Saturday, October 2, 2010

South Hobart's centenary dinner a huge success

Photos (Top to Bottom): Les Murray was asked questions by Ken Morton; Larissa Bartlett and Les Murray; Premier David Bartlett and Les Murray; Les Murray with deputy Lord Mayor of Hobart, Helen Burnett; Bart Beecroft, Dean Jones and Brian Downes conduct the auction for Bart Beecroft's shirt; Keith and Brian Roberts cut the 100th birthday cake; Jim Dolliver (right) and team-mate from the 1940s South Hobart side; Members of the 1950s team; Members from the 1960s team; Members from the 1970s and other eras; Dr Dianne Snowden with the book she wrote about South Hobart Football Club; The organising committee (L-R) Moreeta Pennicott, Brian Roberts and Victoria Woods; Ken Morton and Victoria Woods with Les Murray; Ken Morton and Bart Beecroft with Les Murray [PlessPix]

The South Hobart Football Club celebrated its 100th birthday with a dinner at Tattersall’s Park on Friday night.

The attendance was excellent and coaches and players who represented the club from the 1940s to the present day were there.

Special guests included the Tasmanian Premier, David Bartlett, and his wife, Larissa, the deputy lord mayor of Hobart, Helen Burnett, and the CEO of Football Federation Tasmania, John Boulous.

Bob Gordon represented Forestry Tasmania, the major sponsor of the Tasmanian Premier League, while John Peter of Glenorchy Knights was, disappointingly, the only representative from other Tasmanian clubs.

The guest speaker was SBS football personality Les Murray.

He spoke about how he and his family came to Australia from Hungary as refugees in 1957 and also about Australian football in general and some of the World Cup campaigns.

Murray also talked about his friendship with the late Johnny Warren.

South Hobart’s senior coach, Ken Morton, shared the microphone with Murray and asked him many pertinent questions.

South Hobart statistician Keith Roberts and his brother, Brian, a member of the organising committee for the centenary celebrations, cut the club’s birthday cake.

Moreeta Pennicott and club president Victoria Woods were the two other members of the organising committee and they did an excellent job in ensuring that the club’s 100th anniversary was appropriately celebrated.

Dr Dianne Snowden was also present and her book, “South Hobart Football Club 1910-2010”, was launched at the dinner.

Brian Downes proved an excellent MC, while Dean Jones conducted a successful auction on the night for a Manchester United shirt belonging to, and signed by, Patrice Evra.

Centenary shirts worn by South Hobart captain Bart Beecroft and striker Andy Brennan were also auctioned.


Anonymous said...

but who won the b+f?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.56am, it wasn't the awards night, mate. That was held the previous Friday, 24 September. If you care to scroll down the blog site and go back to 24 September, you'll find the South Hobart award winners, complete with photos. It's at:

Anonymous said...

Have you been informed of the award winners at Clarence and Eagles B&F nights Walter?

Walter said...

No, I haven't heard a thing.

Anonymous said...

would've been great to have met Les, he's a champion!

Anonymous said...

New Town Eagles Presentation:

Michael Anderson - B&F
Adam McKeown - Most Consistent
Steve Louden - Coaches Award

surf's up said...

BTW has anyone seen the new Anchor Wetsuits ad featuring Dan 'Dogga' Brown? It's a scream!

Richard Bennett said...

looks like a great night sorry to have missed it but had some unfinished business at the "G".

congratulations to organisers and committee I am also looking forward to my copy of the book and dvd. thanks Gerry!

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, but who was South playing 100 years ago as I don't think that there were many/any teams back then. Unless they just played against the same team every week!
Or were they just founded 100 years ago and were not playing any games so would technically just would have been a registered club in an organisation or federation that had not yet been created.
Walter, are you able to shed some light to this.
Cheers, Tripod.

Walter said...

Dear Tripod

South Hobart played in the southern league, which was founded in 1910, against Hobart and St George, and sometimes teams from the ships Westralia and Paloona.

The first North versus South match was played in 1910. The Northern League was comprised of Launceston United, Elphin and Tamar.

FFT missed out this year on celebrating the founding of the Tasmanian British Football Association and the centenary of organised league football in Tasmania. They were told about it, I believe, but chose to do nothing in the way of recognising or celebrating the centenary.

russell said...

typical FFT - no sense of future, no sense of past!

Anonymous said...

I think FFT have more important matters they should be sorting out than celebrating the founding of football in the state.That has gone and in the past.It is the future they need to plan for and improve on now.And I must say they appear very slow at doing that also.Having said that , I agree that the date should have been recognised ,if only very briefly.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Ben Hamlett won clarence's best and fairest

Anonymous said...

ok well done to michael anderson on your best and fairest win at eagles but can anyone tell me who the hell he is?

Seeker said...

Anonymous 10.26am, are you technologically dumb, or what? On the top left of this blog site is a search facility. If you type Michael Anderson's name in and click on the magnifying glass, all articles in which he is mentioned will come up. Try it and you'll even see photos of him!