Friday, October 22, 2010

Lapolla new coaching director at Zebras, and University junior coaching clinics to start soon

Photos: Nick Lapolla (top) is Tilford Zebras' new director of coaching; Zebras president Nick Di Giovanni (bottom) is delighted with the appointment [PlessPix]

Tilford Zebras have appointed former senior coach Nick Lapolla as their director of coaching for the 2011 season.

“Nick has been involved with the Zebras for a great many years and has held coaching positions within the club,” said Zebras president Nick Di Giovanni.

“He brings a wealth of coaching experience to the role.

“He has also been involved with coaching a number of Southern Tasmania and State teams.

“Nick will be liaising with all junior and senior coaches within the club in order to provide on-going support and helping the Zebras stay a great club which will be competitive from under-9s, junior to seniors for the next 50 years, just as they have been for the last 54 years.

“I think we are one of the first clubs in Tasmania to create a paid position as a director of coaching and looking after over 14 teams, from juniors to seniors, in both men and women.

“Not only will the coaches benefit, but also the young children coming through the ranks knowing someone else apart from a parent is looking after their interests.”


University are running end-of-season activities for players from uner-9 to under-12 levels.

The activities will include 30-minute coaching sessions dealing with topics such as ‘facing forward’, ‘changing feet’, ‘passing’ and ‘shooting’, and small-sided no-coaching games of 20 minutes each way.

Players will be divided into groups based on ability, age and gender.

The sessions will be held on Thursday nights at Olinda Grove, Mt Nelson, from 5pm to 6.30pm, and will cost a total of $55. Dates for the sessions are 28 October, 4 November, 11 November, 18 November, 25 November, 2 December and 9 December.

Coaches involved are Scott Gallacher (University head junior coach), Kevan Wright (University senior men’s coach), Brent McKay (assistant girl’s under-13 State coach), Karen Lawler (University senior women’s coach), John Parry (University junior coach) and Andrew Binny (University coach).

Numbers will be limited, so those interested are asked to enrol on-line at:



Anonymous said...

Why isnt Lapolla senior coach? Frediani is terrible

Zebras wont even make the top four this season.

Anonymous said...

that's why they got 2nd with Frediani this last season!!! What a joke... gutless anonymous!!!

Anonymous said...

zebras no where near as good as they were under lapolla in 2007 and 2008. that was a TEAM then, now they are nothing.

Mr anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

Zebras didn't come second...daylight did. In all seriousness, Frediani was a gun player and obviously knows the game well, i think its a great move by Zebras to have two high quality senior coaches in some capacity at their club. Lapolla has been there done that anyway in regards to senior coaching, he may not want to do it again

Anonymous said...

stupid argument really! just other jealous clubs commenting!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.07. No not stupid argument.Just people's own opinion which they are entitled to have.

the hunted said...

yes brett

Anonymous said...

Is Crosswell staying at Zebras in 2011. Heard he is going to play up north??

Anonymous said...

It is their opinion that it is a stupid argument also. I would have to agree some people have too much time on their hands to critize for no apparent reason or maybe they have an agenda? Either way the comment reeks of stupidity. It's pretty pathetic to make a claim that someone is terrible without an explanation why ie team selection & formation.

Anonymous said...

If crosswell does leave (i know he has already been approached by rangers) Zebras will struggle to finish top four. their reserves and nineteens are average at best. not enough depth, they need to recruit very well.