Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nelson win battle of suburbs in shortened match

Photos (Top to Bottom): New Town Eagles' Premier League coach, George Krambousanos, was on a talent search for next season; DOSA's Richard Korn puts Jayden Hey away with a short pass; Nelson's Joe Vanderslink pursued by DOSA's Jayden Hey; DOSA keeper Justin Farrugia saves from Natsuki Futumura (No. 8); DOSA substitute Jeremy Parry and friend warm up; DOSA's Jayden Hey shields the ball from Nelson's Luke Wallace; Nelson's Joe Vanderslink (left) and Tom Gordon battle with DOSA's Mark Wakefield in front of referee Richard McCallister; DOSA's Richard Korn (left) and Nelson's Tom Gordon watch the ball in the air; DOSA defender John Visentin eludes Nelson's Natsuki Futumura; DOSA's Joel Richardson gets away from Nelson's Natsuki Futumura; DOSA defend a Nelson corner; DOSA's Joel Richardson has a shot; DOSA's David Visentin and Mark Wakefield work the ball out of defence

Nelson Eastern Suburbs 2-0 Northern Suburbs DOSA


Fourth-placed Nelson Eastern Suburbs moved six points ahead of fifth-ranked Northern Suburbs DOSA when they won their Division One encounter 2-0 at North Warrane on Sunday.

Nelson led 2-0 at the break and, despite playing into a fierce breeze in the second half, held on for a comfortable victory.

Even with the elements in their favour in the second half, DOSA were reluctant to shoot from range and paid the penalty.

Nelson attacked from the opening whistle and youngster Jordan Brighella put them in front in the 16th minute.

DOSA failed to deal with a cross and, when Joel Richardson inadvertently played the ball into Brighella’s path, he smashed it past keeper Justin Farrugia to make it 1-0.

Tom Gordon scored his second league goal for the club in the 26th minute with a long-range effort to give the home side a 2-0 lead at the break.

Despite being without key defender Craig Stockdale, Nelson held DOSA at bay in the second half and might even have added to their tally.

Gordon was clean through on goal near the end but fired over the bar when he should really have scored.

The game was shortened after the referee was 20 minutes late.

His assistant eventually started the game, with two club personnel as assistants on the line.


· Nelson Eastern Suburbs coach, Michael Roach, said:

“We were well in control in the first half and might have scored more in the second, but it was three points and a good win.”

· Northern Suburbs DOSA coach, Joe O’Hea, said:

“I am a bit disappointed with the refereeing over the last two games.

“We’ve lost 17 mins of actual playing time.

“Sunday’s game was shortened by 10 minutes because the referee was late and never advised the visiting team.

“They could have played the full time as there was plenty of daylight left.

“The previous week, against Hobart United, the game was inexplicably finished 7 minutes early in the 2nd half. It only went for 38 minutes. The referee chose not to continue.

“In both these games, we had a chance to either draw or win if the correct time was played.

“But, to the match - we had enough chances to win, but didn’t take them.

“That pretty much sums it up. The players were disappointed, but some good things came from it.

“We dominated the game for periods, and passed quite well in difficult circumstances.

“We backed each other up quite well and defended positively. The things to work on are finishing, obviously, and trying to get on the scoreboard first.”


Nelson Eastern Suburbs: De Carpentier; Brooke, Futumura, Gordon, Roberts, Gaskell, Gibbs, Wallace, Vanderslink, Sakul, Brighella (Substitutes: Stockdale, Roach, Rush)

Goals: Brighella 16, Gordon 26

Northern Suburbs DOSA: Farrugia; Richardson, D Parry, J Visentin, Korn, MacCrum, Wakefield, hey, D Visentin, Butt, Swift (Substitutes: Whitty, Langshaw, Mason, J Parry)

Att: 20 (North Warrane)

Ref: R McCallister


Marty Nidorfer said...

Walter, I believe with your observations that refereeing was an issue in this fixture.
I totally agree that these matches should have a full compliment. Imagine if it was a top of the table clash. (No disrespect for DOSA and Nelson. I struggle to keep up in Div 2)
This match was almost a stand alone fixture and we cant blame the bloke who showed up late, rather the "organisers". DOSAs coach has a fair gripe with the situation.
This year I have been involved in Div 2 where most weeks there is no official.
Last match it was only the good will of our opponents (Glenorchy Knights) that ran the lines and officiated our home match. Reason being we only had 10 blokes there to play.
I stress that this match is not an example but when 2 clubs play under these conditions it is unfortunately open to "manipulation", and that will only manifest the longer the situation goes on. Imagine if a team felt so hard done by that they walked off the pitch?? With no referee, were does the result stand. Also, when our team sheets names an official, and they dont turn up, should the game proceed??
I understand a lack of officials but do we take the Hockey model.
eg: A mate who plays for a Hockey club says the deal is:
Every club must assign people for neutral fixtures each weekend(ie maybe 6 people). If the assigned players do not show they are suspended for a week.
That would please many and may even uncover some referees.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Im sure that picture of the bloke with the dog is an album cover of some old punk band.

Captain said...

Nah not punk - maybe hippy rock.

He looks very happy with that dog. I think they were #12 & #13.

Marty Nidorfer said...

I speak only from my punk repatoir. One of my faves feature dogs on every sleeve. (Dinosaur JR)

Unknown said...

there was an fft ref (he was the linesman) at the game, he chose to wait 20 minutes for the ref to arrive, & then when he didn't make it (apparently fft had advised him the ref was on his way) he reffed the game himself anyway with two club linesman rather than one as would have been the case. The players were standing around. Pretty ridiculous, particularly as the linesman did central ref our match last week. A bit of common sense would have seen the game commence on time, but that seems to be in short supply.

Unknown said...

the dog looks like a right bastard to me

Unknown said...
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jerrie kruijver said...

another candidate for a voodo ritual madmcglone?????????? poor doggie.lol

Unknown said...

Jerry..I'd have that dog destroyed ala "the green dream" if i were in charge