Wednesday, August 12, 2009

North Chigwell a world away from 'the Lang'

Photo: Colin 'Sam' Sweeney of Metro

North Chigwell is a world away from Somervell Park, near Glasgow, where Colin ‘Sam’ Sweeney played his football before joining Division One leader Metro this season.

Somervell Park is the home of Cambuslang Rangers, a club formed in 1899 and whose record attendance is 13,500.

Sweeney, 22, was a midfielder for Rangers and joined Metro this season after club president Jim Mackinnon spoke to former import Steve Pettit about possible recruits from Scotland.

A qualified plumber, Sweeney found employment in Hobart and is playing a key part, together with his two fellow Scottish recruits Ricky Orr and Grant Malcolm, in steering Metro towards the Division One title and promotion to the Premier League.

Metro leads second-placed Taroona by three points and is the favourite for the title.

“I’m pretty confident we’ll win the title,” said Sweeney, who is playing in the centre of midfield for Metro.

“We should win it, but we’ll take it game by game.”

Metro has had a few scares this season, mainly against Taroona and third-placed Beachside.

Metro threw away a 3-1 half-time lead against Taroona recently and only salvaged a 4-4 draw eight minutes from the end through a penalty.

“There’s too many young kids in the team and we don’t know how to hold on to a lead,” said Sweeney.

“It’s happened to us twice now down at Taroona.

“You try and speak to them, but they get nervous when we’re ahead.

“I think there’s too much inexperience and I’m used to playing with older guys.

“I’ve come from being one of the younger players in a team to being one of the more experienced, and that’s a little bit difficult.”

Sweeney is enjoying his football, but would like to play in the Premier League, which he considers as different as night and day to Division One.

Sweeney rates Taroona’s Jack Elliott as one of the best opponents he has encountered this season.

“Taroona have got a couple of young kids in the middle of the park who are cracking players,” he said.

“I feel sorry for Taroona because they’re a right good side who are second at the moment.”

Sweeney is considering his options for next season and they include a couple of interstate clubs who have expressed interest in him.

“Then again, work might keep me down here,” he said.

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