Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gala Day tomorrow at Herdsman's Cove Primary

There will be a Gala Day at Herdsman’s Cove Primary School on Thursday, 28 October.

This initiative is a partnership between Football Federation Tasmania, Young people in Action (YPIA) and the Red Cross.

The Gala Day will involve students from years 2 and 3 from Herdsman’s Cove Primary, Gagebrook Primary and East Derwent Primary schools.

The focus of the Gala Day will be on participation in, and learning the basic skills of, football and the involvement of students from the Bridgewater area.

Anthony Alexander, the FFT southern development officer, and Marie Bennett, from Red Cross, will coordinate the day.


Anonymous said...

this is minor in terms of what is happening around the place. can you run a story on the nsjsa juniors who just did a melbourne heart tour and the fact that melbourne heart will be touring and doing clinics here?

Anonymous said...

So due to the fact that YOU think this is minor we shouldnt hav it here?

Shane or Corey???

Fair's Fair said...

Anonymous 2.36pm, I bet NSJSA haven't provided Walter with any information at all, so stop whingeing.

Anonymous said...

fair's fair i believe they have

Walter said...

Anonymous 12.13pm, I can assure they have not!

Walter said...

Anonymous 3.26pm, tell me then, when did they give me this information, where did they send it, and who sent it? I repeat that I have not received anything from anyone at NSJSA about this link with Melbourne Heart.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.26

If you atre going to call someone a lie then back it up i am sure if Walter had recieved it it would be on here

Anonymous said...

NSJSA havent even advertised it on there website so they must be trying to keep it secret from the other regions

Shane said...

The NSJSA have not advertised it on our website as yet until all the final details are in place. We are not in the habit of releasing the contacts that we have. FFT know about some of our dealings with Melbourne Heart. The kids had exclusive access to the Hearts training at AAMI Stadium.
Played in a tournament at Roeville on a surface that we only hope to have here in Tasmania, these kids were invited back again next year.

As to the Gala day at Herdsman's cove this is an initiative to get kids active, this is a low economic area and a lot of work to be done in the grassroots area.

To Anthony's credit he has worked hard on lifting the profile of football in Southern Tasmanian area and more of these Gala Days are needed.