Monday, August 17, 2009

Clarence miss chance to make certain of fourth spot

Clarence United 1-2 South Hobart


South Hobart went into this game as the new champions, while for Clarence United, a win was essential to try and hold on to fourth spot and qualify for the final-four series.

Clarence had their chances in the first half but had only one goal to show for it.

South Hobart goalkeeper Mark Moncur was in fine form and as early as the 7th minute he was called upon to block a fierce Sam McIntyre shot.

The ball rebounded to Luke Cripps, but Moncur was alert and brave and managed to smother the ball at the striker’s feet.

In the 9th minute, Michael Moschogianis did very well to turn Julius Ross’s shot over the bar for a corner.

Moncur was again at his best in the 21st minute as he blocked a Luke Huigsloot header.

His luck was up in the 26th minute, though, as he conceded the first goal.

Andy Barron crossed the ball from the left and, although Moncur blocked McIntyre’s shot, the ball rebounded to Ben Phillips, who picked his spot and finished clinically with a carefully controlled lob.

It was a fine finish from such a young player and demonstrated calmness under pressure and great maturity.

South suffered another blow immediately after the goal as central defender Hugh Ludford limped off with a hamstring injury, to be replaced by Gary Upton.

Seven minutes after the resumption, Kostas Kanakaris made it 1-1 when he picked up a pass in the inside-left channel and calmly stroked the ball past Michael Moschogianis and inside the far corner of the net.

South almost took the lead in the 65th minute when Bart Beecroft found Shae Hickey and he put Kanakaris through, but Moschogianis saved and conceded a corner.

In the 71st minute, a left-wing cross by Liam Scott towards the far post found substitute Seth Otte, but his downward header was collected by Moschogianis on the first bounce.

Moschogianis blotted his copy book in the 77th minute, however, and effectively handed the three points to South Hobart.

He went for a harmless low ball across the box from the left and somehow fumbled it as he went to pick it up and ended up sprawled on the ground minus the ball.

A surprised Otte gained possession and stroked the ball home into an empty net before Julian McMahon could come to Moschogianis’s assistance.

With three minutes remaining, Clarence had a great chance to snatch a draw following a corner.

Chris Hunt chipped the ball back across goal, but Cripps somehow steered his header wide of the target with the goal beckoning and Moncur on the back foot.

Clarence must now await the outcome of the Kingborough Lions United versus Hobart Olympic match to see if they or the Lions will finish fourth.


· Clarence United coach, Andrew Brown, said:

“Disappointing to lose the game.

“Two scrappy goals that we conceded.

“Man of the match, Mark Moncur. I don’t know how he saved the goals he saved in the first half, but I guess that shows you he’s been there before.

“He had a super game.

“We’re very proud of our players. We actually went out to try and play positive attacking football.

· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“A nice stroll in the park and a nice easy game.

“Nothing to say about it.

“End of the season game for us, so no pressure and it was easy to play.

“We got through the game comfortably without any hassle.”


Clarence United: Moschogianis - Toghill, Lewis, Parker, McMahon - Barron (Hunt 66), L Huigsloot, S McIntyre (Stevens 89), Hamlett (Hoppitt 80) - Phillips, Cripps (Substitute not used: Sweetten)

Booked: Huigsloot

Goals: Phillips 26

South Hobart: Moncur - Pennicott, Ludford (Upton 27), Cooper, Scott - Eaves, Beecroft, Heerey, Hickey - Ross (Otte 62), Kanakaris (Substitutes not used: Bladel, Kruijver)

Booked: Pennicott, Upton

Goals: Kanakaris 52, Otte 77

Att: 90 (Wentworth Park)

Ref: C Phillips


Ril said...

There definitely seems to be some sort of issue with Morton and Clarence. That's at least the second time he's made arrogant comments about a Clarence game this year completely opposite to Walter's review and Clarence's coach's comments. It doesn't sound like an easy win to me if your keeper is best on ground, and you can only get one goal outside of an opoostion goalkeeping blunder.

I wonder what the issue with Morton/Clarence is? Perhaps he's been turned down by some Clarence players in poaching attempts that's made him dislike them so much?

Nice to see Andrew Brown make respectful comments of an opposition team/player and show a bit of class unlike a certain someone else. Some of the coaches sound like absolute d**ks in their comments (ie. Zebras review)! I'm sure Walter would appreciate some more than others, I'd be ashamed to be associated with clubs that are represented by a certain few!

Chaffey said...

