taking the prize.

Peter’s return to the Knights line-up was a huge bonus for the club and some of his performances were memorable.

Kingborough Lions United’s representatives will be goalkeeper David Leamey, defender Marc Iseli and midfielder Marcello Marchioli. One couldn’t get a better trio of honest, hard grafters, with plenty of skill thrown in as well, and Iseli and Marchioli, in particular, must be in with a chance from a team that disappointed this season.

Olympia Warriors’ ambassadors are striker Kosta Grillas and midfielders Lee Mason and Alex Nandan.

Grillas missed too many matches through injury to be a real contender, while Nandan played too few senior games. Mason produced some solid and honest performances and could be in with a shout, although he also missed some senior games.

Taroona’s top vote getters were Jack Elliott, Marcus Atkinson and Hugo Luttmer. All three are really nice guys and good players who would have impressed referees, but being in a side that struggled and was eventually relegated won’t have done them many favours as winners tend to be grinners more often than not when referees allocate votes after a game.


Anonymous said...

Cannot be true corey smith not invited suspend or not he is the best player in state just ask him!

Anonymous said...

We assume there is no equivalent award and/or attention for the women's premier league!

Anonymous said...

Men is more important, not womens.

Anonymous said...

After the embarrassing treatment of the women by the FFT President at the opening of the season - lets see if they can make some amends. Probably not.

As usual, there is a Premier Women and reserves B&F but it does not generate a mention.

The Vic Tuting is a mens premier league B&F award, yet even the dinner is called that.

It should be the called the FFT award night or something.

It's time some in the game down here and FFT caught up with the game.

Anonymous said...

Get of your high horse dirk gadd!

medallist said...

It's up to FFT to provide information to the media. This is the first time in 39 years that there has been no preview in the mockery of the major southern (or state award as it was previously) medal count.

Anonymous said...

And why are we surprised with the lack of professionalism/exposure/promotion?

It is known as FFT.

Anonymous said...

know one cares about womens football get a grip

Anonymous said...

it is women football which will make the difference compared to all other football codes and make football number 1 in Australia, don't knock it - embrace it

Anonymous said...

If you're going to talk about womens football then have pages on youth. The TIS women couldn't even win the boys U15 comp and they beat all womens teams.

Its great women play the great game but lets not pretend for a moment it is even clost to the mens game and as such probably gets ample coverage.

Anonymous said...

9.39 was the last comment in regards to the lack of intrest in Womens Soccer is tas. And yet Walter you have not responded. Is it because there is no south hobart comment because this is all you seem to be writing about lately. Forget the other, let see more of what the rest of tassie has to offer in all aspects of the game, be it Mens, Womens or under 13's. And by the way, congrats Bliss Cantrell, a true superstar of the game, and has been for many years. I'm suprised she has won another two.

Anonymous said...

who won the women's award?

Anonymous said...

for gods sake get over it girls

Anonymous said...

I support womens football 100% the fact they don't have the physical strength of men is irrelevant.

The bottom line greater the participation, greater the exposure, bigger and better will football become in Australia, and the mens game will benefit indirectly.

To repeat myself, more participation, more exposure more volunteers, more bums on seats etc, etc...

But lets not kid ourselves, as one who has played overseas in my younger days, at the moment Premier League football here in Tassie is at best Sunday pub football, so get a grip, roll up your sleeves and be more positive the game will only benefit - Tasmania UNITE!!!

Adrian Pickin

Anonymous said...

Picken, you tell us to be more positive and you call our top flight league a 'sunday pub league'
Get a grip.....or maybe losen your grip

Anonymous said...

Bliss Cantrell from Olympia was the winner of the womens best and fairest and an extremely well deserved award at that. A superb womens player, role model for the young girls out there and from what i hear from players one of the nicest people you can meet. Congratulations Bliss.
I do not believe that it is right for people to get on here and say that no body cares about the womens league and they are not up to standard. I believe a fair few of the girls from the womens comp would give some of us boys a run for our money. The womens games can be fast, physical and displays alot of young talent for the future. Maybe instead of getting on here and hating the womens competition you should leave your opinions in the 1950's and worry about your own game. If you havent seen a game you have no right to comment. Should any girls read this blog, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, get over it girls. If you think the blokes prem is only more physical, that itself says more than it needs too.

Anonymous said...

the girls game is growing and growing each year.some clubs are to thank for thier commitment to this.
Bliss obviously a deserved winner, well done but i have a question?
Did FFT extend an invitation to Lucy McGregor one of Tasmania most highest profile female players representing her country and yet nothing was mentioned about her!!!!!!!!