Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): South Hobart's Liam Scott is flattened; Riverside's Jonathon O'Neill tangles with South Hobart's Liam Scott; Referee Mr Craig Phillips looks on as South Hobart's Seth Otte is pressured by a Riverside opponent; South Hobart's Daniel Brown clashes with a Riverside opponent as South HObart's Hugh Ludford looks on

Top-Four Finals Series

Tilford Zebras 4-2 Prospect Knights
South Hobart 2-0 Riverside Olympic
Devonport City 3-4 Glenorchy Knights
Northern Rangers v Clarence United (postponed; to be played next Saturday)

Division One

Taroona 3-0 Christian United
Nelson Eastern Suburbs 2-3 Hobart United
Beachside 5-1 Northern Suburbs DOSA


Nelson Eastern Suburbs 1-1 Hobart United
Taroona 16-0 Christian United


Taroona 10-0 Christian United
Nelson Eastern Suburbs 7-1 Hobart United


Tommy said...

Devonport Glenorchy game sounds like a cracker - any reports from the ground?

Graeme Labroy said...

Couple of other scores from Sandown Today - Div 1 res Beachside 31 Dosa 0 (thats not a typo, 15 - 0 at half time), u19's Beachside 7 Dosa 0

jerrie kruijver said...

graeme,surely that is your mobile number and not the footballscore?

jerrie kruijver said...

in order to make division1 and 2competetive fft has decided that once a team is more then 4 goals behind the net shall be hung in front of the losing teams goal

jerrie kruijver said...

in dosa reserve matches the entire goal shall be removed from the pitch

harden up maggots said...

graeme who were the goal scorers from beachside reserves and did the keeper get a hattrick lol

Tommy said...

Adam Direen scored 10.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Geez, how many blokes were on the park for Dosa reserves. Was Bruce Grobelaar in goals.

jerrie kruijver said...

no marty,but i am thinking of making a come back

jerrie kruijver said...

lol tommy that must be a fifa record

Marty Nidorfer said...

Jerrie, get your boots shined up for an Eagles Div 1 application for 2010. Prerequisites are: compulsory non training and compulsory beer drinking.

jerrie kruijver said...

hahahahaha marty