Hi Walter,

Just responding to a comment you made over the weekend.

Walter said...
I don't know why Ricky Orr was not chosen for the Southern men's representative team.

I'm sure he'd be worth a goal or two or three against the North.

Just because he plays in Division One shouldn't exclude him. He's as good as any striker I've seen in the Premier League this season and probably better than most.

August 16, 2009 12:00 PM

You are spot on, I have played on many quality strikers over the last decade and some... Harbo, Hugi, Crozza, etc.... and I can tell you Ricky is right up there with those guy's, he is one of the most agile players I've seen in the state for quite some time. I've been lucky enough to not have to mark him this year but am pretty sure there'd be a few Div 1 defenders that would back my above comments about him.
There is no doubt in my mind Ricky should've been selected in the southern squad.
Premier league defenders will hopefully get the challenge on him next year if Metro are promoted.

Pixel 40 said...

Ril you make me lough as you comment always spot on

Chaf. I always say that the premier league think they better but with out their deep in player quantity those coaches will strangle

In the know said...


You are probably right about his quality but you cant blame a state coach for not selecting players who are playing in the lower leagues. I think that David Beckham is currently facing a similar problem with England selection.

Until Ricky shows everybody what he can do in the Premier Legaue then there will always be question marks. I have watched him play this year and am sure that he will make his mark next year if he stays in the state. Guot did score over 40 goals in div 1 last year but found things tough when he stepped up.

Marcus said...

Did Morton really say that!
wow! pretty much typifies south hobart right there. arrogant and disrespectful!

either he has a hidden agenda behind those comments or he has issues.

i would be embarrssed to have any involvement with south what so ever regardless of the result.


jerrie kruijver said...

after a hard frustrating day in the office it is always great to go to walters blog and take the days frustrations out on ken morton,whoelse could we pick on of ken was not there?fft is marketing voodoo dolls in kens image for us to stick needles in during the off season,all proceeds are going towards two allweather pitches at kgv and south hobart

Pixel 40 said...

I think Ken Morton is making a good name for him self on and of the Pitch?. Ha ha ha lol

Captain said...

Good to see 4 of last year's State U15s participating in this game. Reflects well on the coaching and development they received over the past few years ...

The Clubs are benefiting from the (now defunct) program that FFT put into place in 2006.

observer said...

Jerrie ,take a grip.You moan about people having a crack at Ken.You have just added fuel to the fire that was going out , I believe.I suggest you stop raising the issue and you may find it may go away.
Having said that ,if Ken continually puts his head out there (Morton School ,South Hobart, State Side ,Tas A League bid etc ) ,he is bound to have people trying to knock it off.Unfortunate part of life I think.

jerrie kruijver said...

observer i take your point,but did i raise the issue?i suggest you read all the posts cant say that the players of south have recieved a good pat on the back for archieving what they did,it was more about having sour grapes and taking it out their coach.personally i would love to see eagles get up next year and take the premiership.

Corey Smith said...

Morton is successful so people will always try and cut that down.... Not too many people seem to mention the positives he brings to the game such as recruitment of players from overseas, tours for juniors etc etc

Maybe if FFT or other clubs spent more time developing the game and less time cutting down those that do then their comments would hold more weight.

I am not a supporter by any means of south, although you have to hand it to them for what they have achieved.

Marcus said...

if you actually read what i said,
i am clearly referring soley to his comments after the game. not what he has and hasnt done for the game.

how anyone of his stature be that disrespectful to another team battling to make the 4 is beyond me.

can anyone argue that his comments didnt reak of arrogance

Unknown said...

talking about poaching players, the worst case I witnessed was when eugene mycak virtually stalked and harrased danny prestige trying to get him over to metro from south. He would come to our games and before the actual game had started he would be in his ear Surely this sort of behaviour contravenes some sort of ruling? Maybe not, but we found it bad for our morale. I found the guy pretty despicable anyway to begin with, but I won't go there
Morton at least would go about poaching in a discreet manner, but I think it's fair to say that it's morally wrong to poach players especially when the season underway and the player has signed.

Unknown said...

and in response to jerry's quip about voodoo dolls in morton's image. " why use a doll, when you have the real thing to stick pins into"

jerrie kruijver said...

lol madmcglone

jerrie kruijver said...

madmcglone can you think of a better wat to get some allweather pitches??????????? lol

Unknown said...


jerrie kruijver said...

madmclone how many needlesticks would ken have to endure before we can pay for these pitches?