Sunday, August 30, 2009

South leave it late against Riverside

Photos (Top to Bottom): Shae Hickey of South Hobart beats an opponent to the ball; South Hobart go close to scoring; Riverside clear as South Hobart's Liam Scott attacks; South Hobart's Liam Scott shields the ball

South Hobart 2-0 Riverside Olympic


It took South Hobart a long time to wear down Riverside Olympic, but they were always the favourites to come out on top.

South almost took the lead after five minutes when Kostas Kanakaris spotted Riverside keeper Joseph Simmons off his line and attempted an audacious chip.

Simmons dived up and backwards and managed to tip the ball over the bar for a corner.

In the 24th minute, Julius Ross put Ricki Eaves in, but his shot was blocked on the line by Jonathon O’Neill.

On the half-hour, Kanakaris mesmerised the Riverside defence and then fed Eaves, but he fired over the bar.

Riverside’s only chance came seconds later when Scott Hanson cut the ball back, but no one was up to take advantage.

South Hobart then earned a corner and Hugh Ludford flicked the ball in to Eaves whose chip found Kanakaris, but the striker’s header flew over the bar.

The first half ended with Bart Beecroft controlling the ball and teeing up a strike, but the attempt flew wide.

Hanson was then lucky to escape punishment when he committed a bad foul on Liam Scott, but Mr Phillips did not even pull out a yellow card.

The breakthrough came in the 72nd minute when substitute Seth Otte crossed from the left and Eaves controlled the ball brilliantly, spun around and scored with a marvellous volley from the edge of the box.

Six minutes later, it was game over as Eaves fed Kanakaris and he raced through to fire past Simmons and make it 2-0.

Will Guy went close for Riverside in the 79th minute when he smashed a great shot against the South Hobart crossbar, while Mark Moncur did well to save seconds later as Riverside found a new lease of life.

With four minutes remaining, Ludford saved South Hobart when he glanced a header by Hanson wide.

The match ended with Shae Hickey shooting just over the Riverside bar when he should probably have worked the keeper.


· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“It was a matter of time, but it gets frustrating. A bit like the Kingborough game.

“If we don’t put away the chances early, it’s backs to the wall a little bit.

“But, obviously, football-wise, we dominated the game.

“Our passing was good until we hit the final third and then we wanted that extra touch or take on the extra man.

“I thought, in the end, a fair result.”

· Riverside Olympic coach, Troy Scott, said:

“I thought we battled well for the full 90.

“Their first goal by Ricki [Eaves] was unstoppable, I’d say. A class strike.

“Sometimes we score them, sometimes they score them.

“Credit to them. They’re a good outfit.

“I thought the game was a bit scrappy. Conditions didn’t really suit either team. They’re both ball-playing teams.

“They’ll probably win it, I’d say.”


South Hobart: Moncur - Pennicott, Ludford, Heerey, Scott - D Brown (Di Falco 82) - Ross (Otte 60), Beecroft, Hickey, Eaves - Kanakaris (Substitutes not used: Kruijver, Clarke)

Booked: Scott 91

Goals: Eaves 72, Kanakaris 78

Riverside Olympic: Simmons - O’Neill (Jackson 77), Hanson, McCarragher (Gulbrandson 86), R Hughes - Olner, S Hughes (Penfold 82), Mitchell, Guy - Campbell, Taylor

Booked: Taylor 92

Att: 120

Ref: C Phillips


Richard Bladel said...

Great pics & report Walter, thanks..

Captain said...

so it looks like the southern clubs are stronger than nthn clubs this year. what then do we make of the nth vs sth rep game last month????

Charlie White said...

???? we take from the NTH vs STH game that the North have some very good players and the South have some very good players, both sides missed some players for various reasons, the results show that North has won now the last 3 games I think, so as a team obviously have the wood over the South. What is obvious and has been for a while is that the standard of the Southern Comp is more competitive across all 8 teams. Probably due to a larger pool of players, this makes no comment on individual teams as those top two in the north would have pushed South and Zebras all the way, having a state league is the only way to guage where teams are at over the course of a whole season.

jerrie kruijver said...

hey charlie,i hear you hung up the boots.hope you will do some coaching.i trust the family is ok?

Charlie White said...

Hi Jerrie

yes I have hung up the boots at Premier League level, have a couple of mates plotting some kind of lower league team, not sure of my involvement or not. Would like to coach at some later stage, perhaps even ref! At the moment still enjoying my little 5 month old daughter though.

jerrie kruijver said...

i trust poppy only has a soccerball as a soft toy charlie lol

Chuq said...

I'm not sure why you had to listen to a Sydney radio show for that A-League info. As you probably already know, TUFC is currently raising funds for the formal bid submission (as was reported in FourFourTwo a couple of weeks back). It was also suggested the same article that they would be aiming for 13th at the earliest.

I'm not sure of the point of my comment, but your (Walter's) comment had a slight negative tone about it!

Walter said...

Chuq, the point is that there is unlikely to be an expansion to 13 and 14 teams in the foreseeable future, which is what the FFA person said on radio, so the whole exercise is a waste of time.

The task force has the right motives and I would love to see us have an A-League side, but we aren't even a blip on the radar in the circles that count.

I may sound cynical and negative, but I've seen it all before. In 1981, the suits came down from Sydney and said we'd soon have a team in the NSL. Well, what happened?

Money is the number one criterion for having an A-League team, and we haven't got it. We can have logos, names, feasibility studies and everything else, but until we have the MONEY, we are nowhere.

The group may well be trying to raise $100,000 for a business case, but that could be dead money, so who would invest? Let's see how much they raise for a proposal that could be dead in the water even now.

I am sure that if Clive Palmer suddenly turned around and said he'd pay for a Tassie team, we'd be the next cab off the rank.

Until he, or the mysterious sheikh, or someone else, finances a Tassie team, we are nowhere. The FFA have, I repeat, said there is no guarantee the league will expand to 13 and 14 teams, so what is the TUFC about?