Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frediani reappointed as Tilford Zebras coach

Photos (Top to Bottom): Romeo Frediani is again at the helm of Tilford Zebras; Hanna Manuela (right) took out two awards at Taroona [PlessPix]

Tilford Zebras have reappointed Romeo Frediani as their senior Premier League coach for the 2011 season.

Frediani coached the Zebras’ senior side to second place in 2010 in his first season at the helm.

Sandra Chisholm will remain as the senior side’s physio.


There has been a three-way tie in the Taroona Premier League women’s side’s best-and-fairest count.

The award went jointly to Hanna Manuela, Ash Tolman and Laura Prescott.

The players’ player-of-the-year award was won by Hanna Manuela.

The coach’s award went to Sarah Cretu and the leadership award to Holly Ayton.

In the Premier Women’s Reserves, the best-and-fairest honour was shared by Hannah Vasicek and Alice Kennedy.

Kennedy was also the players’ player of the year, while the coach’s award went to Laura Wilsdon.

A special presentation was made to Lauren Gadd as the Number One Fan.


Marty Nidorfer and Michael Murray have been appointed as joint reserve coaches at New Town Eagles.


Anonymous said...

good choice zebras what happened to the great brett pullens application or did he make his own super club?

different POV said...

nah Zebras should have approached Franco Previdi - they need him.

Anonymous said...

yeah real good choice zebras. he did quite well finishing 19 points behind the winners, did well with the talentless team he had, did well at a club that has next to no sponsorship money being presented to the players, did well with the crappy training equiptment and playing kits and did really well with not having a trophyless season. thumbs up to frediani and the zebras :)

Anonymous said...

People need to apply if they want to be considered for a job. Tha's what happens in life.

Anonymous said...

Frediani had talent in his team this year and will have talent in his team next year...

Anonymous said...

excuse me, anon 8.15pm...your comment doesn't even make sense. Are you trying to bag out Zebras? ...Because your not doing a very good job at it. Sounds like your a disgruntled ex player or even jealous. Pretty sure Zebras finished closer to the top than any other team. Haha, your a joke.

Anonymous said...

yeah but whose loss is that? In life, winners make it happen. Would have been worth the enquiry -maybe a talent dorment in 2011???

Anonymous said...

Anon October 12, 2010 10:07 PM

No sorry not a disgruntled ex player. I have been around zebras for quite a while and don't agree with where the club is heading. My comment may have been a bit too sarcastic for some to understand but I guess I may be going as loopy as the people who are in charge around the Zebras club.

P.S. I can understand why you would be so defensive if you are a current zebra player or coach so i apologise for that.

Anonymous said...

no one remembers second place.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.31 brett pullen