Friday, August 14, 2009

Limited weekend action in South and title could be decided in North

With the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League title and relegation decided, the main interest in this weekend’s round of matches is the fight for fourth place.

With a State-wide final-four series scheduled, albeit in a strange format, some teams still have something to play for in this final round.

Clarence United, currently fourth, can pip fifth-placed Kingborough Lions United for fourth spot by beating champions South Hobart at home at Wentworth Park on Saturday at 6.30pm.

Bob Gordon, from Forestry Tasmania, will present South Hobart with the league trophy before the match.

Clarence have 26 points and Kingborough have 24, while both have the same goal-difference of minus 4.

Kingborough have scored more goals than Clarence and so a draw for Clarence and a win for Kingborough might be enough to enable the latter to finish fourth.

Kingborough had the easier task as they were due to face sixth-placed Hobart Olympic away at South Hobart on Sunday and were far more likely to win than are Clarence against South Hobart, but the Kingborough game has now been postponed.

Second-placed Tilford Zebras face third-ranked Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park on Saturday at 4pm, while the New Town Eagles versus University game at Clare Street has now been postponed.

Neither Zebras nor Knights can improve their position, so only pride is at stake in this match.

The strange format for the State-wide final four series begins on 29 August with a double-header in the south and a double-header in the north.

The final round in the north will be played this weekend, with all top four positions still up for grabs.

The double-header at KGV Park will feature South Hobart against the fourth-placed Northern Premier League side, and Tilford Zebras against the third-placed northerners.

In the north, the northern champion will meet the fourth-placed southerners, and the second-placed northerners will play Glenorchy Knights.

Who will the champions be is the big question in the north.

Current leaders of the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League, Northern Rangers, host second-placed Devonport City at the NTCA Ground on Saturday.

Only one point separates the sides, but Devonport City have a game in hand.

This means that Northern Rangers must win to be absolutely sure of taking out the title.

A draw will not be good enough for Rangers.

“It’s a nervous week for Northern Rangers,” said Rangers coach, Roslan Saad.

“The boys are very excited over the prospect of winning the first championship for this young club.

“We are looking good in training and all the players are available.

“Many may disagree, but to me, Luke Connors will be the player to watch for Rangers.

“He will be one hundred per cent and has shown the form that he had in the beginning of the season.

“For our system to work, we require the team to play for and with each other.

“No-one has any special role. The boys understand this and I can see the hunger in them.

“Devonport is a strong team and coach Tom McGinn always has my respect.

“I believe both teams deserve to be where they are now and I am looking forward to the game on Saturday.”

Prospect Knights are third and should draw level on points with Devonport should the latter lose as they face a relatively easy match at home to bottom-side Launceston United.

Fourth-ranked Riverside Olympic travel to Mitsubishi Park to take on second-last Launceston City and should be worth at least a draw.

Sixth-placed Ulverstone are at home at the Showgrounds to seventh-placed Burnie United in what should be a keenly contested North-West Coast derby.


Southern said...

I am amazed at how early the councils closed grounds today.


15-16 degrees today, sunshine, 17 on saturday ...sure it'l be a bit soft and muddy, but really!

Pixel 40 said...

Yes i agreed Southern, we had have to many games cancel. hung on they don't cancel the AFL Games Ummmmmm

ginger said...

does anyone know what happens in week 2 of the finals????
FFT at their mysterious (and unusual) best...

Ril said...

Agreed Southern, it's pathetic. Although I do find it funny how Kelvedon Park is one of the few open, as even on a dry week it's often one of the worst grounds in the state.

Old Man River said...

Hurray for Kelvedon! I reckon the council has decided that it can't get any worse so they may as well leave it open...

Who cares said...

wots stopping kingburra and olimpic playing at the g tomorrow????

Southern said...

granted kelvedon isn't as it was in the days when John Ross and then my dad used to look after it (by hand!), but I believe the council is doing the best it can with the pressure the ground is under.

The club has grown substantially over the last few years and we struggle with ony one ground.

Over (just) the 6 months of the season Kelvedon endures almost 450hrs training (more than most clubs) and (at least) 120hrs of games.

That's equivalent to over 3weeks of constant, 'round the clock use!

I agree with into-the-fray, a few weeks left of the season - let 'em play.


Ril said...

John, I have no issues with the ground or those that try to maintain it. I was just making a comment, that most would agree with, that if this particular ground is able to be used this weekend, then the majority should be open.

Mind you, I don't have time for any club that complains about a surface, or comments made about their surface, when they train and play on the same ground to make it a lot worse than it should be (ala Olinda Grove).

As you say, let them play, I've played on many grounds in worse condition than what would be on offer today. I wouldn't be surprised to see a number of younger/social players leave the sport after this season.

mad old man said...

who won today, out of Northern Rangers and Devonport City?????????????????????

Governess said...

Northern Rangers Def Devonport 1-0

mad old man said...

thanks Governess